Podcast Thursday

No surprise that this podcast is all about nutrition. Is generally is the hot topic for most people. Of course people want to look good naked, and sometimes understanding what you have to do to look good naked is a hard pill to swallow.

Many just think they can outwork a bad diet. Eat whatever you want, and if you just workout for hours on end you’ll be okay. But understand even if you workout for lets say 5 hours a day, you still have 19 hours that you’re not in the gym. And chances during those 19 hours you are going to eat, or else you will die. So understanding the right things you put into your mouth is crucial.

And lets get it straight. Can people look good eating shitty? Yes. But imagine how much less time it would take if you just ate healthy and worked out hard? Why wouldn’t you do it then?

This is a throwback from a few years ago, but still there is some good info worth listening to

THURSDAY 1/31/19

30 EMOM:
1) 20/15 Calorie Row
2) 100′ Dual Farmer Carry (50′ down and back)
3) 5 Box Jump 36/30