The above picture explains how we all feel about the open. Stressful, and putting it all out there for just one more rep. Imagine if we could push ourselves like that on a weekly basis year round, you would probably see some amazing results!

Another week, another open announcment. Are we happy with what came out? I think about anything is better than last week, the workout is sneaky hard.

Either way keep in mind that it is just another workout. Stick to your plan, and if it goes to hell, come up with a new one. Don’t second guess yourself, have some positive self talk and you’ll do just fine!

FRIDAY 3.8.19

For time:
200′ DB Overhead Lunge 50/35
50 DB Box Step Ups 24/20
50 Strict HSPU
200′ Handstand Walk
*10 Min Cap

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
5 Ring or Bar Muscle Up
10 Alternating Pistol