Today we get to hit a classic workout. How hard could it be? Just bodyweight movements, but if you add some speed to these movements, it can be a disaster. Take a chance today, go out hot and try and hold on. Remember with a workout like this, people tend to go so fast that they don’t hit full range of motion. It’s really easy to miss depth on an air squat or not have your chest touch on a pushup.

Keep in mind, full range of motion is king. You get more bang for your buck, so why wouldn’t you do it? It also helps staying legit with standards when the Open comes around, which is soon. Go fast, but make sure you keep the standards, no one likes a sketchy mover.


For time:
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Abmat Situps
100 Air Squats
*30 Min Cap