The Open is Coming


Most of you probably know about the CrossFit Open. Some of you might be new to this whole CrossFit thing and not sure what it is. Well below the video should help you understand what the whole thing is.

The Open will be here before you know it! We have started to prep you guys with some Open style workouts on Friday’s. If you guys plan on working out on Friday’s, then the open workouts will be part of the programming so you might as well sign up if you’re going to be here! Even though at times the open can be a bit rough. It is super fun! You see people all the time get PR’s and do things they never though they could! It’s pretty awesome and worth the 20$ to sign up!

Don’t know where to sign up?? CLICK HERE

Hopefully you guys enjoy this retest today. Strive for going the same weight as last time, even if you are stronger so you can see how many more reps you’ve improved! Sometimes it’s hard to know when you up the weight and get less rounds. Make it easy on yourselfs! Is 12 rounds possible? EMOM style, we’ll see??

MONDAY 1/21/19

3 Power Clean 185/125 **205/135
3 Front Squat
3 Push Jerk
*Retest from 4/23/18

Gymnastic Strength
3 sets:
Max Handstand Hold
*Rest as needed between sets. 1 sec = 1 rep. Score is total reps
**Max of 2 minutes each set