A great benchmark to start off our Monday. This is “Grace’s” best friend. If you don’t know, “Grace” (30 clean and jerks 135/95) was programmed well before “Isabel” (30 snatches 135/95).

It seemed only fitting to have another workout, with another girls name doing snatches instead of clean and jerks. Of course for most people, the clean and jerks are much easier than the snatches, so they actually hate seeing Isabel.

Still it is a great workout. Short, sweet, and simple. 30 reps, 1 movement, a barbell that is a manageable load (and if it’s not we should scale it so it is). This one packs quite a punch and you can see how workouts like this can give us both strength and conditioning benefits. 1-10 isn’t too bad. 10-20 is starting to get rough. 20-30 you’re just trying to survive!

Should be a great test of fitness, and can anyone beat these guys below?? Keep in mind this happened back in 2010, so are you fitter than these guys 9 years later?

MONDAY 9.9.19

Power snatch

For time:
30 Snatches 135/95
*If unsure of weight use around 75-80% of heaviest single
**8 Min Cap