Bedtime Habits

I’m sure we have all had some bad habits when it comes to sleeping. We all know that looking at a phone is bad, and getting riled of before bed isn’t any good either. But here are 5 ways that can maybe help you get some sleep.

Most people forget about sleep when trying to lose weight or perform a little better. I remember listening to a podcast and CJ Martin who is a high level CrossFit Coach talking about Josh Bridges. He was saying when he was deployed they didn’t have much going on, so he slept 10+ hours every night and was able to train a good amount while being deployed. CJ said that for Josh being at that high of a level, he had never seen so many PR’s. He said just was getting PR’s once a week if not more. CJ talked with Josh and found the only thing that had been changing was he was sleeping more. Sleep is important, you need it.

TUESDAY 4.9.19

For time:
*13 Min Cap

6-7 sets:
5 DB Press Right Arm
5 DB Press Left Arm
10 DB Row Right Arm
10 DB Row Left Arm