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How are the legs feeling after yesterday? I told you that workout is nasty. If you can, try and get those legs feeling better. An ice bath or some foam rolling can help a bit with that. Just remember that the legs feed the wolf. And that’s why we want strong legs too 🙂

We’ll take a break from the legs today and focus on some gymnastic work. These movements tend to compliment each other pretty well. One is a push, one is a pull. Both are body weight so the transition time is pretty quick. And the most you’ll ever do is 10 reps of each, so if you’re really good the question is how long can you go unbroken?

Challenge yourself today, if you can kip for the handstand pushup then try for strict. Who cares if you get a worse score. Chances are you need the work, unless you finished the workout in the open with strict handstand pushups? If not then we can always work on the strict handstand pushups. Remember the whole point of training is to have fun and try new things. You can only slam your head into the wall going balls out for so long before you start getting sick of it. Changing it up by making movements more complex is a good change of pace to reset the batteries and enjoy it all over again!

TUESDAY 6.11.19

Handstand Pushups
Toes to Bar
*If you finish the 10’s start back at 2’s. Score is total reps
**RX+ Strict Handstand pushups

3 sets:
50m Single Arm OH Carry (each arm)
50m Single Arm Rack Carry (each arm)
50m Single Arm Farmer Carry (each arm)