What is going on?

Well if you’ve been watching this like I have then you haven’t been seeing to much action. So far in the 3rd quarter the score is 3-0 for the Patriots. Hopefully we have something exciting to talk about come tomorrow. Maybe a crazy late 3rd quarter run and an insane 4th quarter? One can only hope.

As for the Superbowl, like most people you purge. You go insane with food. As you should, just like any holiday, it’s okay to then go of the reins a bit and just relax and have some fun.

With that being said, we probably consumed a few more calories than we normally do. So today we get to sweat that off a bit with an old classic. Hopefully some of you have hit this bad boy before, if not it’s a doozy and a pretty fun one! Just warn you right now, the workout comes down to the wallballs and burpees so you’ve been warned!

MONDAY 2/4/19

“Filthy 50”
For time:
50 Box Jump 24/20
50 Jumping Pullup
50 Kettlebell Swing 35/25
50 Walking Lunge
50 K2e
50 Push Press 45/35
50 Hip Extension
50 Wallball 20/14
50 Burpee
50 Double Unders
*40 min cut off