Cycling Snatch

The video below has some pretty good tips as far as how to cycle a bit better if you plan on hitting this one today. Hopefully you’ve heard some of these cues or tips from your coaches, but it’s always good for a refresher.

Generally on a workout like today, where the weight is on the lighter side, this is where people struggle is cycling the barbell. Especially when the reps get high, saving energy by cycling more efficient = a faster time, who would’ve thought?? So take a watch and try to perfect what they are saying.

For most people then keep the bar close until it gets below the knee, then it tends to drift away from the shins instead of staying close to the body the entire time, something to think about for today!

FRIDAY 6.14.19

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
Max Strict Pullups
*25′ HS walk after each set

5 rounds for time:
15 Power Snatch 75/55
15 Box Jump 24/20
*15 Min Cap

Coaches Choice!