The End of an Era.

Well, just like that I am no longer your fearless leader. I’ve hardly been around the last 6 months due to my obligations else where which ultimately has lead us to the necessary transition.  I have had the honor to be the Wasatch CrossFit head coach since 2014 and been coaching here since 2012. I have loved every class and every moment. This community is the reason I have grown so much as a human and as a leader and coach. Most of you have seen me “grow up” to say the least. I am thankful for every relationship I’ve developed in the past 6 years and cherish even the shortest of them.

All good things must come to an end. I’ve lately found myself trying to depict this to my Wife (poor woman always has me trying to teach her something) but just the beauty of the moment because we know it is fleeting. This is the beauty of life, and seasons and time and relationships and everything, we are not eternal by body and this allows for unique satisfaction and or fear to anticipate everything is short lived the good and the bad. I am sad to leave as the head coach, but it is time. Over the past 6 months it has become harder and harder for me to be involved and the community deserves the head coach’s full attention and certainly the ability to be integrated within the community more than I have been! Ya’ll are being left with the best coaching staff in the world, I’m biased and a great new addition in Chans as the head coach! Chans was one of the very first athletes I ever did personal programming for back in 2014 before brute strength was ever even a THING. I’ve seen him grow in knowledge and experience over the years, he knows his stuff. Trust his opinion and milk his brain when you have questions, he can answer them. And, I ain’t going no where! I’m just so busy I can’t be what you all deserve right now, so we will still be living in Layton and I’ll still be coming in to train and visit every now again and crash some events and parties!

Going forward remember these things. CrossFit isn’t a fitness program, it is a lifestyle. It is something that is built upon a community. You make up that community. It doesn’t matter what is developed in the next few years by ways of technology or “new” fads, nothing can touch what we have built here. This gym will thrive as long as you all sustain as the pillar. When new people walk in the gym greet them, get to know them, and if you don’t like them…realize they will either become cool like you or they won’t last. Truly, the nice thing about this gym is that we have weeded out the “cancers”. That is what good community does, we have never EVER turned anyone away…..but you either become a better human or you don’t last here. Thank you for making that possible, it has made my time with you all very fulfilling. I love to compete, and I love to coach competitors, but….it doesn’t even come close to the joy I have had to watch many of you get your first pull ups, muscle ups, hand stand push ups, set new PR’s….actually talk to someone (yes thats a PR for some of ya’ll)! The times have been great, and I’ll miss having the class time interactions with you all, I”ll just stick to trolling most of you on social media and the FB page! No worries.


I love you all. Keep choosing to do hard things, thats what makes you a cool human.

Breathing work

This is my favorite type of training. I think it is more uncommon than common in our sport. But I really enjoy running, rowing, biking, swimming or skiing on an erg or outside. Most people seem to really enjoy the grind of heavy weights, and I like that too, but then they don’t enjoy “cardio” as much. My ideal day would start with about 20-60 minutes of cardio and then have a harder training session of weights and CrossFit style training later when my body is more awake and prepared for the intensity. For years this is how I trained for the sport of CrossFit as well, it brings along great amounts of fitness.
Today we will go long and hard. The goal is to attack this as if it were a race. Have in your mind a wise pace to start and do what you can in order to hold onto that tempo for dear life in each of the successive rounds! Consistency through each round will reflect a good time. Coming out too “hot” or fast will lead you to blow up and drastically slow down, this will significantly lower the power output by increasing your overall working time and then reduce the results as a consequence. Coming out too slow can be just as detrimental!
Have fun and let’s see what you can do!
300m row
400 m run
6 rounds for time!

Local Muscles

Legs should be feeling it pretty good at this point, if they don’t, they will tomorrow…..or you just went to light yesterday! None the less today we will target our upper body and blend them together in the conditioning.
Today’s EMOTM is a unique stimulus. The goal for you as an athlete is to load the bar with something you know you can 5 strict press with, but then keep the load the same through the rest of the round for the 10 push press and the 15 push jerk. After you get to the “rest” each round you can add weight or take away.  The primary focus of this is to develop local muscle endurance in your shoulders and triceps, however, there is significant skill to be gained here by means of push press and push jerk efficiency! The better you learn to use your hips and your legs and execute a great receiving position for the push jerk, the easier the complex will be for you and the more weight you’ll be able to add to the bar.
There are many of you whom struggle with the push jerk. Swallow your pride, stay light, get better at that movement today and improve technique, your overall gains will go up because of it. Trust the process, improve. Quality over quantity for this one!
Then……you sprint as fast as you can in the WOD, plenty of rest in this one, you should feel like each round is a literal RACE!
EMOTM x 20:
1.5x strict Press
2.10x Push Press
3.15 x Push Jerk
60 yards (10 yrd x 6)
Pull Up x 12
Rest 2:00
5 rounds for time.

Butts and Guts.

Any sound strength and conditioning program is build from the core, to the legs, to the upper body. This is often symbolic through my programming. I love to start the week emphasizing the musculature  that will play the most significant role in our performance and physique. The most common error in the “globo” gym approach is Monday is chest day! haha. JK, kind of, there is nothing wrong with this, but it usually goes to show the priority. If you build conviction on training your legs as your most focused body part your physique will reflect the most fit version you can pursue! It is how to train for health, wellness and physique most efficiently!
Tomorrow we have lots of back squats! Yes, all of these are working sets. That set of 10 in the middle should be as close to the set of “5” you started with as possible, and the same for all the ladder sets. If you however don’t struggle on the back half to match what you did on the front…’re soft like charming and were afraid of a little struggle. (Muah!) Have a great week!
Back Squat
100 Abmat Sit ups for time.
EMOTM: 5 burpees!


Coach’s Choice…..ORRRRRRRR.

Today is up to the coach….OR…..WHAT MIKAELA PROGRAMMED.



Push Press

Work to a heavy set of 3


2 Rounds

20 Front Squats (135/95)

10 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 2 minutes 3 Rounds

20 Front Squats (95/65)

10 Burpee C2B

We do like affletics.

Doing athletic things today. Be an athlete. No skinned knees or shins is the rule, no skin left behind today! Go high but no need to toe the line between bloody boxes and high jumps. Remember, no long a “flow” go hard and go fast. Have fun while you’re at it!

Box Jump for max height


AMRAP 24 minutes

20 Med ball squat cleans (20/14)

10 shuttle runs x10yd

20 alt. Jumping lunges

1:00 plank on forearms

“Berries make me feel alive” – Me

This is a random but genuine post. A quote that may be said at the Conway household second to “I love you”….of course : )….is “Berries make me feel alive”. Why? Because they do! I could eat a bunch of junk, candy, fried food, a glass of wine and feel bloated and go eat some berries and feel amazing. Truly, my favorites of choice are raspberries and blue berries. My wife makes fun of me for saying it, but she knows its my favorite food.

The point to post about this is your reminder to EAT REAL, RAW FOOD. Yes, food quality matters and when you are uncertain and you think you are making the right choice to just eat meat and cheese because it is macro friendly…..don’t be fooled. You need raw, clean, organic, veggies and fruits, they will help keep your heart pumping strong, and you body externally and internally younger! Eat the real stuff!

:30 on / :30 off x4 Rounds

*Score is lowest meters


AMRAP 8 minutes 12/10 cal Row

6 Hang power snatch (115/75)

Rest 3 min

AMRAP 8 minutes 12/10 cal Row

12 DB Snatch (50/35)

Toe the line. Lift more.

If you do things the way we teach you do, you’ll crush your fitness gains. I’m just saying…. ; )

Look folks, when it comes to strength training, if you truly lift to maximize your potential each time we do, then you will need to lift less often. I know this sounds weird, or contrary to most of your beliefs but that is the magic of functional movements to begin with.

The strength part of today’s workout is a descending rep scheme. There are 5 total working sets, but you should do like a total of 7-10 sets. The reason is because the first set of 10 is to be a working set! That means it should be hard, then you go up in weight so the 8 is hard, and so on. But it shouldn’t be an “easy” 10 then a little harder 8, and then by the time you get your two its a two rep max. You may conclude today with a 2 rep max, that’ll be great, but the goal is to almost start with a 10 rep max and hold on for dear life and let the rest be as heavy as possible.

The rationale behind this is that the more intensity we train with, yes both conditioning and strength development, then the less volume we need. The less volume you train with the more healthy you often remain. This prevents and protects us from redundant movement patterns and also hitting plateus at certain movements.

There are some movements like the Over head Squat, the snatch and the clean and jerk that can be very position and skill dependent. We can often find great value in training those lighter and for “practice”. But most foundational strength moves ought to be executed at high intensity, fighting to find the threshold for what you can handle each time. The threshold is that combo of both form breaking down slightly and still being able to execute the lift perfectly. If every rep is perfect we being just a touch too conservative, and with that, leaving quite a bit in the tank. Toe the line.

Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2

*All sets should be heavy sets


3 Rounds

32 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

24 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)

16 Ring Dips

For time.

New week, new challenges!

Alright crew who had peanut butter eggs yesterday? If you didn’t, shame on you. Isn’t that why we have Easter?! Just kidding, if I had it my way, we’d have no candy, and we wouldn’t even talk about the silly rabbit, same with Christmas though, who is the Santa dude and why do we all exchange gifts?! Unless you share the same birthday as the holiday, sorry your name isn’t Jesus, so………ok, ok. See this is why I have a wife whom at this point would say, stop it. So, I regress!
Let’s talk about training! This week we will have some great stuff. Again we have the pleasure of having Mikaela orchestrating your suffering so…..don’t be mad at me guys, not this time! And what a great way to exercise off your Easter indulgence than good old CrossFit. See you all this week!

3RM thruster from the ground



Wall ball 20/14

HR Push up

For time!

Too soon or Naw?

Look, this specific day is one of the reasons I wanted to be extra clear that this week of “fun” wasn’t programmed by me. It was programmed by our hard working intern Mikaela. You’ll know why when you read the workout below. BUT there is a saving grace to this component, maybe……it is back to coach’s choice Friday! So, you may be doing this workout, OR you may be doing another. The choice is in the hands of your fearless leader, may the odds be ever in your favor.

4 Rounds

12 thrusters (95/65)

10 pull ups

8 shuttle runs x10 yd


Coach’s Choice!