Back at it!

Well the holidays have come to a close and we are back to normal schedule! Hopefully you guys can start to get your schedules back on track and start getting in here! The new year tends to be a crazy time for most gyms, but for some that have already been at the gym, some tend to struggle getting back on track after the holidays. The biggest step is just coming in and doing something! Even if the effort isn’t there and you just move, that’s the first step to getting you back on track. So make some time and come in and move today, sweat a bit and I can promise you’ll feel better and that will help get you back on track!

Pretty cool story in the video below. Just another reason why CrossFit is helping people on the daily get into better shape and help them in their lives. Pretty cool to see the changes it can make in a person in just a short amount of time! Enjoy it!

MONDAY 1/7/19

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
5-8 Strict T2b
10 Alternating Pistol

Power Clean 135/95
Push Jerk 135/95
*12 Min Cap