Maybe this has been uttered in your class a time or two. Maybe it hasn’t and this is new news to you? Either way bracing is pretty important but tends to get lost in the shuffle by either people forgetting about it or deciding they don’t think it’s that important. However, learning how to brace while being out of breath is an important thing in CrossFit. Especially when the loads become heavy or we get fatigue (which pretty much happens almost every workout!)

So watch the video and understand the importance of this and why we want to learn and practice how to brace correctly. Not only is it safer and will help with less injuries, but it will also become more efficient as far as stay tight and using some torque to help get the weight up. All this becomes important when we get tired. So start practicing now.


Gymnastic Strength
2-3 sets:
5-3-1 Bar Muscle Up
*20 Shoulder taps between sets

3 rounds for time:
7 Deadlift 315/205
14 Burpees Over Bar
*10 Min Cap