New season is coming

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to who won the CrossFit Games, or maybe you don’t care? But like I stated yesterday, the season is over, and I just wonder how many people are trying to find coaches right now to try and make their way to the games. Probably a lot I would guess!

But with the Games done, it means that the open is coming. And many of you might know that this year the Open is changing their dates. It will no longer be in February like years before. This year and every year following it will be in October. As soon as they games were finish, the dates were announced. The open will begin on October 10th. So you got about 2 months to get ready for it. Here’s to 2 opens in 1 year…. 🙂

TUESDAY 8.6.19

Gymnastic strength
5 sets:
Max Toes to Bar
Max Strict Ring Dip
*Rest as needed between movements

8 Handstand Pushups
10 Chest to Bar Pullups
30 Double Unders