Clean and jerk time


Today we get to hit some heavy weights again, hopefully you’re not too sore from Monday that we can hit some solid weights today! Hopefully you know where your max numbers are so you can try and match or PR today. We also tend to work technique on these kind of movements. Hopefully the focus has been working on moving better in these areas.

If you are at a stand still with your numbers in a movement like this, chances are it’s how you move. Probably can work on moving better with this movement, whether it’s the pull, or the catch in the clean, or the jerk dip or the jerk catch, whatever the case may be. If you don’t believe me, film yourself. Then ask yourself if you’re proud of how you moved? Would you want to display it to your friends and family?? If not then you need to move better, and that comes with time, but a desire to actually improve, which may mean lowering the weight for a extended period of time and just work on the basics of the lift.

Along with moving well in this movement, the goal like always is to drop underneath the barbell as it becomes heavier, easier said than done. The video below displays in slow mo how we would like to be getting underneath the bar. Notice he still hits full hip extension or “jumps” the bar fully before worrying about getting underneath the bar. Especially when it comes to the jerk since that’s where most people tend to struggle with this. Watch it 10 times, engrave the video into your brain for tomorrow! Can fast forward to about 1:55 to see the slow mo


Clean and Jerk
20 minutes to find a 1 rep max

5 Box Jump 30/24
3 Power Clean 205/135
*RX+ 225/145