If you couldn’t guess by now, sleep is very important. Probably the most important thing we have in our lives, might be more important than even eating or drinking water??

Who knows if that statement is totally true, but sleep is up there. And shockingly, most people don’t seem to care about sleep that much. If they are in a rush, what do they do? Cut back on sleep, stay up later, wake up earlier, etc. But how bad is that really for you?

I’ve heard people say that sleep is so important that it’s better to sleep in than get training if you’re low on sleep. Might seem counter-productive but that’s how important sleep is!

The guy in the podcast knows some stuff about sleep, I suggest to take a listen. Don’t let it scare you too much, but it should be eye opening on how important it really is and how much we take it for granted!


Back squat

“SF Crippler”
For time:
30 Back Squats 225/155
1000m Row
*10 Min Cap
*If unsure of weight do 65-75% of 2 rep