Halloween Party

Hey crew, coaches choice tomorrow! Come at your own risk! haha.


But, we will be having a Halloween party on Monday the 30th! The party will start at 6pm and have costume prizes, games, food and clearly…..candy. Bring your family and lets have a great time. Yes it is still a week away but I wanted to plant the seeds in your brain now, invite people from your class and get them out!

Eat real food.

Tonights information is elementary. To lead a healthy long life style free from preventable chronic disease, do this.

Eat meats and veggies

Nuts and seeds

SOME Fruit



NO sugar.

Do this in quantities that support exercise but not body fat.

What I just shared is the secret most people search for and hope comes in a pill form. This is the answer to abs, to lean body mass, to health and to performance. BUT it isn’t instant results, it isn’t easy to adhere to, and it takes discipline. This is CrossFit’s prescription for nutrition. Keep it simple. Eat real food.



Row 20/15 cals
Sit up x 20 (Abmat)
Lateral Parallette Jump x 20 (total jumps)
Rest 1:1
7 rounds for time.

**If you’re first round takes 2:00 then you rest 2:00 before starting again! Do this based on each round one seperate from the next. You’re total score is your total time! **

Nutrition: How do we balance the Hormones?

Yesterday we concluded that hormones were involved in digestion and established also that it is not simply about calories in and calories out. So….what is it about then? Balance!

The macronutrient diet is a great diet when it comes to balance the macro’s through the course of a 24 hour period. The down side is that there is often no understanding for the importance of balance in each meal and snack. Each time you eat protein, you should eat carbs, each time you eat carbs AND protein you should include fat. We want all 3 in each food intake through the day. This makes certain of the hormonal balance we are looking for.

Have you ever heard about someone holding off all their carbs until night time? Or someone complaining about how they have no fats left to consume?? This is common when following a “macro” based diet. The downside is that we know that blood sugar levels increase rapidly when you consume too much any one thing and that even includes ….yes, protein and fat in one meal without the proper balance. A great diet to help you achieve this balance is called “The Zone” diet. It is a diet based on ratio’s of 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat. You not only take in this ratio through the day, but at each and every meal or snack. I can assure it is more simple to measure out and keep track of than macro’s because there are easy to follow charts already created….however, it gets exhausting. If you eat pretty similar each day, it is very easy….if variance in meals is really important for you, then it will take you longer to get it dialed in.

The Zone diet was designed by Dr.Barry Sears, as he set out to find a cure of obesity, heart disease and diabetes which members of his family had suffered from. He didn’t want the same future as them, and knew their commonality was in genes and in life choices mainly based around food. He knew he couldn’t change his genes, so he changed how he ate. It turns out that over the years this diet when consumed in the proper amounts for activity level is also ideal for athletic performance.



Google, search, look up in anyway the Zone diet and you’ll be astounded at the benefits. For me I’ve always zoned to some degree, I’ve established a fairly decent eye for the size of portions and have always felt my best when consuming protein, carbs, and fats at each meal or snack. It may not be for everyone, but I certainly encourage each of you to try it for 30 days straight. You’ll know it is for you, or you’ll hate it, I don’t think anyone will argue that you’ll get great results however.


Floor Press
Between each set:
10 bent row (barbell)
Rest at least 2:00 between sets.
All sets should be focused on as working sets. Goal starting weight is 65% and building from there! If athletes don’t have much experience with the floor press, naturally assume their max is around 85%-90% of their 1rm bench press.
Add some of weights for each set to determine score.

i.e. 100+110+120+135+145+150+145= 905lb.

Nutrition: Hormones

There are hormones at play when we eat. Media, and general historical education will tell you that it is as simple as calories in and calories out. This is false. This would lead you to believe that if you simply eat less, and exercise more or even eat the same and exercise more that you will the body you want. If only it were that easy, it is not people, and that is why we are killing ourselves, MISEDUCATION, MISUNDERSTANDING. If eating LESS was the answer then most of you reading this would be jacked, ripped, yolked, diced and whatever synonym would associate with being in REALLY good shape or looking good with no clothes on.

When we eat we use fuel as energy. The most basic conversion of energy will be in the form of glucose. Glucose is our blood sugar. When we take in glucose the pancreas then processes it, if our blood is high with glucose we release Insulin, which has a role of storage. If our blood sugar is lower we then release Glucagon which is more of a mobilizer. The liver essentially releases Glucagon into the blood stream so we can get to work, the insulin however allows fat cells to take in the glucose that is in our blood stream since we have excess. Now, neither of these functions are bad, they are both necessary, we get fat, sick and die because we over consume sugar, having excess glucose and then our fat cells grow and grow…we store too much. At some point our body has to up the insulin in order to continue to respond to our constant elevated blood sugar levels….this my friends is called Hyperinsulinemia (Hyper: too much, Insulin: the hormone, emia: in the blood). This state is what will lead way to cardiac arrest, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, alzheimers and a few of the other diseases we are very popular for dying from. Ironically enough, all preventable.

Some of you will have no interest in the subject above, but just know….that there are hormones at play when we eat. Food quality and food timing can play a role in how this effects the body. You should know more about this. How can you? Well first you have to care, second you have to have the internet. There is so much free information out there that you can learn anything! If you don’t have the motivation to even understand your own body and how it works and how to make it thrive than why do you even come to our gym. I think we should feel a great sense of empowerment by at least understanding our bodies at a basic level, and trust me what I describe above is vey basic.

Tomorrow I will chat about food quality and what we should consider in order to optomize the balance of these hormones and also micro nutrient intake. And we will discuss what this looks like by means of AMOUNTS and timing as well.


Have a great day, tomorrow’s fitness is:

SDHP x 30
Pull Up x 15
Front Squat x 30
Pull Up x 15
3 rounds for time.


We are working on putting together a nutrition challenge for the gym! I’m hoping we will have a large group that participates. I know I plan on eating Paleo through the month of November until Thanksgiving. I’ll likely enjoy that holiday with family and friends and then get back on as it concludes to finish the month. There are several benefits to following some of kind challenge when you approach a solid change, but some pitfalls as well. In the next week or so, I’ll express some good and some bad that come with a nutrition challenge and why it is important to at least assess how we eat and fuel a few times EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

Let’s start with some simple statistics. 70% of all chronic disease can be prevented. Can you guess how? And FYI that is a CDC statistic, there are others that say 88%…what THE?! Yes 88% of chronic disease is preventable. Well ok but what does that mean? Well how about this, 80% of our countries health care is spent on TREATING those chronic disease. Think about, what most people die prematurely from, we could stop, and reduce healthcare costs by 80% if we just helped those diseases be non existent. These diseases are and not limited to hypertension, diabetes, alzheimers, heart disease…etc…you get the idea, and several forms of cancer thrive off of these as conditions. Shall I proceed? Ok…in short we are killing ourselves. Some of it is due to ignorance and some stubbornness.

The reason all of these things are true is due to our over consumption of carbohydrates and processed foods in this country. No matter what people tell you, refined carbs are bad, and unless you are a professional athlete, you don’t need them. (Even they need to make decisions on if it is worth it for them to consume a high carb diet for short term gain….because yes we’ve seen high performers die from a heart attack that ate a high carb low fat diet and were ripped….arteries still full of plaque.) We eat so much highly processed food rich not just in general carbs but specifically sugar, we don’t get enough fiber. If we consume carbs from fruits and veggies, it is a very different hormonal response than from bread, pasta, hot pockets, basically anything from a wrapper. We will get into the hormonal effects another day.


A quote coach Glassman left us with as a training staff last week in Dallas was simple,” Teach your athletes how to save themselves and their families, get off the carbs, get off the couch.”


BFB x 12 (Bar facing burpee)
Power Clean x 10
Shoulder to Over head x 8
For time.
Rest 2:00
5 rounds for total time.

**scale to load that all shoulder to over head can be done unbroken on 1st round!**
These rounds are sprints for sure!

Friday the 13th

Well, they day is here for all of you spooks and ghouls! It isn’t Halloween but it is the next best thing before it happens! That eerie date that means nothing to no one except for Jason Vorhees. If you don’t know who Jason is, here is a picture:

You can run from him, he will only walk to chase you, and he will catch you every.single.time.



He is a yolked up dead/alive man/boy who was killed as a child in a lake and comes back each Friday the 13th to basically kill the sinful youth of today’s society. He was killed by his peers as a child while being taunted and made fun of, he seems to thrive mostly on the alpha’s of the movies but basically always picks people off as they engage in something they likely shouldn’t be doing. He is kind of like a really extreme accountability buddy I guess, no correction though, you just die.


Second guess any wrong decisions you may make tomorrow……he is out there. He rises straight from the Salt lake. If nothing else, show these films to your teens and show them what happens when they drink under age, have premarital sex and smoke weed…..Jason will kill them. That should do the trick. ; )

Adrian Conway; Fired from WCF.





Life certainly has times and seasons. I am going through a transition of one myself right now! Many of you may not know but I am owner in FNXfit ( www.FNXfit.com ). We launched our new supplement line adjacent to the CrossFit Games so have been going for 2 months and a few days. As a business owner, it is kind of like my 2nd baby for now, if that makes any sense at all, ha! And like Alijah this thing is growing fast, which is what we want for sure. The downside to this is that more and more of time is needed to be spent at our offices in North Salt lake. This will take time away from me being able to be present at the gym, coaching as much as I have over the past few years. There are “grumblings” of me leaving the gym, which is not the case.

(Clearly the headline is a joke, but I wanted everyone to read this….most people don’t read the blogs.)

What is happening is my time is being cut back, I simply can’t spend the time coaching I would like to. But I am happy to be doing new things, it is very fun! I will still program, over see coaches development and coach an early morning class, and 4:30/5:30 Pm a couple days a week(Mondays and Thursdays). I unfortunately won’t be able to make it in for the mid morning classes much at 9/10AM, apologies to all the Mom’s out there! In addition to our offices in North Salt Lake, we are launching a gym there as well. The gym will allow us to film great content, provide an amazing space for our sponsored athletes to train at and be credible in the CF space with FNXfit. Since we are starting a gym there, a long time gym in Bountiful, CrossFit 22 will be closing. After a few discussions we felt like it was in everyones best interest to consolidate and work as a team. The owners and coaches there are ready for something new and improved and I’ll work with and oversee as they lead our new location. The affiliate there will be in my name, but I won’t be taking on head coaching roles there as I do at Wasatch quite the same. I’ll coach the coaches and assist in classes when I can, and be a presence there but I am not coaching less here in order to coach more down there. The trade off for me is to invest my time in what provides the greatest return. Right now that means most of time is spent at FNXfit, Brute and doing CFHQ work. It is certainly a business decision based on times, seasons and simply opportunities in life. I’ve learned quickly you are only relevant for a short while and have to be willing to seize the opportunities as they present themselves or you can certainly miss out.

The facility down in North Salt Lake (likely named Redefined Fitness or Redefined Training) will Open toward the end of this month, yes like I said…moving fast. You will have a chance to come drop in if you are a commuter and also use a discounted punch pass that we will likely offer to existing Wasatch Members if you would wish to come down to train every now and again.

This all is a hard decision for me to make as the coach of Wasatch CrossFit, but certainly a great opportunity for me and my family. I’ve fought hard to make coaching a career, and as many of you may not know, coaching hour to hour through a day at a time doesn’t bring much financial gain. When it comes to time in vs. reward out, it is certainly very hard work. I’m at the point where I can now use my coaching and reach to start monetizing some of my previous hard work. I’ll never stop coaching as it is a true passion and I’ll always be around the Wasatch CF community and try to lead and serve as much as possible. Most of you guys are very dear friends of mine and some of you I consider family. There have been 3-4 instances in the past two of other owners trying to pay me more to leave or pull me into other directions and I’ve fought to stay true to this community because of my loyalty and love for ya’ll. Now that I am an owner and have skin in the game in FNXfit, it is now the right time to step back and lean on the staff we have built to stand in my place for some of my hours through the week.


So….if you heard I am leaving, that is not true. I will be around a bit less in the future however. If any of you guys have questions about anything, ask me. I’ll always be honest and transparent on what is going on or coming from me! I owe a ton to many of you long time members as I’ve learned to lead, learn and coach by getting to experiment on you. As I grow to new opportunities I hope you see that you paid an integral role in this journey for me!


Now back to your scheduled Thursday workout:


Swinging KB Clean x 10 (each arm) @70/53
MB step ups (20’) x 20 (10 each leg)….switch legs each rep.
MB Russian Twist x 30 (20/ 14)
Rest 2:00
6 rounds for time.


FYI: If the coach tells ya scale back….you probably should. If you fight against their orders, I’ll find out. Then I’ll likely remove you from earth. Hit it hard crew! JK….but seriously, if you can’t do 10 unbroken on each arm to start, its way too heavy!

Functional Fitness Pump Session


Kicking off the week with a heavy day! This is always fun, you should be able to move some heavy weight after a day or two of rest! The goal is to start heavy and get HEAVIER as the reps decrease. You will do a set of back squats, rest 1:00 do a set of strict press (take that bar from the floor) then rest 2-3 minutes, and start the next set. There should be a bit of breathing naturally taking place in the first few sets due to the higher rep schemes. It will certainly be a pump session just not one you might normally consider at the globo gym.


Go heavy, HAVE FUN! Plenty of hard breathing to come through the rest of the week. Don’t worry. ; )

Funday Friday


Well, its been an awesome week, lots of fitness gains! Angel did a great job and now its time to throw it back to the coaches hands of your class! Coaches choice yet again….you had some over head squats this week, db work, sleds….hmmm what could possibly be coming? Guess you’ll have to show up to find out!



Remember we will have about 6-8 athletes competing down south at the 801 Classes tomorrow night and all day Saturday. Get down there and represent to support them if you have nothing else going on!

Programmer of the week……

Here we go. Everyones favorite style of chipper! Tomorrow’s workout will be fun. Are your shoulders sore? Maybe a little tired from this awesome week of programming? Well you can thank Mrs.Angel Larsen!! She was the coach who programmed this elegant week of programming. Share the love and give her the usual death stares and angry comments that normally come flying my way. : )
Even more important….there is a local competition going on this weekend called the 801 Classic. Last year we had a great showing at this comp and this year Mitch will be down there competing with Mandi on a team and I hear there are grumblings that Tiff and Brendan may form a last minute team and go compete. The events start Friday night and also are most of the day Saturday starting in the morning. The location is at Alder CrossFit in Orem! Should be a good time, get out and support some of our peeps!
100 Double Unders
200 m sled drag 95/75
80 KBS 35/26 (Russian)
200 m sled drag
60 Russian twists (25/15)
200 m sled drag
40 med ball clean (20/14)
200 m sled drag
20 pistols alt leg