Summer is here!


Summer is finally here and as you all probably have figured out, when the weather is nice we will run! And if you don’t like running, chances are you suck at it so you need it. And if you really don’t like it, tough :). It will be programmed regardless because that’s life and sometimes in life you do things you don’t want to!

But in all seriousness running is one of the best ways to get you into better shape. That’s why so many people probably hate it. And the people that say they love running, chances are haven’t tried to finish a workout full on sprint running to get a faster time. But today we get the best of both worlds. Running and some heavy weights.

This is a retest from little more than a year back. Hopefully you’ll look back and see what time you got so you know what time to beat! Remember that this gets nasty on those 15’s. The squats can be rough, pick the same load as last time and smoke your time. If you do those squats unbroken, then you have to push the run, it’s the only place to make up time. If you don’t do the squats unbroken, still try and push the run, because, you know, fitness 🙂 Here’s to some PR’s!

MONDAY 6.10.19

“Squat City”
For time:
800m Run
21 Back Squat 225/155
800m Run
15 Back Squat
800m Run
9 Back Squat
*25 Min Cap
4/30/18 Retest