Strict HSPU

Today we get to play with some strict handstand pushups in the workout. Today tell yourself it’s okay if you don’t get a million rounds. At times we need to work on some of out weaknesses. As you could tell form this year’s open is that strict handstand pushups might become more in the regimen for workouts.

So we need to be practicing these bad boys. Skill work is great, but we always need to play around with them while we’re tired. So today try to find a hard option, if it slows you down, great! We need to work on these and they should become hard, that’s the whole point!

THURSDAY 7.18.19

9 Strict Handstand Pushups
15 T2b
21 Box Jump Over 24/20

50-75 GHD situp
2:00 Weighted Plank