Since we can’t sprint outside this is the next best thing! Today we get to some rowing sprints! Always nice to go maximal effort for just a short period of time. Today the focus will be about going fast (of course) but also about keeping good mechanics. And yes, shockingly there is mechanics in rowing. Learning how to row properly will pay off big time here, less energy and can create some more power.

And who knows, maybe we’ll see some times close to this? I mean it’s only the world record by a massive human who’s insanely strong, but you never know!

THURSDAY 1/10/19

10 rounds:
100m Sprint on Rower
*Rest 1:30 between rounds. Score is fastest and slowest round

3-5 sets:
20 Weighted Step Ups (10 R/10 L)
:45 Weighted Plank