The Pushup

The pushup seems so ordinary, but yet there is a lot of benefit in doing them. First of all, it’s pressing, and it’s pretty much the most basic pressing movement you can do. How well and your position in the pushup will dictate how well you do other pressing movements such as dips, handstand pushups, barbell pressing, etc. In a CrossFit Journal article way back in like 2003 they had 10 challenges for pushups. Just like any list, #1 was the “easiest” and #10 being the most complex. I believe #1 was something like 50 pushups in a row. Sounds simple enough right?

But they wanted the 50 pushups completed with full range of motion, keeping the hollow position, and doing so with a 1 second decent and 1 second ascent, no pausing at the top. Doesn’t sound so simple now does it?

What most people don’t understand is that even though a pushup may be a basic movement. It’s the foundation to so many other movements. Without even judging how a person does a pushup, if I see someone who cannot do a pushup on the floor, I can already tell you they will probably have a hard time doing a handstand hold, and that’s not even judging technique! We just need to understand that just because it’s basic, it’s still foundation, and the foundation has to be solid in order to have a stable house right? So don’t neglect it.

Oh and for those of you wondering what step #10 was on this pushup list written by Greg Glassman, I’ll give you #9 and #10 because they’re insane:

#9- 20 handstand pushups without the use of a wall
#10- 1 handstand pushup without the use of a wall and on fingertips
Get to work 😉

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Gymnastic Strength
30-40 Strict HSPU
30-40 Strict Chin Up (palms face you)

For time:
63-45-21 Walking Lunge Step
42-30-15 Abmat Situp
21-15-9 Ring Dip
*18 Min Cap