Today we get a quick workout, low reps for the most part and should be approached with a sense of urgency. When it comes to the skill work after, we urge you to try something a little new today.

If you know you can handle handstand holds on the wall, then maybe try some free standing handstand holds instead. Just another layer to add in some difficulty and try something a little new. It’s okay if you won’t be perfectly still, live in a 6 foot x 6 foot box and that’s a start. The video below has some good tips for you who might be curious on how to go about it from the wall to the floor without any assistance.

Don’t be afraid to practice some of these options after class or throughout the coming weeks. The handstand hold is a skill just like anything else. Perfect it on the wall before adding more complexity.

TUESDAY 4.16.19

5 rounds for time:
3 Deadlift 275/185
9 Pullups
27 Double Unders
*13 Min Cap.
RX+ 315/205 and C2b pullups

4 sets:
15-20 V-Up
:30-:45 Handstand Hold*
:30-:45 Hollow Hold
*Can attempt freestanding if able to