But can you muscle up though?

We haven’t seen this movement in the Open for 2 years but we all know it’ll come back.
The value in learning this is very high. Many people don’t see the value though, why? They think or assume it is some “fitness trick” they think they’ll never use it. But it is as functional as a bar muscle up and the skills transfer to any task where you need to go up and over something!
The truth is that if we can do a ring muscle up, we are pretty skilled. And skills believe it or not are a HUGE part of your value as a human. Learning and mastering new skills will keep you young and also alive. So don’t bash something because it’s new or hard. Try it, be angry and frustrated you can’t do it, never stop pursuing it. BUT also understand the muscle up is a lifetime pursuit for many. As many find CrossFit into late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s the chances drop lower and lower of us finding mastery before our end of days here on earth. I know, I know, sounds grim, but its true! But so what! We scale this movement just like we would any other and do the best to progress to getting it the best we can.
You see in your pursuit of a high skill like the ring muscle up. You will develop several ring dips, several more strict and kipping pull ups and also a much deeper range of motion. The truth is, just like pursuing a faster mile time, the closer you get to ring muscle ups the better you’ll look with your clothes off. I mention that simply because that is the goal most of ya’ll have. ; )
Go hard and scale accordingly. Ask coach’s for help and learn and practice before the workout today! You could be closer than you think!
KB Swing x 20 (53/35) *vertical*
Wall Ball x 40
Ring Muscle Up x 10
14 minute amrap


Practice makes progress.

People often wonder what a Games Athlete or someone that performs at a very high level in this sport do all day! Literally you now hear and see that athletes that compete in our sport train all day long. It is no exaggeration for me to know that a competitive Games level CF athlete often trains 4-6 hours a day. During this time they aren’t just doing heavy lift after heavy lift, or even metcon after metcon.
To understand how to train for this sport forces one to step back and understand what CrossFit IS and why IT IS to begin with. You see CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movements executed at HIGH INTENSITY”. High intensity is the big take away here. We know from study and time that the best results of EVERYTHING in life is accomplished when done at high intensity. This also works with most of our lifestyles right? 1 hour a day is plenty for most of us who train and high intensity, and when done right, for quality of life and ability and maybe looking better naked…..IT’S PLENTY! BUT for an athlete that views this as a competitive sport and wants to be top tier in the world the difference is PRACTICE.
Some people are mislead, even actual athletes are mislead and think in order to be “good” at this sport you must suffer all day long. Some people think you must conditions and do high intensity training all day everyday. The truth is that competitors to be good and have long careers this isn’t the case! They must do high intensity training but almost only to the same degree of you guys out there doing it for longevity and day to day fitness and health. The other hours a competitor spends training should be on long endurance work building their base of stamina and aerobic capacity. They should spend adequate time with light loads practicing to master olympic lifts and basic barbell and DB functions. They should spend A LOT of time practicing spacial awareness, and learning how to control their body in space by means of gymnastic work. In fact most of the body weight work should be very very basic, revisiting mechanics often skipped over in a day to day CrossFit class where we are forced to rush through basics that are learned at a young age in a child gymnasts career. Then a lot of their time must be spent actually recovering! Athletes must spend time stretching, spending money at the chiropractor, massage therapist (each of these likely 1x a week minimally) and also breathing and meditating preparing and practicing for future events and scenario’s in both training and competition.
While there are many things a competitive crossfit athlete does with their time, the number one thing they do more than the average day to day athlete is PRACTICE. When done with purpose this separates the recreation athlete from the professional just like in any other sport. In the NBA due to the nature of the sport the athletes are often more athletic, taller, faster, but in CrossFit due to the nature of this sport the ELITE athletes are often unidentifiable when in street clothes. They look like “fit” but almost average folks. The difference is the skill set they develop over time, and the efficiency that is a result of that skill set. And well….they may have some natural talent….mainly, they have to be very good at suffering and be slightly masochistic! : )
Practice, more.
Dead Lift
Pull Up x 12
DU x 36
DBL. DB DL x 18
12 minute amrap


So many acronyms in this sport. This one stands for hand stand push up! Not exactly everyones favorite movement. This is something so foreign to any of us that didn’t come up with a background in gymnastics that it is just awkward and hard to learn. The best thing about the hand stand push up is that it can’t really be replaced. This movement is so unique because 1. It is upside down. 2. It is closed chained for the upper body (like the push up on the floor), the floor doesn’t move, it is our body as we press against it. 3. It forces our shoulder blade to move and function in a way (because it is close chained) that we can’t mimic it with DB’s or Barbells and just press them over head. Believe it or not there are plenty of people who can “Press” very well, and then suck at hand stand push ups. This movement is also one that isn not many peoples favorite due to the fact that it forces you to move your own body weight in space! So, for the folks a bit “light in the britches” they love this stuff, but for those of us carry some functional weight around, they get hard very fast.
When these appear in a workout the question is how to scale them?!
The best way is to scale first volume. So if you can do a few hand stand push ups then you should do hand stand push ups, just do less than prescribed in the workout so you can keep moving well and get the right stimulus. If you can’t do them, you should train as close to upside down, and as close to “full range of motion” as possible. My favorite drill for this is off a box where your knees are on the edge, butt up high, hands on the ground as close to the box as possible and execute the HSPU off that. The higher your butt, and closer your hands to the box, the harder, these can ultimately be close to as hard as doing it on the wall and will build “boulders” for shoulders! haha. Seriously though, it will make you soon, strong enough to do the real thing!
Is using an abmat or two wrong? NO. BUT we aren’t training the full range of motion, so you will get stronger, but not in the weakest spaces. Keep this in mind when scaling for this workout. And just like our workouts written up, vary the ways you choose to scale any movement we prescribe!
Build to heavy Front Squat set of 3 (from the rig)
Front Squat (95/65)
6 each 2 rounds
8 each 2 rounds
10 each 2 rounds
12 each 2 rounds
For time.


Ahh, the dumbbell!
Here is my advice folks.
Break up the T2B early and often. Be smooth on the DB try to link sets of 5 together as much as you can to keep momentum going.
The DB will feel better on your back if you load BETWEEN your legs vs. outside of your legs. And if you have the capacity, try not to bring it down to the shoulder then to the hip, after you lock out (Like Sam Briggs did) bring it right back between your legs like the down of a Ketttlebell swing!
The rower is where you crush this workout. This is where you will spend the most time in this workout. Pick a sustainable pace, but pay close attention to your form! Those who are most consistent with their stroke will have the greatest advantage in the end!
Aside from the rower, much of your time will be spent transitioning from movement to movement. So, don’t be a softy…..get going! Get to the next movement.
It will also be grippy. Wear hand protection if you need to!
Crush it folks! Come Friday night and cheer at the least! Bring some donuts for those competing if your not and hand them to them as they die after the workout is over! haha!
Enjoy, have fun.
8 T2B
10 DB Hang Clean + Shoulder to Overhead (5/5) (50/35)
14/12 cals Row
20 minute Amrap

Flow session!

Today’s workotut is not the day to turn up! Well, unless you are being a party pooper and not coming out tomorrow to do the Open! Feel free to come to class but get through the workout and just flow through it. Breathe, sweat and move to get loose and get some endorphins pumping but no need to get wrecked, we want you fresh for tomorrow. It makes tomorrow’s workouts much more entertaining. : )
“NON-Destructive Day”
Aramp 32 minutes
20/15 Cal Row
20 Abmat Sit up
20 yrd. Bear Crawl (Fwd.)
20 yrd. Bear Crawl (Bwd)
Run 400m.
:30 Dead Hang
:30 Bottom of Squat (bottom out)

1 Day folks……..What will it be?

What do you think it will be folks? Are we going to get some good old fashion Dumbbell like this workout on Thursday night? OR will it be something new or something for the first time in the Open like Hand Stand Walking or even Running? Who knows!
I do know this though, you are ready! Have fun today, its a different workout for sure. Scale HS Walk to less volume if you can do it but know 10 yards at a time ain’t happening or even close, and if you’ve never done them, no worries. We have something for everyone, its a fun skill to goal for one day! When I started CF I didn’t think I’d ever learn to walk on my hands, now I love it. Ha!
Establish a heavy 3 rep back squat in 12 minutes!
10 Single Arm Snatch (RT)
10 Single arm Thrusters (RT)
10 Single arm Snatch (LT)
10 Single Arm Thruster (LT)
HS Walk x 20 yards (10 yrd. Out/ 10 yrd. Back)


I taught an L1 seminar this weekend in Las Vegas Nevada. Had a great time interacting with the humans that participated but even greater time with my peers that helped me teach it. Each Saturday when we wrap up day 1 we go out to dinner as  staff and just hangout, catch up on life and talk a lot about fitness, CrossFit, life and many other things. This weekend was no exception but the topic was very different than normal, we talked a lot about the recent school shooting that has taken place. We discussed why the occurrence happens to often now? What is leading young children and young men to commit such acts? Why are young men at such a high rate now for suicide? There are many issues in our society and we talked about all of them or close to it. We have no real conclusive answers.
After that night of discussion however, I am clear on a few things. We need connection. Not social media connection but face to face skin to skin connection We need conversation in person, ya know, interaction. And when I say interaction I don’t mean like “Hi and Bye”. I mean like “How are you feeling? Why do you feel this way? How can I help? What should we do?” type of conversation. You see this missing today. Not just from strangers but even on a family setting. With electronics, social media and money being on the front of everyones minds, we are completely disconnected within families. To me all of this started the more we got attached to TV, not Tv is old and its our phones, and the internet. Everything we want or need for engagement is at the tips of our fingers and our attention spans are dropping dramatically. I can truly say its hard for me to read a book for more than 10 minutes now because I’m conditioned for new things like every :30! Terrible!
Here is the reason for the post. With CrossFit we create something different, something that breeds this raw, unfiltered interaction, that stems from the struggle of our training. At least that is how it works for those of us that actually dive in and go hard. Heck I’ve run classes where women (no men YET) have cried in the middle of the workout, but it really wasn’t t about the workout (and NOOO I didn’t do it!). But it was what the physical demand and emotional drawl of the workout that free those feelings for those people. Often after you do CrossFit for sometime you change. You become more keen to your feelings, your thoughts, and you become more filled with empathy to others and more humble of course. These breeds a better human. What I hope is that we can lead the way for the rest of our society. Set rules at home, no TV, no Phones, no nothing except sometimes silence and personal face to face interaction. SEE EACH OTHER, be real with each other. Talk about feelings with your kids, let them know its ok to be emotional, create a relationship that lets them know its ok to go to you when they NEED YOU. It’s never comfortable, but you know good things don’t come easy! Have tough conversations, ask personal questions, be involved. Slow down, even if that means making less money, not getting the next raise, not making the next sale, so you can focus on what really matters…..whether you have kids or a spouse or not…..what really matters are the real humans around you that you love and care about.
Get connected this week. Take some time and think about what we are missing as a society, if we had this one aspect in great amounts, much would change. Let’s be the catalyst for that change. We will help others rise up by doing so ourselves.
4 Minute Amrap
7 Pull Ups
7 Dead Lift (185/125)
7 Burpee (normal)
Rest 3 minutes

Open Plan!

Yo yo yo, your sore right? Hey if you have been doing this weeks programming so far you have to be. Well, at least if you have been doing it right. Tomorrow is coach’s choice so you can’t be mad at me about that one! Although I did still make a nasty suggestion, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Our plan for the open is simple. Each Friday we will run the workout within our class times! So you will have a chance to workout with friends have a judge if you need it and accomplish the workout. BUT each Friday night we will also be running heats in a Friday night Throwdown type format. It will be food, fun and make lots of memories. I encourage everyone to come and make it when you can. Even if you choose not to throw down in the heats it is a great time to hangout with athletes and coaches and root others on!

So get signed up for the Open, it is a life changer for many and a great test. Why sign up? Well if you’ve ever done a 5k or a spartan or anything that you pay for to exercise yet you don’t see the purpose of signing up for the Open and you do CrossFit then I can’t actually say anymore to help you understand. Because I clearly can’t help you at this point. : )

Samsies….but not.

Today’s workout has some similar movement patterns to yesterday. We did a variation of a squat clean plus a shoulder to over head movement yesterday. But today we get to it heavy. Then after we do it heavy we get to do a workout very similar to Fran, but more like Fran on steroids. If you have done CrossFit for  a while you know why this combo is dangerous. The truth is, the fitter that you are, the scarier this looks. Ha!
Go fast, take chances and save the skin on your hands. No time to tear the skin off!
Build to heaviest Squat clean Thruster possible in 12 minutes.
15 minute Amrap
15 Thrusters
15 C2B Pull Ups
100/65lb. RX’d


Barbell + Burpee’s

Today’s Open retest is a combo of two tests. Both are single modality tests which usually leaves room for specialists to dominate. Why? Well one test consists of a moderately heavy barbell for most people, where strength can be the limiter. The other is a body weight movement we are very familiar with, burpee’s, and it is simply 7 minutes straight of them! How evil right? But such a good test to combine them. Now the overall score will reflect ones overall fitness if you can somehow accumulate both more reps on the barbell and more reps on the burpee than someone else, you can comfortably say they are inferior to you. Just kidding, but seriously. ; )
11.3 + 12.1 (uh oh)
Amrap 5 minutes
·       1 Squat Clean
·       1 Jerk
165/110 RX
REST 2 minutes
Amrap 7 minutes
(Bar facing!)