Some of you might not like me after today, but that’s okay. Doing things you don’t like it just part of life! But it does make you better. The more you don’t want to do it, the more you know you have to do it.

The goal today is to try and hold on to the thrusters. Pick a weight you can handle, and get after it! Don’t be the person who knows they got to heavy of a weight just so you can “slow down”. Those people don’t get awesome results. Push the pace and try and hold on!

If you hate thrusters like I do, maybe the video can help? Maybe you don’t like thrusters because it’s hard for you to get into a good position, or breathe or whatever. Or maybe you hate them because they’re dumb, which they are! Either way you might learn something?

TUESDAY 6/19/18

For time:
21 Thruster 95/65
400m run
18 Thruster
400m run
15 Thruster
400m run
*12 min cap

4-5 sets:
5-8 Seated single arm press/side
15-20 GHD sit up
20-30 Banded pull aparts


I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there! Thanks to you guys for all that you do and continue to do! I hope you all got spoiled!

Now that we’re back on the grind, not a better way to start a Monday than by lifting some heavy weight. The deadlift is on the menu for today. People tend to not think the deadlift is that important, but when you think about how much you pick things up everyday, it’s pretty important. Granted it may be something super light, not compared to 1 rep maxes or anything like that. But being strong in the deadlift or picking things up off the floor will help you for years to come. From picking up grandkids, to groceries and everything in between. Just think, as soon as you can pick something up off the ground, or wipe your own ass, that’s when you get sent into the nursing home. So make sure you always keep the skill of picking things up properly!

Maybe we’ll see some numbers like we do in the videos below?? One thing to remember with the deadlift, for mostly everyone, they can pick more weight up with a deadlift than any other movement. So this is the heaviest load your spine will be dealing with. Make sure you are bracing and keep the belly tight throughout the entire movement! There’s some big risk when it comes to heavy deadlifts so just make sure your mind and body are prepped!

MONDAY 6/18/18

Deadlift 8×2
*5-10 Strict pullups btwn sets. Score is total load

KBS 53/35 *70/53
Box Jump 24/20
*8 min cap

John Cena and coaches choice!

Friday is upon us! Try and get outside over the weekend! Use your fitness for more than just inside the gym! People would kill to live where we live, get a tan and go have some fun with family and friends!

Since it’s Friday, might as well post a podcast you guys can maybe listen to over the weekend. Lots of good nuggets and pearls in this one. And might be with a guy you might know??

FRIDAY 6/15/18

Gymnastic Strength
3-5 sets:
3-5 Muscle ups
10 Alternating pistols
:20 L-sit

100 Dubs
100′ Walking Lunge
50′ HS walk

Coaches Choice

Touch n’ go

Yesterday might have been a full body massacre if you got up into the higher reps. Some of you might have even finished a full round and some change! Nothing better than doing a shat ton of air squats, not much excuse to slow down right??

Since yesterday was all bodyweight, time to introduce a barbell again, with some touch and go reps. The video might help some of you for today’s strength. I understand they are talking about lightweight, but the same understanding can be applied when you’re doing touch n’ go reps for a strength as well.

THURSDAY 6/14/18

Power Snatch
*Must be TNG, can build as long as it’s pretty

4 rounds for time:
9 Burpees over DB
12 Box jump 24/20
15 Alternating DB snatch 50/35
*13 min cap

Cindy XXX

Today we take the classic workout “Cindy” for a spin, but of course there is a twist to it! Sadly I can’t take credit for this one! This was a workout from a few years ago. If you guys think has horrible programming, you guys are high! Remember the people that program for, program for the open, regionals and the games. If you’re not paying attention to .com, you’re missing out! There is a lot of legit workouts on there. And this is one of them! And you can also watch some of the greats do it as well! And I’d like to point out a little something if you watch the video. Notice how they’re doing this thing called “full range of motion”. Some of you tend to forget what that is when it comes to bodyweight workouts! 😉


“Cindy XXX”
10-15-20-25-30 Pullups
20-30-40-50-60 Pushups
30-45-60-75-90 Air squats


Running Day Feels

I’m sure I will hear all about how we have to run today, but such is life! It’s good for you! You know, I know it, everyone knows it! I just want you guys to get some tan over the summer, just trying to help you guys out!

In all seriousness we talk about how running is important, and apart from having intensity in your workouts, building a “aerobic base” or “engine”, whatever you would like to call it. Is probably what will help you most in your CrossFit endeavor. Being able to breathe better during workouts would be a pretty awesome thing. I’m sure you guys have watched the games or regionals, and somehow those really fit people make working out look so easy don’t they? Could be because they can breathe a bit better than you guys. And I can bet they they would do a lot of the non sexy stuff no one likes to do (running, rowing, biking, burpees, sled, etc). But that’s the ticket! And if you don’t believe me, maybe one of the God’s for coaching games athletes will get you to believe it?

TUESDAY 6/12/18

For time:
50 KBS 53/35
800m Run
50 KBS 53/35

3-5 sets:
10 Single arm row/side
20yd Single arm Farmer carry/side
20yd Single arm Front rack carry/side

Monday Motivation

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Now we are back on the grind! Some of you might hate Monday’s, lack of motivation, maybe you just wish the weekend was a little longer. Others might love Monday’s. To each their own! But if you need a little inspiration, this can be a little bit of a “Monday Motivation”

Today we get to test some heavy lifting, and a little complex gymnastic movement. Most people can handle the handstand pushups, but add in a deficit and it can be a-whole-nother ballgame! If you need some tips maybe the video below can help? Maybe you can search and find some other videos that might help as well? There is a bunch of free information all over the place to help you along the way! Just know that if you plan on doing RX+, you better be able to handle it for both options! Get after it!

MONDAY 6/11/18

Heaviest complex in 12 minutes:
1 Squat clean + 1 Hang squat clean

7 rounds for time:
5 Squat clean 155/105  **185/120
5 HSPU  **Deficit 4″/3″
*15 min cap


It’s Friday! Another week has come and gone. Hopefully you put forth some effort to get better this week?! If not make a plan for next week so that can become a reality!

We all know what Friday brings, coaches choice! Whatever workout you do, enjoy the suffer with like minded people! It could be worse, you could be doing it all alone!

For those of you that might hit the workout below, the video might help you with some cycling of the barbell

FRIDAY 6/8/18

For time:
1 Round of “DT”
100 Dubs
1 Round of “DT”
100 Dubs
1 Round of “DT”
*DT= 12 deadlift, 9 hang power clean, 6 shoulder to OH
**15 min cap

Coaches Choice


This video was published a few weeks ago, but it’s worth the listen. When coach talks, everyone should listen. It’s also nice to see how CrossFit is focusing more on normal every day people instead of just Games Athletes. Not that Games Athletes are bad! Not at all, it’s just rare for all of the boxes around the world to each have a Games Athlete. So putting their focus on sharing their stories of everyday people and how to help everyday people make changes is amazing! It’s worth the listen!


Abmat Situps
Calorie Row
*15 min cap

Gymnastic Strength
2:00 Ring support
2:00 Chin over bar hold
2:00 HS hold


Well since summer is here, hopefully you’ve been prepping for that summer bod? If not then we need to get to work. Yes coming to the gym for sure helps. But if you’re coming for 1 hour a day, that leaves another 23 hours of the day. Minus the sleeping, and it comes down to what you put into your mouths. If you don’t know by now what you need to be eating. Ask!! The coaches would be more than willing to help. The video below can give some great insight as well! If you feel like it’s too late for that summer bod, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t? But there’s an old saying, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today. Basically meaning yes it would’ve been nice to eat healthier a year ago or a couple months ago but the next best time is today! Get on it! Your body with thank you!


“Dirty 30”
For time:
30 Box Jumps 24/20
30 C2b
30 KBS 53/35
30 Front squats 115/80
30 T2b
30 Push Press 115/80
30 Deadlifts 115/80
30 Wall Balls 20/14
30 Burpees
30 Double Unders
*28 min cap