2019 CrossFit Games

Well just like that the 2019 CrossFit Games are over and done with. Are you happy with who one? Are you even surprised or not?

Either way usually what happens is people become super motivated after watching something like the Games and want to train hard. Nothing is wrong with that, but it helps to have a plan! Most people want to get better at EVERYTHING. The problem is it might be possible, but the margins of getting better will be so slim, and also you only have so much time in a day to work on things.

My suggestion for you is that if you are feeling inspired and want to start working harder for something, then have a plan. Decide what is it that you want the most? More pullups? Heavier squat? Better squat snatch? Do a muscle up? Run a sub 2 min 400m?

There is a million things you can get better at, but what is the most important. The one you want right now or the one that will help with the majority of things you want. Then start working on it. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Spend 10-30 minutes 2-3 times a week working on it. Don’t go from 0-100 in a day. You can’t go from doing nothing to do 2 hours of extra work and expect to maintain that. Your body is not ready for that. Think of K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). More is not better, better is better. Have a plan and attack, couple days a week and you will notice some huge improvements in just 1 month. After that month assess where you’re at. Are you closer to goal? Farther away? Already accomplish it? Then you go from there, maybe change goal or keep improving on it!

MONDAY 8.5.19

Hang power snatch
Find a 3 rep max in 15 minutes

For time:
Calorie Row
Power Snatch 95/65
*12 Min Cap
RX+ 115/75