Sore legs?

If you trained yesterday….oh they gon’ be sore soon if they aren’t now! That is ok, as we all know that is where the real gains come. Sore muscles means new tissue….new tissue as in muscle, yes the kind that eats fat for fuel. (Flexes arms).


Have a great weekend peeps! I can’t believe its Friday already.


You get to hit some great upper body but then its all in your coaches hands!


Bench Press
Complete 1 set of max strict pull ups between each set.
**4’’ lower for each rep! Once you can’t hold tempo then kip an additional 5-10 reps before dropping**


Rest 2:00




Coaches choice!

Unbroken Challenge…..can it happen?

When it comes to the barbell it is easy to pace things by dropping the bar and going smaller on sets. Is this workout one that is possible to hold onto the bar for both the dead lifts and front squats? Then if so, you can pace the row and go from there. The goal is to be as fast as you can, but sometimes it is simply best to go fast and take chances……when the pain sets in just know those are simply the gains. ; )




A1:Dead Lift
Rest :30
A2:Walking Lunge x 12 (total steps)
4 working sets.




Dead Lift
Front Squat
Row (Cals)

Lazy Piece.

The title of the post today is me. I am and have been a lazy piece of….well whatever you want to throw in there, since the CrossFit Games. This doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy for a weeks or took a deload period. It has been since August 8th that I’ve done anything “hard”. I’ve never had such a span of sedentary lifestyle ever….its kind of nice. But it is also addicting. This has spurred along a whole entire new level of empathy that I show to my clients. You see for me, training has always been a no brainer, it actually helped put food on the table for me, and now it has created more opportunities so I no longer need to put food on the table by killing myself by means of physically dominating other humans, sooooo with my focus else where it has made it harder to find time to train. Right now if doesn’t make dollars….it doesn’t make cents (sense) in my mind….see what I did there? haha. But in reality I’m just at a different place for now than I have been…ever. Newness is fun but brings forth new challenges, giving time to coach, program, market, design, reach out, develop, over see, and still prioritize faith and family first have made working out really really low on the priority list. Turns out though creating a high buffer for yourself helps, I’m not as far gone as I thought I would be.

I’ll now make it a priority to start getting back to the grind stone. This won’t be easy and sometimes it will mean 9pm workouts in the garage, not as a 3rd session of the day but as my only session of the day. You have to start somewhere and that is why from now until the new year I”ll commit a measly  3 days a week of fitness 60 minutes in those days. Still limited with my shoulder recovery but I’ll do what I can. The list of things I can do is growing and it won’t be long before I’m back to CrossFit as a whole. For now I”ll try to increase my aerobic capacity and my raw strength development in as many different ways as possible without a barbell. I’m still trying to use KB’s, DB’s, yolks, Sand bags and Dballs for my strength training and avoid the barbell….I’ve simply used it too much and too often the last 7 years. I need to be stronger in weak positions and most of those are found through exposure to different means of loading, plus barbells don’t grow from trees or fall from the sky so…the functionality is limiting in my day to day life. Here is a to a fitter month of December to come!




T2B x 6
Push Up x 9
Air squat x 12
3 minute amrap
Rest 1:00
6 rounds
Score is total reps.
**Start up each round where you left off!**

How to party right through the holiday’s.

Holiday season is here. For those of you NOT doing the nutrition challenge, you are guaranteed to pack on a few pounds if you have friends. If you don’t have friends, then you’ll just be at home and stick to your usual diet, which….isn’t all bad, most people aren’t worth befriending anyways so you are not missing out on much. (Now you know how I really feel about humans.) So, the point of this post is that we are set in a trap and can be sucked into negating our hard work if we are not careful. I simply suggest be mindful of the choices you make. Here are a few easy steps:
1. Don’t drink your calories…..avoid the sugar, soda (yes diet is still soda and it will still result in risen insulin levels and force your body to respond the same way it would WITH sugar……see calories aren’t just calories….funny how that works.)juices, and alcohol. Yes people, drink less poison. This will help have more freedom in your food choices. This does not interest many of you, as this is your favorite way to party, thats ok!
2. If #1 doesn’t appeal to you, this one is for you. Stick to protein. At a party, eat all the meat and dairy. Avoid the carbs of bread, chips, desserts, sandwiches and pastas and give yourself more freedom on drinking some of your carbs.
3. Fill up on the veggies. If you see dip, avoid it but indulge on the real food you see out. Along with eating helpful servings of meat, this can be your biggest ally in avoiding the sweets.
4. Eat a healthy meal before you go! Be prepared, train hard and eat a healthy meal before you go. It will leave you more satiated and less likely to fall short of achieving one of the above steps.
5. The last thing I’ll suggest is…..keep training. Do what you can when you can when it comes to gym time. Remember the hardest part about CrossFit is showing up, we help you with the rest. Make time in your schedule….if you follow these steps….come January 1 when everyone is trying to “get right” you’ll simply be on course to “stay right”.
; )


Strict Press
Complete 1 set of Bar Pronated Bent Row between each pressing set 6 reps.

Strict Pull Up x 9
KB Swing x 15(53/35)
Double Under x 63
12 minute amrap

Cyber Monday

OK, OK, how many of ya’ll have spend a few thousand dollars online or in store from last Friday through this Monday? If you didn’t, shame on you not buying into the consumerism of this country! Kidding! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and Thanksgiving, the first few days of this week we will all pay for the sins of the last 5 days. : )




Back Squat
4×3 AHAP
Rest 2:00 between sets!


Squat clean x 5
Shoulder 2 OH x 5
BFB x 10
Rest 1:00
5 rounds for time.


**Scaling the load to something you “could” do touch and go if you were forced to. And for shoulder to OH you should be able to go unbroken on at least ⅗ rounds.

2nd to burpees on the CF’ers favorite movements iiiiisssss……..

THE TURKISH GET UP…..while breathing hard of course. ; )
Today we get after some pressing and pulling because #gains of course. And then the conditioning is a fast chipper! The chipper will be different at the end however, people will FLY through the burpees and the cleans and then slow down a bit for the TGU. The video will give you a decent description of the movement and how we want it to look. Try to keep this as close as possible to the suggested movement, just because you “can” get up another way….doesn’t mean you should.
Knowledge bomb of the week: “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should” #CoachCon

Strict Press
Complete 1 set of Bar Supinated  Bent Row between each pressing set 8 reps.


Bar facing Burpee x 30
Hang Clean x 30 (145/105)
Turkish Get up x 30 (53/35)

More….jump overs.

Holidays are approaching! Some of you won’t make it to the gym much this week, you can always do a fair share of body weight movements in any combination and get a GREAT WORKOUT. I’m not 100% sure what Carson is doing here, but it clearly is good for your 6 pack, so feel free to throw in a few of “these” this week. Pre or Post Thanksgiving feast.
We had some fast workouts last week with box jumps overs, this week is a bit of a different stimulus. Why are we doing this so much? We will notice an increase in jumping, both in forms of jump rope and boxes. The reason is because of the descend in the amount of running that is taking place. As the cold and snow roll in, we will run less and less, rowing is great, but nothing can really mimic running as well as jumping can. With that considered, that is why box jump overs, box jumps, double unders, bar jump overs and burpee box jumps will be prevalent through the winter! Tomorrow we back squat heavy, then we breath heavy, start the week right!
Back Squat
5×4 AHAP
Rest 2:00 between sets!

Sumo Dead Lift High pull x 15
Box Jump over x 12 (24/20)
T2B x 9
12 minute amrap


**Touching the box is allowed on the box jump over, you don’t have to CLEAR it**

Lose weight, Gain Pounds.

If you are sticking the plan, working hard, hydrating, being consistent with your training then you are seeing great results already. I’m into my 3rd week of paleo and have noticed significant effects to my body, attitude, food cravings, sleep….all of it. And for the better. The results most of you are seeking are to lean out, lose some weight, but don’t forget lets keep chasing performance and gaining pounds! I don’t mean on your waistline, butt or thighs, I mean on the barbell. Keep attacking the strength and accessory work with full effort and you’ll keep seeing improvements!



Coach’s choice!

Faster is better!

Today’s workout is fast and heavy. Make the jump overs happen as fast as you can and get the work done! The swings are russian, check with your coach in the warm up if the RX’d weight is appropriate. Many of you will intimidated at the thought of a double kettle bell at that weight, but you’ll never know unless you try!
Go fast, take chance!

A1:Dead Lift

Rest :30
A2:Walking Lunge x 16 (total steps)
4 working sets.

DBL. KB Swing x 8

Box Jump Over x 8
Rest 1:00
6 rounds for time.


**Swings are to be eye level (Russian). Box jump overs is “no touch”. Clear box in the jump, scale height not type of jump. If injured ad no jumping then change what is called for!**

Midweek chipper!



Power Snatch x 21
Squat Snatch x 15
OH Squat x 9
2 rounds for time.




Rest 6:00


Hang clean and Jerk x 12
“L” Sit x :30
3 rounds for time.


**Score is total time! Loading in both parts is the same. Accumulate the :30 of “L” Sit. Use DB’s for hands off the ground, scale to boxes, leg tucks, hollow hold, etc…**