The Over Head Squat

Everyones favorite lift. In Crossfit this is how we measure ones midline stability….aka core strength. Why? Come in tomorrow and lets test it out.
heavy day
over head squat! 4-4-4-4-4-4
 ***working sets – build confidence under load

Sore? Maybe not….yet.


DOMS. No, no. I’m not insulting you or calling you dumb. This is an acronym that stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. If you were present yesterday for those 150 wall ball shots and 150 sit ups….you may yet not be sore, but you will be at some point. Why does this happen? The longer you train, the higher capacity you build, the longer the delay. The body has the ability to put off the soreness longer and longer. This will be the case for those of you who come in day, after day, after day.

Over time your body recognizes the task ahead of it, almost having the ability to adapt to what you will do next. NO, it can’t tell the future. But based on the stimulus that you expose it to, like….3 straight days of high intensity training, it begins to delay the soreness closer to the day of no activity. For me it usually takes 2 days after the fact to feel real soreness. There are still days where I train really hard and feel it the very next day, but those days are few and far between. For most of you guys that have been with us for a year or more, you now recognize this in yourself or have experienced a few times. It is cool to experience and also scary….”when will this pain actually set in?” …haha. Then somedays it never really does, then you simply know….”I should have gone faster I guess.”



6:00 min AMRAP
10 DB power cleans 50/35
5 burpees
10 DB power cleans 50/35
5 pull-ups
rest 3:00
6:00 min AMRAP
20 DB snatch 50/35 alternating arm
20 box jump overs (athlete may touch top)

New week.

The last few weeks we’ve gotten a doozy of a workout to kick us off!


This week is no different. We will combine two benchmark workouts and see how well you can adapt! I hope you have been practicing those double unders!


Karen plus Annie (two chicks at the same time!) 😉
50 wall balls
50 Double Unders
50 sit-ups
40 wall balls
40 DU’s
40 sit-ups
30 wall balls
30 DU’s
30 sit-ups
20 wall balls
20 DU’s
20 sit-ups
10 wall balls
10 DU’s
10 sit-ups

Team Celebration Party!

Barb W. slaying fitness with the squad.


Tonight Friday the 29th we are having a team celebration party for our victory at the CF Games! We will rent out the Clearfield Aquatic Center and have Mo’Bettah’s food present to eat! Come hangout and bring the family. Swim, don’t swim, hit slides or don’t hit the slides….but come hang out with us and have a great time. We will be there from 7:30pm and the pool will close at 10:30Pm. It has been a long time coming with the celebration but everyone is in town and couldn’t be more happy to hangout with ya’ll. Thanks so much for the support you provided through the season both emotionally and through donations to the team to aide in travel and lodging for the big trips of regionals and the Games. Every thing that was contributed was greatly appreciated. It is a real thing when we say we couldn’t, I never would have even tried….to do it without ya’ll. A lot of personal motivation this year was to bring a title to Wasatch CrossFit as a community. Now that we have the cup….let’s celebrate it.




Coaches Choice.

Butts and Guts

Isn’t this what everyone wants to train? Well, all the ladies at the gym say they do. “Oh coach I want my belly and butt to be sore, I want to “tone” those areas!” Ok well, here ya go! If you can scale this workout so you can go fast and attack it with aggression you will certainly get that feeling. On today’s training go fast and scale accordingly. This is a potent couplet, can you hold onto the KB and go unbroken on the squats!?
Goblet Squat
For time.
When you finish not scored, you must complete 4×12 lateral bridge raise! Hip taps the ground raise to the top of the lateral bridge each reps.


Can you hold onto the bar tomorrow and go unbroken in the workout on the push press?!
Unbroken is a really cool word. In CrossFit it is usually associated with making a set complete without dropping the bar or resting. What about in life? I love that there is so much carry over to what we do in the gym and what we can encounter in life. In the gym, it is likely hard to do a set unbroken but eve harder to complete an entire workout unbroken. In life, it is hard to not allow hard circumstances and difficult situations break you as a person. We all have come to learn however, the value in allowing ourselves to experience bending, essentially adapting of the load that life throws at us. If we have the ability to form and give at times and push at other times of life we can find better ways to make it through “unbroken”. How can we get better at that? My personal opinion is that it takes team work. A lot like CrossFit, in order to see improvement we must have peer or coached opinions or leadership, we have to have people to learn from and to get feedback from. For the Conway’s, we have people in our lives that lead us and give us advice in our marriage, spiritually, in business and in health. No one person knows it all, the more you can share of yourself with others the safer you will be from being your own “breaking point”. We will never be able to adapt to life and take in on full force without having deep human connections around us……who helps you stay unbroken?
Box Jump x 20
Row x 10/8 cals
Push Press x 20 (105/80)
Rest 2:00
5 rounds
Start heats in waves so the rowers aren’t crowded. Pick a weight they will be able to get unbroken in 2 sets minimum!

Back In Action

Well, I’m back! I spent last week, or most of it, in Seattle with the rest of the best minds in fitness. I really am not exaggerating when I describe the brute coaching staff in this way. I am blown away every time I spend time with any of them let alone….all of them. It was a great chance to hang out, learn and then end the week with us all instructing a camp of 40 athletes. The event itself is really cool, we go through several lectures and spend the rest of the time training and doing small group activities with each specialty coach. The amount of information shared is literally equivalent to taking 4 specialty courses and we only charge like half the price that ONE of those alone would cost. I share this in hopes that we will be likely hosting one here in Utah sometime in January if I can get everyone on the same page, it would be at a local gym and I’d sure keep everyone from our community posted who would be interested.


Back to the scheduled coaching and workouts! Tomorrow we get familiar with pacing. Bring your running shoes and something warm!


Broad Jump x
 Find max distance single leg broad jump (Right and Left, take a few attempts on each, it is ok to land on BOTH.)
Max distance on both feet (take a few attempts)
10 minutes for these.
Pacer Workout!
Run 200m @7/10 pace.
Rest 1:00
x 15
**Goal here is to hit the SAME pace that was hit on the first effort. This is a hard lesson for our members but emphasize that the first pace is what the workout will be, then they can go as fast or as slow as they think they should.**


Today you get what you signed up for ladies and gents. You will breathe heavy, move external loads and move your own body weight. No better way to test or train your capacity. Tomorrow, we get dosed up, CrossFit style.



Toe to Bar x 20
SDHP x 20 (105/75)
Pull Up x 20
Row x 20/15
20 minute amrap

Simple and effective.

Yesterday we did some jumping, then we did some sprinting. Isn’t it crazy how valuable or challenging those basic and natural human movements can be. You don’t need a gym to keep yourself in great shape, clearly I say that not fearing that any of you will leave our gym. There are plenty other reasons what we do are still valuable. But you get the point, do human things and you’ll be in decent shape and healthy. When people contact me asking about workouts and what to do, I’m often confused. You’ve built such a broad knowledge and experience of ways to “hurt” in the gym, just pick something and make it hurt, usually thats a good way to get in a decent workout. Ha! There is truth to that. Do push ups, do air squats, do lunges, do sit ups, jump up and down, do high knees, go for a run for 15 minutes and every minute run fast for :10. There are endless options and you don’t need much time. In fact, the more simple, the more effective the training!


Lateral KB Swing (up and around) x 12
Goblet Squat x 12
KB Swing x 12
12 minute amrap

Athletic Development

We talk about training fast, we talk about high intensity. Today will be that, straight up. High jumping and sprinting. Nothing better to prepare you for life than being able to control your body in space at high speeds!



Jump and Sprint

Today spend time warming up class well, we will be getting explosive!

In 10 minutes build to highest single leg box jump possible.
*Athletes must jump off and land on one leg only.*

Run 10 yards and back
Run 20 yards and back
X 4
Rest 2:00
X 5
Score is total time.
**Athletes must touch the line with their hand each time they change direction. The drill starts with a 10 yard sprint, athlete touches line, sprints back to start line, touches line with hand, sprints 20 yards touches line, sprints back to start touches line….that is 1 rep! Each Run consists of 4 reps! Watch athletes, walk through a few times before they start officially going, they will struggle to keep track espcially once they get tired. **