Unilateral vs. Bilateral Training

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Unilateral vs. Bilateral Training
Which is better? Here are the facts:

Benefits of Unilateral Training:
When it comes to unilateral training, we’ve got to talk about the core. You have to do a ton of core stabilization every time you do a single-limb exercise.

Drawbacks of Unilateral Training:
Remember, in order to get really strong, you actually have to lift some heavy ass weights. You need both limbs for that.
Also, unilateral exercises take more time since you have to train both sides or limbs separately.

Benefits of Bilateral Training:
First, you’re going to be able to lift more weight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that two limbs are stronger than one. When you get your whole body firing for a back squat or a deadlift you’re activating a ton of musculature.
Activating more muscles means more motor neurons must fire for you to perform the movement. More motor neurons firing equals more horsepower under your engine. Large bilateral movements are going to give you one big-ass engine.

Drawbacks of Bilateral Training:
A lot of times the bilateral crowd turns into the “bench, squat, and deadlift only” crowd. If all you do is train these three movements, you may become really strong, but your movement, balance, and the overall look of your physique might not be so great.
If you’re an athlete who needs to be functionally strong in a variety of different positions, you’re going to want to work in some more single leg and arm work.

This is why we love adding in Dumbbells to workouts. Not only does it make it more challenging at time (odd object compared to a nice even weighted barbell). It also helps us narrow down our weaker side and fix some imbalances. Not to mention anytime you go on vacation almost every hotel gym has some dumbbells you can workout with. What’s not to love?


For Time:
30 DB Power Clean 50/35
20 Alternating DB Snatch
10 Devil Press
*10 Min Cap

3-4 sets:
2 Rope Climb
:20 L-sit
20-30 Banded Pull Aparts
20-30 Banded Tricep Extensions