Almost Here

The CrossFit Open is upon us! You can sign up by clicking Here. We will be doing a March Madness bracket for the open. It will be a lot of fun! Sign up and come support! Cheer on others and come be a part of this awesome community! Sign up!!

The Open will be here this week! This Friday we will be kicking off 19.1. Most of us will probably look like the picture above for the next 5 weeks!

We encourage all of you guys to show up and do the workout at night rather than in the mornings. We understand that some of you have priorities or might have plans and that’s okay. But if possible try and come in the PM!

For one it’s a lot more fun with so many people hanging out, hitting the workout and just having a good time. #2 it’s easier on the coaches and staff keep the heats rolling. With more people means we have more judges, which means we can have more people go at one time, which then means it doesn’t last all night. As you can probably tell we have trouble getting a bunch of judges to come at 5:30 am just to judge people. So like we said, if possible please try and come in the PM.

Other than that we hope a bunch of you guys can make it! Granted the open can be stressful but doing stuff like this makes it pretty enjoyable. And it’s even more fun if we can get a bunch of people to hang out and have some fun. We hope you can make it! If you don’t plan on working out during the Friday Night Lights you can still come and cheer everyone else on! We hope you can make it and enjoy these fun 5 weeks!

MONDAY 2.18.19

Every 3 min for 10 rounds:
1 Squat Clean
5 Burpees over Bar
1 Clean and Jerk
5 Burpees over Bar
1 Squat Clean
*Score is heaviest load on the barbell. C&J and be power or squat, push or split.