Bring a Friend Day!!

This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day. All classes are free!

Reminder that all classes are free to try today, bring someone new and come show them about this awesome community we have!

I figured since yesterday we had a video on Coach Burgener, that why not do a podcast on him for Podcast Thursday. This one is old school, but has some great stuff. Nice to know the man behind all of the Olympic teaching we do here at CrossFit.

As most of you might know, there is a lot of methods on how to lift for Olympic lifting. Everyone has their own way of doing it. The burgener method is what we do here at CrossFit. And nice to see that he knows what he’s talking about! Check it out!


Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 3-4
15/12 Calorie Bike
15 Pushups
100′ Farmer Carry 70/53
*Follow the leader