Toes to bar

Another great video on some efficiency, but this time with some gymnastic movements.

We see people struggle with this movement a lot. Part of it is the fact that they’re trying to do to much. They don’t have the strength to get their feet up to the bar, so the hips come forwards and this causes that swinging where they cannot control what their body is doing.

The only thing we tend to see is people being too slow with the kicking of the bar. They doing it softly or just not aggressive enough and in turn the same thing happens, the hips come forward and they have that swinging going on.

Remember the goal is to be able to do toes to bar WHILE keeping the kip. If you do not keep the kip, how do you ever expect to do toes to bar with a kip if you never practice it? Doesn’t seem to make much sense!

WEDNESDAY 12/12/18

Gymnastic Strength
30-40 Strict Pullups
*Can add weight if need to

3 rounds for time:
10 Deadlift 315/205
15 T2b
*10 Min Cap