Redo for more BMU?

Congrats to all of those who maybe got their first muscle up or maybe first time doing multiple reps of muscle ups! That’s why we love the open. It forces us to get out of our comfort zone and try something a little new! So congrats to all of you!

This may be one that you might want to redo? 1 more rep of a muscle up can bump you up quite a bit! Maybe you just paced it wrong and thought going balls out for the first 3 rounds was a good idea??

If you do plan on redoing it, the video below might help. Most of us don’t really video our workouts so it’s hard to actually go back and look at it, but he does talk about what kind of athlete you are. If you think you can get some muscle ups, then pace it a bit. If not then go for broke. Also talks about some limiters, whether it’s grip, fatigue, pressing/chest and so on. Good information to help you, even if this is just your first time having a go at it!

MONDAY 3.18.19

12 Pullup
12 Hand Release Pushup
15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
*Round 2 is 20 KBS. Round 3 is 25 KBS. Pullup and HR pushups always stay at 12 reps. KBS goes up by 5 reps each round
Redo 19.4

100 Russian Twists 45/30lb.
*No bouncing today. 1 sec. pause on the ground on each side. Left + Right = 1 rep