Why EMOM’s?

Why are EMOM’s so beneficial to your training program?


The following article from BarBend discusses many of the benefits of incorporating EMOM’s into your training! You can see the full article here

Time Efficient

EMOM workouts are one of the most efficient ways to add quality training volume into a session, as the work and rest periods are systematically programmed to force lifters to stay moving and not lose time in-between sets.

Builds Work Capacity

Work capacity can be defined as, “one’s ability to produce work in a given amount of time, and recover adequately to continue to produce relative work output”. In short, if you can perform the same amount of reps per set with relative quality as someone, yet recover between sets 50% faster (and still produce quality work), you have the opportunity to perform more quality work per session. Over time, this means more training volume, stimulus, and often indicates your overall heighten fitness and recovery abilities. This is critical as an athlete advances in their training and career in most strength, power, and fitness sports, as well as increasing the effectiveness of every workout.

Great for Team/Group Settings

EMOM formatted workouts are great for large group/team settings as they can be set up in stations (movement one is first minute, movement two is second minute, etc), done at varying intervals to help coaches watch athletes better (group one performs reps first, then rest, while group two rests first, then performs reps).

Scalable Format

EMOM formatted workouts allow coaches to have various levels of lifters/athletes training together, building camaraderie and teamwork, yet still delivering individualized programming. By using regressions, weight adjustments, and such in an EMOM format you can have lifters/athletes of all levels training together and benefiting from the group workout dynamic.

Adaptable to Most Training Goals

Depending on the creativity of the coach/athlete, EMOMs can be programmed using a wide array of exercises, cardiovascular protocols, skill-based movements, and more. By simply inputting movements into standardized work to rest windows, workouts can be efficient and effective. Check out the sample EMOM workouts below for some ideas on how to integrate your favorite exercises and training goals in your training today.

THURSDAY 3.14.19

30 Min EMOM:
Min 1) 12-15 Calorie Row
Min 2) 5-10 Strict Pullup
Min 3) 12-15 Calorie Bike
Min 4) 10-15 Box Jump Over 30/24
Min 5) 40-50 Double Unders
Min 6) Rest
*Score is lowest number of reps completed in each minute time frame. Example: 15/8/15/12/50