Bar Muscle Up


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I might have posted this video before, but it has such good information that it’s okay if you see it again. The wonderful thing about this video is that it starts with the basics. What are your hollow and arch positions like? Start on the ground, get those to look good. Then you go to the bar and make them look good. Then you start to add in movements to make it more complex, but it all goes back to the basics.

It’s how we do everything in life that we want to master. NBA players didn’t start as kids by shooting 3’s. They mastered the basics of dribbling, passing, layups before they made it more complex. Same goes for fitness. We start with the basics, how is your air squat, back squat, front squat before we throw you into a max overhead squat or a max snatch. If you focus on the basics not only will you progress, but you will probably stay injury free as well!


Gymnastic strength
5 sets:
8-10 Strict Pullup (Strict C2b)
:30 Ring Support

5 Bar Muscle Up
10 Thruster 95/65
15 Burpee
*RX+ 115/80