Press Trifecta


“Murph” is happening on Monday 5/27 at 8 AM and 10 AM. We are raffling off 5.11 Tatical vest! 5$ per raffel ticket! These are the vest they use for the CrossFit Games. You’ll want to get your hands on them!

Today we get to enjoy all 3 of the pressing series. If you don’t know that is Strict Press, Push Press and Push Jerk. If you’ve done the fundamentals here these are the 3 main movements we teach for the “Press” series. There is a bunch of benefits to each, and it is said that each one should produce 30% more weight.

Meaning in a perfect workout whatever is your strict press max, add 30% to that and that should be your push press max. Whatever your push press max is, add 30% to that and that should be your push jerk max. This may not be the case for everyone because there are factors such as mobility, speed, using of the hips, etc but you get the idea.

The video explains it pretty well, but it is short so I would suggest clicking on the link and watching the entire video:

Full video Here

TUESDAY 5.21.19

Push jerk

5 rounds for time:
5 Strict Press 95/65
10 Push Press
15 Push Jerk
*15 Min Cap