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Today we put a little spin in the Hero workout “J.T’. JT was the first ever Hero workout announced on crossfit.com. For those of you who have never done JT, it’s super heavy on some upper body pressing. There is no where to hide, 135 of just pressing. Which tends to make it not so much of a breather, but more so just muscle fatigue. We have spiced it up a bit by adding in some rowing to the mix. Who knows, this could maybe help make it easier by giving your arms a bit of a break from that pressing. But it will be fun either way!

The biggest thing for this workout is being honest with yourself. If you know all of these reps or the RX movement is going to murder you, SCALE IT DOWN. I know sometimes we get in the trap of thinking RX is better than scaling, even if I get capped. But remember that intensity gets results. And if you are resting after doing 2 reps non stop, chances are the intensity is lost, which means the results will get lost as well

Granted we aren’t doing what is in the video below. But it’s always fun to see what the top level athletes get on this workout. And no, this is not done strict. She just did it for some more fun. The question is, can you beat her doing kipping and added in rowing??

TUESDAY 2.19.19

For Time:
21 Handstand Pushup, 21 Ring Dip, 21 Pushups, 21 Calorie Row
15 Handstand Pushup, 15 Ring Dip, 15 Pushups, 21 Calorie Row
9 Handstand Pushup, 9 Ring Dip, 9 Pushups, 21 Calorie Row
*15 Min Cap
**Girls Row 15 Calories

5 sets:
:30 Dual KB rack hold (AHAP)
20yd Sled Push (AHAP)