Round 2?

This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day. All classes are free!

If you are redoing the open workout, or doing it for the first time, please make sure you have some people there to judge you and help change your weights! It will make life a lot easier!

If you are good with your score, then make sure that you put that score in! Don’t wait till the last minute! Get it done now or you’ll forget about it

If you’re retesting maybe this will help you think about a new plan of attack. Keep in mind you cannot just expect to “go faster” and keep the same strategy. If that was the case then you would have done that the first go around. Come up with something new, and then attack it!

MONDAY 3.4.19

Back squat
Build to a heavy 2 rep in 15 minutes

30 Wallball 20/14
30 Box Jump Over 24/20
30 Pullups