The Snatch

If you end up hitting the workout today then the video below has some good information.

Most people tend to struggle with the hang positions. What we need to understand is that the “hang” is just positional work. So for olympic lifters who that is their sport, they would do hang work if they struggled with the movement. Whether they needed to work on the position above the knee, or the pull or what have you.

So when we tend to do the hang or anything that isn’t from the ground, we tend to get mixed up and make it look totally different than it looks when we pull from the ground. Remember we want the movement to look the same regardless of where you pull from.

I’ve seen a lot of people have the problems stated in this video so it’s some good learning if you watch it, it’s worth it!

FRIDAY 7.19.19

Hang snatch ladder
20 reps @ 75/55
18 reps @ 95/65
16 reps @ 115/75
14 reps @ 135/95
AMRAP @ 155/105

For time:
200m Farmer Carry 70/53
200m Front Rack Carry 53/35

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