Bring a Friend Day!

Bring a Friend day is Thursday, all classes are free to try!

Today is free for all! Grab some buddies and come hit a workout. Remember it’s okay if they struggle a bit, take some of the load off of them. Help them out, don’t just assume that they know what’s going on.

If you see someone new, say hi, ask questions about them, show them this awesome community. Help them out when you can, but remember the coaches are there for a reason!

Hope to see some new faces!


Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
15-20-25-30 Calorie Row
20-30-40-50 Walking DB Lunge Step
25-40-55-70 Abmat Situps
*1 person working at at time. Continue to add (5) Calories on rower, (10) lunge step and (15) situps each round. DB Lunge will be held in front rack position.
RX 50/35 DB
RX+ 70/53 KB’s