Podcast Thursday

If you have some time today I would urge you to listen to this podcast. Sure it’s a few years old, but there is a bunch of wisdom in here. If you don’t know who Louie Simmons is, then you need to do some research. Made some of the strongest humans on the planet.

Sure he might talk about steroids a bit in this, but the dude is smart. And he has a method to the madness, and the madness tends to work to get people stronger. Worth a listen!

THURSDAY 1/17/19

4 sets:
20yd RA Farmer Carry, LA Front Rack Carry
20yd LA Farmer Carry, RA Front Rack Carry
20 Banded Pull Aparts (palms up)

With a 12 minute running clock, for max reps:
3:00 Calorie Bike
3:00 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
2:00 Calorie Bike
2:00 Alternating DB Snatch
1:00 Calorie Bike
1:00 Alternating DB Snatch
*No rest between movements. Score is total reps