Rope skillzzz

Today we get to play around with some rope climbs. Not only as some skill work, but in the workout as well! Some of you may want to bring some high socks or some longer pants so you don’t get burned too badly.

Some may be good and climbs, some of you may never have done these before. Either way try something new. Maybe go a little higher than you have before, or maybe today you just focus on getting a secure hold and not really worrying about climbing so much. There is so many areas you can improve on with a movement like this. Especially where it isn’t touched on a lot. People tend to lose the skill of these pretty quickly. Have fun, do something that scares you, and pick the right partner 😉

THURSDAY 4/26/18

Teams of 2
A. 2 rounds for max reps:
3:00 KBS 53/35
Rest 1:00
3:00 Rope Climbs
Rest 1:00
3:00 Box jump over 24/20
Rest 1:00

Are you just as fast?

The video below is from some of the best lifters in the world. Just watch and notice the beauty of the movement. The goal today is to look like them! Easier said than done! But notice how these athletes meet the bar at the highest point. Keep in mind they’re probably lifting 300+ pounds in these videos. So the bar isn’t traveling a ton going up, but it is enough for them to meet the bar. Keep that in mind for today. Just hard, meet the bar at the highest point, and then go down with it. Don’t focus so much on load today. Focus on moving well.

You want to PR your snatch? Do you know the secret to doing it? Moving well. If every time you snatch you move like garbage, you will only progress so much. Why do you think lifters focus on form over and over and use percentage work over and over? It’s because once you can move 90% of 95% of your max as well as you can move 50% of your max, then you will get a PR. Don’t be in such a hurry to want to lift heavy, if you can’t do it right with lightweight, you don’t deserve to keep adding! Be patience and it will pay off.


A. Every :90 for 15 min (10 sets):
2 squat snatch
*Not a max, work on technique. Drop and quickly reset

B. For time:
20 Burpee
30/20 Calorie row
40 Power snatch 75/55
*10 min cut off

The sexy crossfit movement

Today for the workout we have a movement that is considered the “Golden Child” of CrossFit. Basically this is what most people want to get in their CrossFit life. The ring muscle up. Some of you may have these already, others might be close, and some of you, no quite there yet.

No matter who you are take the time in today’s class to work on the progression your coach gives you. They are there to help you continue to improve. I know just because you might have muscle ups you might think you don’t need to work on progressions. But that’s like saying you are never going to just have a barbell in your hand because you clean and jerk 225#. It doesn’t make any sense. We can always refine and work on the basics. Even games athletes don’t move perfectly, and we are no different!

For those of you that don’t have the movement quite down yet, continue to do the progressions and really focus on moving well. Most people zone out because they don’t have a muscle up and don’t seem to care much about progressions. I’ve known plenty of people that had the strength for a muscle up, but didn’t ever work on the technique and now have to big of an ego to want to take the time to learn the progressions. Don’t be that person! Work on the basics, that way when you do get strong enough you’ll have the technique down no problem!

This isn’t our workout today but always fun to watch a muscle up and running working. And who knows, you might see a familiar face?? (around the 23 min mark) 🙂


TUESDAY 4/24/18

A. 20 AMRAP:
200m run
3 pullups **1 Ring MU
200m run
6 pullups **2 Ring MU
200m run
9 pullups **3 Ring MU
**RX+ is ring muscle ups

Which extra is right for you?

So as most of you may have noticed, we’ve programmed some extra pieces everyday. And we’ve actually seen quite a few people hitting some of the stuff which is awesome! So figured we’d dive into the reasons behind programming the extra.

First of all, let me say that in all my years of owning a gym and programming for clients and for my gym I could care less about volume. Doing more work does not impress me. People who spend hours and hours in the gym don’t impress me. Chances are those people who spend hours in the gym, are not maximizing their minutes. What impresses me is intensity. Going as hard as you can or getting the most out of that training.

Now with programming extra pieces, some might think I want you to, or I expect you to do all the pieces. Or, maybe you think that the class workout isn’t enough for people and thats why I program extra pieces. You’d be wrong to think that. The reason extra pieces are programmed is because some of you might want a little extra work, and hopefully that extra work is on your WEAKNESSES.

The point of the extra pieces are suppose to flow with the class. Meaning if you do the class workout, and maybe an extra piece, it shouldn’t interfere with what you just did for the class. Now with that being said, if you do the class workout correctly, meaning you go hard and push the intensity, you might be able to only handle about 1-2 extra pieces. That’s a good thing.

One thing to remember is doing CrossFit workouts, crazy enough, help you get better at CrossFit. I know it’s wild, but some how games athletes are doing the same movements that you guys do in workouts and improving their fitness. So how do they improve? Well #1 they workout with intensity. #2 is they work on their weaknesses. Meaning the things you suck at you should be working on. So if you suck at heavy barbells, show up on a heavy day, if you suck at running, show up to running days. Don’t say you’ll run on your own, chances are you never do or you sandbag it. Get in here and work on things you suck at, and you will get better at CrossFit. So when looking at these options we post in Wodify, don’t think of it as you should be hitting every single option. Think of it as you should be hitting YOUR biggest priority first. Meaning whatever one is your weakest link, is the one you should choose first. That way if you only have time for 1 thing, you make the most out of the extra piece, and hopefully you’re working so hard you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. Maximize your minutes in here.

MONDAY 4/23/18

A. 12 AMRAP:
3 power clean 185/125
3 front squat
3 push jerk
*RX+ 205/135

B. Accessory
2:00 GHD sit up hold
2:00 hip ext. hold

Could be coaches choice, or benchmark day!

Depending on what the coach decides some of you might do a benchmark today. Some of you might do something completely different. Either way your fitness will improve today, and anything you do is better then sitting on the coach! Show up today, listen to your coach and whatever you hit, hit it hard, and of course have fun!

Even if you don’t hit up the benchmark today, always can watch some elites do it. If only it was as easy as is looks!

FRIDAY 4/20/18

1. “Elizabeth”
Power clean 135/95
Ring dip
*10 min cut off

2. Gymnastic strength
30-40 strict hspu
10-20 bar muscle up
*No BMU if doing #2


Coaches Choice!!

What is tempo?

With the extra options that you might have seen in Wodify. People are getting confused about the tempo prescribed for certain lifts. So I figured we’d dive into it a little bit. And then next week we’ll go more in depth on how to choose your extra options after class.

(Sorry gonna be a long post, but worth the read)

What is Tempo?
Tempo is the speed of contraction during each phase of the lift allowing you to lower and lift the weights under full control and optimal efficiency for development and progression. Tempo is expressed in a four digit abbreviation; such as 42X1. This formula was first popularized by a strength coach out of Australia, Ian King and then largely used by a guy you might know, Charles Poliquin.

Before diving in to the basic principles of “TEMPO” lets define some commonly used terms used in describing muscle action during resistance training. These terms will help you better understand how tempo works.

First of all, muscles can only lengthen and shorten by pulling the the bones and joints to move the body as directed from the brain. This lengthening and shortening of the muscles are further defined as eccentric and concentric muscle action when combined with resistance training.

Eccentric Action – Is the lengthening action of a group of muscles. When a weight is being lowered in a controlled manner, the muscles involved are normally lengthening in a controlled manner. Example- The flexors of the arm (biceps) lengthening as your lowering yourself down from a strict chin up or extend your arm in a Dumbbell bicep curl exercise.

Concentric Action- Is the Shortening action of a group of muscles. When a weight is being lifted the muscles involved normally are shortening. Example- The flexors of the arm shorten to assist bringing your chin over the bar.

How to Read Tempo
The four numbers that constitute the tempo of an exercise are:

The FIRST digit (4) is the eccentric or the lengthening action of the muscle performing the lift.

The SECOND digit (2) denotes any pause at the end of the eccentric phase

The THIRD digit (X) is the concentric or shortening action of the muscle performing the lift.

The FORTH digit (1) denotes any pause after the concentric phase of the lift

The DIGITS represent the “time or seconds” each phase of the exercise is executed. The letter (X) in a written tempo prescription means the lift should be performed in an explosive action without losing technical efficiency. Explosive muscle action is also measured by the “intent” of the lifter. The heavier the load eventually the slower the weight will move, BUT the intent of the lifter to move the weight as fast as possible is what matters most to ensure proper training adaptation.

Common Problems Reading Tempo
Using tempo makes perfect sense with exercises that start with the eccentric phase of the lift such as back squat or bench press.

However, most people get confused with tempo when the exercise starts with the concentric action, such as pullups, rows and deadlifts. The first number doesn’t mean it’s the first muscle action! Remember that the THIRD number is the CONCENTRIC and the FIRST number is the ECCENTRIC and you will be good to go.

Why use tempo?

#1- Upgrades training prescription
When writing workouts, one of the first components to prescribing a proper training stimulus based off the athletes goals is rep ranges. The importance of tempo added to the prescription will ensure the athletes are getting the aimed training effect. Lets say two women were to perform 10 repetitions of back squats. One lifts slow and controlled, down in a count of 5 and up in a count of 3 and the other cranks it out as if she was on the dance floor “dropin’ it like its hot”! Wouldn’t you agree that even though they are doing the same number of reps for the same exercise that they would both be getting a different training effect? Yes it would! The speed of the movement is effecting other variables! One way of controlling more pieces of the training prescribed is to implement tempo to the exercise.

#2- Improves Strength Gains
Tempo allows for an improved training stimulus that enhances strength and movement efficiency. Subtle changes in lifting speed can have profound results for athletes who are looking to enhance their lean muscle mass, increase strength and performance. This occurs when the lifter increases intramuscular contraction by working the eccentric phase of the exercise longer. The slow eccentric phase recruits higher motor threshold units that triggers useful strength gains. For example; lowering the bar to your chest slower in the Bench Press and then lifting it as fast as possible has proven to increase strength by recruiting higher motor units. Triggering Higher motor units allows for the development of useful strength and fiber type adaptations.

#3 – Safe and Corrective for Specific Weaknesses in an exercise
Prescribing tempo to a exercise allows the coach to help the athlete focus on a specific phase of the lift. For example; we might prescribe a tempo that has the athlete pause at the bottom of a Back Squat to improve their strength/efficiency at the bottom, so they can hold better position and overcome any plateaus with their squat. Slowing movement down for is also fantastic for beginners because allows for a safer progression when learning new motor patterns via exercises.

When NOT to use Tempo
You should not “tempo” movements that are highly Central Nervous System (CNS) driven. If the training response is to train the CNS to recruit max number of motor units the movement should not have a tempo prescribed to it. For example , the Power Clean. Tempo prescription should also be avoided for dynamic movements that function off of momentum driven components….such as; the kipping pull up, muscle ups, kipping hspu, ctb pull ups, re-bounding box jumps, burpees etc.

Well we saw the games athletes doing some farmer carries this year. The more crossfit adapts the more we’re starting to see more things then just a barbell. Maybe you didn’t notice, or maybe you did. But last year the entire regionals didn’t have 1 barbell in site. It was all dumbbell work. I believe this is crossfit’s way of telling us we use the barbell too much. Plenty of ways to get stronger, not all of them have to be with a barbell and loading up the spine.

If you don’t know who Stan Efferding you need to check him out! Super knowledgeable guy who has a bunch of info on youtube. You can watch the whole thing if you’d like, but around the 18 min mark is when you get to see him get into some carries. Maybe we can get some of you guys carrying this kind of load tomorrow? Either way try and go for something heavy. It’s not for time, not everything has to be. Make it challenging, not only does this help with the core, but also is great for the shoulders and grip work as well. Enjoy!

THURSDAY 4/19/18

1. 5 rounds for time:
10 wallball 20/14
10 box jump 24/20
100 m run
*10 min cut off

2. Accessory
400m farmer carry (AHAP)

Found the barbells!

This is what some of you have been waiting for. Some heavy barbells. Now is your chance. Listen to your body here. If a PR is there, go for it! If not, live to fight another day. Hit some heavy reps and move on. Don’t risk an injury just to lift 10 more pounds. Listen to your coaches, they will let you know when you’re getting sketchy! But most of all, have fun! Who doesn’t love lifting heavy things??

And hopefully we don’t see anyone taking this long on a deadlift! Dave Castro at his finest!



1. “CrossFit Total”
15 min at each station
Back squat 1 RM
Strict press 1 RM
Deadlift 1 RM

Where are the barbells?

Some of you might be bummed to see a workout like this written up. Chances are those are the people who are good with a barbell. Maybe you’re one of the ones who hate running. Maybe it’s rowing instead. Maybe it’s the fact that movements like this don’t allow for much rest. Some of you might think you just suck at these movements. Chances are you just don’t want to work on this stuff because it’s considered “boring”. It’s not really the “sexy” stuff of crossfit. But these things can help your fitness more than anything around. If you haven’t figured out by now, crossfit will show you what you aren’t good at. The key to getting better is to work on those things you aren’t good at. So I challenge you guys to show up and work on this stuff. If it scares you, good! If you don’t think it looks fun, even better, it means you need it. You don’t think it’s fun because you aren’t good at those things. Maybe it’s the movement itself, or the fact of you not knowing how to pace. Not saying that you have to go super easy on a workout like this, but you do have to know your limits. If I go into this workout all out, chances are i’m not going to last more than a couple of minutes. Try starting out a little slower than you think you should. If worst comes to worst, you can always end up speeding it up.

Along with pacing, mentally this is taxing on people. Negative self talk can ruin you in a workout more than anything else. Keep positive thoughts going, cue yourself on things you can fix or things you’re doing good at. Challenge yourself to hold onto a pace or to keep moving. Don’t be thinking “poor picked on me”. Positive thoughts go along way!


Feel like you need to build a bigger “engine” or “base” after hitting a workout like this. Take a listen to the podcast!


 TUESDAY 4/17/18

1. 3 rounds for time:
400m run
30 Calorie row
15 Burpees
*20 min cut off

2. Accessory:
Heaviest turkish get up in 10 min (both arms)

Change Is Scary

By now most of you know of the changes that have been made. Some of you may be a bit worried about what will be happening with the changes.

Like most things changes can be scary. Sometimes changes aren’t what people were wanting or needed. And sometimes change can be the best thing. I want you all to know that we don’t plan on changing! The goal will be the same. We want you guys to come in here and have the best hour of your day! We want you to leave happier, healthier, and fitter then you were when you walked in.

We will still be doing CrossFit just like any other day. You will do constantly varied, functional movements, at a high intensity, across modal domains. The goal is to have everyone be good at everything! We want to run a sub 6 minute mile, walk on our hands for 100′, back squat 400#, do 50 unbroken pullups, the list goes on and on! We want all of these things! The crazy thing about CrossFit is it works. You work on your weaknesses, your strengths get stronger. Just like the video talks about below we want you guys to have GPP. We want you to continue to progress as years go by. And how do we do this? By not becoming a specialist. We want to not only be good with a barbell, but good with a dumbbell, and kettlebell, and with just running or rowing and just bodyweight. We want it all, and to get it all, we have to practice it all!

So even though it may seem like this big change, you will still be doing what has always been done. Learning from some of the best coaches around, getting fitter, and have fun while doing it!

As far as today goes, the real question is who has the grip to hold on? Who can recover quickly enough to keep the numbers high on the tail end? Can over 100 pullups be done? Only time will tell!

MONDAY 4/16/18

1. 3 rounds for reps
100 Double unders
21 KBS 53/35
max pullups with remaining time
*Rest 1:00 between rounds. Score is total pullups

2. Accessory
50-75 GHD sit up
50-75 Hip extensions