The deadlift is one of the most basic and fundamental movements there is around. Can be simple explained as “picking something up” and can get way more technical as well. Most people are afraid to lift heavy when it comes to this movement for fear of injury. Form is obviously very important for this, and making sure you’re in the correct position out of the gate can help out with this. As well as focusing on the midline, staying tight the entire time, flexing non stop. A couple other things to think of might be more push than pull. Meaning think about pushing the legs through the ground rather than just trying to pull it up with the back. The legs are there for a reason.

Still think this lift might be stupid? Just think about being an 80 yr old and having to pick up some groceries. You have to do a form of a “deadlift” in order to pick it up. If you can’t pick it up, chances are you are on your way to the nursing home. So there is quite a bit of importance in it!

TUESDAY 9/11/18

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5-5

For time:
1000m Row
800m Run
*Can start with the run or row

The Muscle up

The muscle up tends to be an achilles heel for a lot of people. Because not only do you need some strength, you need transition skill as well. Couple of things to think about:
1- Stick your nose as far over the rings as possible
2- Drive your elbows from down in front of you to up and behind you
3- Keep the rings as close to your body as possible
4- Tighten your gut
5- Have the meat of the thumb trace a line from collarbone to armpit, just above the nipple

If some of this stuff doesn’t make sense the video below should be able to help out! Crazy enough I see so many people do this when it comes to low ring work. Or people just seem not to care because they’re not strong enough yet so the don’t worry about low ring work. But just think if you’d have been snatching with a PVC pipe when you were younger for years and years, how much easier would it be to snatch weight now that you’ve done good technique for so long? The point is you should have the same mentality for gymnastics as well!

MONDAY 9/10/18

For time:
10 Muscle Up
100 Dubs
20 Squat Snatch 135/95
100 Dubs
10 Muscle Up
*17 Min Cap


What are your thoughts about the podcast? It seems like the bold statement is becoming more and more true. And we can start to see how serious Greg Glassman is about this mission, since he has put the kibosh on Regionals! Do you think CrossFit can claim that we can cure type 2 diabetes? I’ve seen people get fixed from it, so we know it’s possible. Whats your thoughts??

Regan Doele boldly posted “We Cure Type 2 Diabetes” on a sign outside his affiliate, Octane CrossFit, in Phoenix, Arizona.

CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman is on a mission to enlist doctors, medical professionals and affiliate owners to understand “The Mess.” Doele and Octane CrossFit caught the attention of Coach Glassman. CrossFit affiliates have, and will continue to cure Type 2 Diabetes.

FRIDAY 9/7/18

Power Snatch

10 rounds for time:
7 Pullup
5 Power Snatch 95/65
3 Burpee Box Jump 24/20
*15 Min Cap

Coaches Choice!

Bring A Friend Day!


  • This Thursday is bring a friend day! All classes are free to try. Invite someone to come have some fun!

Today is bring a friend day. You guys already know why we do this, to introduce new people to what crossfit is! So help us out! Invite some new people to come have some fun! A couple things to remember when you invite someone who hasn’t done crossfit before. 1- You may have to pick up the slack, be okay with doing more reps if YOU NEED TO. Don’t be a rep hog, but don’t let your friend die either! 2- Cut them some slack! If they don’t move perfectly, oh well! No one in this world moves perfectly, you can’t expect someone who has never done crossfit to catch on to every movement super easy! 3- Make sure you are having fun! Joke around with them, tell them to relax, if you think about it, imaging showing up and people running back and forth to do a workout, it probably seems like chaos! Remember it’s just working out. Make sure they are having some fun. If it’s fun to them, they’ll want to come back. If they are getting yelled at to move faster, may not be the highlight of their day!


Bring A Friend Day
Teams of 2
2000m Row (250m)
200 Double Unders
2000m Run (200m)

Gonna Get Heavy!


  • This Thursday is bring a friend day! All classes are free to try. Invite someone to come have some fun!

Today we get to test your strength, but you have to earn it. This seems to be the typical way in CrossFit. No one cares how strong you are, they care how strong you are when you’re tired.

So, since you are tired, that means you have to rely on mechanics to get you through the workout. That means hopefully we have some good mechanics! Most of us do fine when it’s lighter, but as it gets heavier we tend to struggle. Maybe come up with some cue’s that can help you when you start to struggle with technique. Below are some ideas, but it is all personal preference. It shouldn’t be anything long. Something quick and to the point will help you! It’s a fast movement, meaning you can’t think of everything and expect to do it right! One cue and then get after it! How far can you get??


15 clean and jerk 135/95
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 155/105
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 185/125
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 225/155
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 245/165
rest 1:00
15 clean and jerk 265/175

Upside down

How was the holiday? Hopefully you were able to get away and have some fun! Whether that was creating some memories with family and friends or whether that meant chillin and doing nothing at home! Sometimes you just gotta listen to the body and do what it says!

Well today we get some fun going upside down, and also getting some lunging going on! These seem to be pretty common in the open the past few years, so why wouldn’t we be practicing them? Sometimes with the program they’re trying to tell people what to be working on, and sometimes people just refuse to listen!

Maybe the video might help you work on the some handstand walking. I know this video helped me years ago!

TUESDAY 9/4/18

50′ DB OH Lunge (RA)
20 T2b
50′ DB OH Lunge (LA)
10 Burpee over DB

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
10-15 Strict Pullup
25-50′ HS walk



  • For Labor Day on Monday there will only be 2 classes. 8 and 10 am! Enjoy the holiday!

Come on in for a party today! Get it in and then get on with your day!

MONDAY 9/3/18

For time:
Hang from a pullup bar for 6 minutes
*Every time you drop from the bar, must complete:
800m run
30 pushups
*45 min cut off
Hero Workout of the Coaches Choice!

Bro Sesh?



  • For Labor Day on Monday there will only be 2 classes. 8 and 10 am! Enjoy the holiday!

Today you might hit this and get some good pump going on. Or maybe you veto this for something more “crossfitty”. The world is your oyster! But just make sure you’re not neglecting your weakness!

Some baby faces in the video. If you’ve been in crossfit awhile you probably know who these guys are.

FRIDAY 8/31/18

“Strict Lynne”
5 rounds for reps:
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pullups
*Rest 3:00 btwn rounds

Coaches Choice!

Go fast, take chances


  • For Labor Day on Monday there will only be 2 classes. 8 and 10 am! Enjoy the holiday!

Today is all about going as fast as possible. Think of yourself as a train, you don’t want to go so fast so you fly off the tracks, but you want to get as fast as you can without flying off! Try for unbroken sets as long as you can today. Sure you might end up being slower as the sets go on, but who cares? That’s when you really get a change. The problem with workouts like this is everyone plays it safe. They break it up early and a lot so they don’t “blow up”. Well always playing safe gets you very small adaptations. The goal here is intensity. Whenever you see rest in a workout, it means you go for it! Understand that you’re actually getting rest in a workout, we want you to go fast and take some chances! So don’t be afraid today, go for it!

THURSDAY 8/30/18

4 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
20 T2b
10 Thruster 115/80
*Rest 2:00 btwn sets.
**24 Min Cap

Gymnastic Strength
3:00 Hollow Hold
*Every break complete 10 Abmat situps

Worse than just a burpee??


  • For Labor Day on Monday there will only be 2 classes. 8 and 10 am! Enjoy the holiday!

For the workout today how fast can it get done? I’ve seen it be done sub 5 minutes. Can anyone beat it? Now we do have a harder version, that might take a bit longer, but don’t feel you have to choose that option. Sometimes it’s better to go faster. They actually posted a workout similar to this on Maybe it’s coming in the open this year? If there is an open? Maybe not though. Either way push the pace today, you don’t always need a barbell to get fit.


Front Squat

For time:
50 Burpee Pullups
RX+ 30 Burpee Bar Muscle ups
*10 Min Cap