• Bring a Friend day is Thursday. All classes are free to try, the workout will have movements new people can do. Invite some friends and come have some fun!
  • Only 2 classes for the 4th of July. 6 and 8 am!

Just reminding everyone only 2 classes today, 6 and 8 am! Hope you guys can make it! Since it is a holiday celebrating Independence Day, why wouldn’t we do a hero workout?? You guys as a class can choose which one you would like to do! Both will be done in partner format, struggling together builds the community stronger, and in order for Independence Day to happen, they had to rely on each other!

I hope you guys have a great holiday and enjoy it with family and friends!


“Team Small”
3 rounds for time:
1500m Row (250m)
50 Burpees
50 Box Jump 24/20
1200m Run (200m)
*Partition the burpees and box jumps as you see fit. Must rotate every 250m on the row and 200m on the run
“Team Liam”
For time:
800m Run with plate 45/35
150 T2b
100 Front Squats 155/105
20 Rope Climbs
800m Run with plate 45/35
*Must run together, hand off the plate as you see fit. Partition the rest of the movements as you see fit



  • Bring a Friend day is Thursday. All classes are free to try, the workout will have movements new people can do. Invite some friends and come have some fun!
  • Only 2 classes for the 4th of July. 6 and 8 am!

Hope everyone had an amazing Monday and hopefully you got it started off on the right foot by getting in here! If not make sure you come in today and get some work done!

We all know the benchmark “Diane”. Most of you have probably done it a time or two, and if you did the open this last year you had to do it for one of the open workouts! Well today we get a taste of Diane, but with a twist. This will most likely slow you guys down. If you know your Diane time, doing it this way will probably be slower. But that’s okay! Variance is a good thing. Routine is the enemy, and leads to less adaptations. Not saying that Diane is a bad workout, because it’s not! But sometimes is nice to mix it up instead of always doing 21-15-9.

My suggestion to you for today is to go for it if you feel up to the task. If you struggle with these movements or with hspu, then break them up early and often. DO NOT go to failure. Once hspu are gone, they are gone forever, so be smart!

TUESDAY 7/3/18

For time:
45 Deadlift 225/155
*13 min cap

5 sets:
10 Single Arm Row/Side
20yd Single Arm OH Carry/Side
*Both AHAP

Walking Lunge

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready to get back to work! Should be a fun week planned! And I hope everyone will enjoy the holiday this week! Can’t complain having a day during the week to get together and eat some bad food right!

After we get some heavy lifting out of the way, we have a simple triplet, all bodyweight workout for you guys. Some of you might be able to cruise through this bad boy. Going sub 10 and maybe even faster than that! For those of you that are bodyweight ninja’s, go for it. Go out hot and try and hold on and see what happens. For those of you that are not so savvy in the bodyweight movements. You have some decisions to make.

So as most of you have probably noticed, we have time caps on workouts. Why do we do that? Well, the reason I put caps on workouts is for people to understand we expect the workout done under that time frame. So what does that mean? That means if you are getting over that cap quite a bit, you’re missing the boat on what we want to accomplish. Think of it this way, if someone does “Fran” in 2 minutes, and another person does “Fran” in 12 minutes. They just did 2 totally different workouts, even though the movements and everything was the same, because 1 did it in less than 3 minutes, intensities were high. The 1 doing it in 12 minutes, most likely rested quite a bit and didn’t have the strength or capacity to go any faster.

So the point i’m trying to make is we want everyone under the cap, and we want everyone to be experiencing the same workout. If you are going over the cap quite a bit, chances are you’re not scaling appropriately. You’re either going to heavy, to complex of movements or too high of reps.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that if you scale it you are getting worse. But you’d be wrong. If you are resting more than you are working when it comes to a workout, you aren’t getting fitter. That’s just the cold hard truth. The games athletes are resting a lot during workouts, if they were they wouldn’t be that fit. Continue to move or push the pace during a workout is what gets you the results you so badly want. So if people are finishing workouts in 10 minutes and it’s taking you 20 minutes, you’re basically resting twice as long as that person that finished in 10 minutes. So don’t be afraid to scale. We have an idea in mind of what kind of stimulus we want for the weekends, and if you aim to hit those stimulus’s, you will get fitter, it’s that simple. If you put forth intensity, you will get results!

So after that huge long rant, the point i’m making is if you aren’t a bodyweight ninja, maybe think about scaling the reps today. Or doing an easier option, and just going faster. You make think it’s dumb but just try it, chances are you will be shocked at the discomfort you’ll feel, but also the amazing results you’ll see! Don’t have an ego, listen to your coaches, and go fast. If you do that you’ll get where you want to go.

And even though this video has some horrible music, and it’s pretty hilarious to see this bad lunges, I’ve actually seen some of these in my day, so maybe it’s worth watching?? 🙂

MONDAY 7/2/18

10 EMOM:
2 Power Snatch (TNG)
*Can build but keep it pretty

For time:
100′ Walking Lunge, 21 Pullups, 21 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 18 Pullups, 18 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 15 Pullups, 15 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 12 Pullups, 12 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 9 Pullups, 9 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 6 Pullups, 6 Abmat Sit ups
100′ Walking Lunge, 3 Pullups, 3 Abmat Sit ups
*15 min cap

Is cold baths the way to go?

So you’ve probably read about ice baths and how important they are. But are they really that important. If you do your research on it so many people have their own opinions. Some say that ice baths or hot and cold showers are the best thing ever. Other’s say that the cold actually delay’s the process of recovery.

So who do you believe? Well if I knew I’d tell you! Part of me thinks that if you believe it works, then stick with it! If you think taking a cold shower or bath helps you recover, then why wouldn’t you do it? If you believe it, that’s all that matters! Sometimes the placebo effect is all that you need! But the video below does have some interesting thoughts about the ice bath. That maybe even if it doesn’t work you can still get some benefits from doing it. The sound is a bit horrible so that sucks but still worth the 13 minutes to watch it!

FRIDAY 6/29/18

Power Clean
*Keep them TNG

5 Power Clean 185/120 **205/135
10 Burpees Over Bar

Coaches Choice

More rope climbs

Even though rope climbs may not be in the workout today, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need attention. Like we’ve talked about in the past, rope climbs require some sort of skill. And you develop skill by practicing. Well what is practice? We know it’s doing repetitions over and over again, but it’s also doing the reps the correct way.

Think of it in terms of basketball. If you wanted your son or daughter to get better at free throws, what would you have them do? Great answer, you’d have them shoot free throws. Do you want to know what you wouldn’t have them do? Run some suicides, then shoot free throws. Because if they haven’t developed the skills of shooting free throws, why would you try and make it more difficult for them?

It makes sense when we put it into that perspective, but when it comes to crossfit people tend to forget that. Yes you can practice rope climbs, but practice while you’re tired or only working on rope climbs when they are in a workout is the exact same thing as practicing free throws after suicides. The way you get better at a skill is by working on it by itself, at a low heart rate. Getting the movement down over and over again. After you have mastered the movement, then you add in some heavy breathing to make it a bit more difficult! Keep that in mind when we do gymnastic strength!

Maybe another way to look at rope climbs that might help you out? Can never have too many skills!

THURSDAY 6/28/18

Power Snatch 75/55
Box Jump 24/20
*15 min cap

Gymnastic Strength
3-5 sets:
1-2 Rope Climb (Legless if possible)
10-15 T2b (Strict if possible)


Today is what we call a “Heavy Day”. I know that this is probably unreal to think that you can get fit just lifting heavy weights? Where is the breathing hard, the running the jumping, the laying and dying after? Well call me crazy but not every day has to be death. I mean if you look at professional sports, I don’t see the NFL having games every day do they? So why do you think you must kill yourself every day?

Believe it or not, there are others ways to “improve” your fitness then just doing metcons after metcons. If you look at the 10 General phsyical skills (if you don’t know what that is, look it up). You’ll see that strength is one of them. Meaning if you improve your strength, you improve your fitness. What it doesn’t say is “you can only improve your strength if after you do a metcon.” So today we are just lifting heavy, and let me be the first devil’s advocate saying if you say that a heavy day is easy, then you didn’t go heavy. If you make each lift heavy as hell, I can promise you that you will understand why heavy day’s are important. And if each lift is heavy as hell, something crazy might actually happen, you might get stronger. Weird how it connects. So today, lift heavy (with good form of course) and have some fun! That’s what it’s all about!

And maybe you one of the ones who needs some helps on your squats. There is a whole series of these but we will just focus on the overhead squat here


For total load:
Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Pose Running??

Well hopefully the case of the Monday’s have come and gone! And now we’re into a groove! Hopefully you got in here yesterday, and if not make sure you come on in today! And don’t be cherry picking workouts! You don’t want to be on your deathbed and tell your kids you were scared of a little tiny workout? That you let the workout control your mood and your life? I didn’t think so 😉

Now if you watch the video below, running is no different then any other movement. The trick is to figure out how to get better at the movement. People want to get better at the sexy stuff like cleans and muscle ups, but when it comes to running they don’t really care! Well you should, especially if the zombie apocalypse comes soon! So maybe watch the video and see if you can take some points away from it? Not saying this is the only way to run because it isn’t. But, if you struggle with some running then why not see if you can learn something and maybe get some improvements??

TUESDAY 8/26/18

For total time:
8x200m sprint
*Rest 2:00 between sets. 8 separate scores
**22 min cap

4-5 sets:
20yd Heavy Sled Push
40yd Dual KB Rack Carry


I hope you all had a wonderful and glorious weekend! Now we get back to work! Make sure you start your week off right and get in here! No such thing as a case of the Monday’s, you don’t really wanna live that way do you??

If you’re bored on a Sunday and you wanna watch a fit guy, well then be my guest!

MONDAY 6/25/18

Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
10 Strict HSPU
10 Strict Ring Dip

50/35 Calorie Row
50 Abmat Situps
50 KBS 53/35


Happy Friday to you all! If you end up hitting today’s workout, the video might help with your chest to bar. If you don’t hit it, hit whatever you do hard and then enjoy your weekend!

FRIDAY 6/22/18

5 rounds for time:
10 C2b *5 BMU
10 OHS 135/95
*13 min cap

50-75 Hip Extensions
100-150 Banded Tricep Extensions

Coaches Choice

Partner Up!

Today we get to hit a workout partner style. Some of you might get a good dose of partner workouts if you come on Saturday’s, but if you don’t partner workouts can be pretty awesome! Sometimes it gets old doing a workout by yourself, hitting with a partner can add up a little change to the stimulus. For one, you can tend to get “rest” during your workout. Granted sometimes the rest isn’t very long, but it does help keep that intensity high. Another reason is sometimes with partner workouts you tend to go a little bit harder than you normally would. You don’t want to disappoint your partner so you tend to push the pace so you don’t be “that guy/girl”. And of course it’s always better to suffer with someone else than with just yourself!

Today we go longer, and we go heavy! Rely on communication with your partner on this. The weight will get heavy, so you need to be smart about how many reps you want to hit before switching! Maybe partner up with someone you don’t know that well?? Change it up a bit!

THURSDAY 6/21/18

Teams of 2
200 Dubs
50 Burpees
30 Power Clean 185/120
*1 Person working at a time, split up the work however you’d like