Single Leg action

The CrossFit Open is upon us! You can sign up by clicking Here. We will be doing a March Madness bracket for the open. It will be a lot of fun! Sign up and come support! Cheer on others and come be a part of this awesome community! Sign up!!

Today we get to tackle one of the harder lower body movements. In order to perform this movement well, you need some good mobility in the ankle, knee and hip. You also need to strength allowed to stand up your body weight, and you need a little bit of balance and coordination.

So you can see why this movement is a bit tough. But who knows, people have been guessing for years that the pistols will be in the open. Maybe this is the year? Who knows??

You can watch the full video here where he does some insane stuff while in a pistol. Pretty impressive.

TUESDAY 2.12.19

Gymnastic Strength
2-3 sets:
Alternating Pistol
Strict Pullup

2 rounds for time:
20 Wallball 20/14
20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
5 Bar Muscle Up
*10 Min Cap