Ring Dip

This is a movement that tends to give some people some struggle. Mostly because like it says in the video the kip is a little bit different than we would see in a pull-up or a handstand pushup. The good news is that kipping is a “skill”. And do you know how you work on skills? You do it with a low heart rate. So if you’re one of those people who struggle with the ring dip kip and you have the strength to do ring dips, then maybe try practicing at a low heart rate and not only in a workout. Just something to try, probably would help a lot. The video below gives some good tips on common faults and how to avoid them.

But it’s Friday, so some of you might be doing this workout and some of you might not be. Either way it’s Friday so it’s going to be a good day, and you’ll improve your fitness as long as you show up, at thats the goal!

 FRIDAY 5/4/18

3 rounds for time:
21 Shoulder to OH 115/80
15 T2b
9 Ring dip
*12 min cut off

75-100 Banded good morning
75-100 Banded tricep extensions


Coaches Choice!!

Looks so easy

Today we get to lift some heavy weight. In CrossFit we have to be able to do this many different ways. Maybe it’s just a heavy lift itself, maybe we have a bunch of reps of heavy weight in a long workout. Maybe it’s only a few reps of heavy weight in a short workout. Maybe it’s finding a max after a workout like they did in the open. No matter what it is, we need to be good at lifting heavy loads in all of these areas.

Today we get to practice lifting some heavy load while under just a little fatigue. When looking at this it may look like it’s going to be hard to get to something heavy. But crazy enough sometimes a format like there where you have a little heavy breathing and then lifting help people actually lift a bit more load. Maybe this format works for you, maybe it doesn’t, but either way we can still work to improve while doing stuff like this. The goal today is to go 10+ minutes. So make sure you pick the right load so we can make that happen. And of course have a goal of looking like Lu Xiaojun (below). Notice how he meets the bar at the highest point, with super fast elbows so the bar doesn’t slam on him. Keep that in mind as you keep building in load. Jump hard and then meet the bar where it is, but you gotta jump first! Enjoy!


EMOM until failure:
20 Double Unders
1 Squat clean
*Add 10/5 every minute until you cannot complete the lift in the minute time frame
**Can start at 95/65 or 155/105

Gymnastic Strength
10/8/6/4/2 x 2-3 sets:
Alternating pistol
Bar muscle up (1/2 reps)

Rowing Technique?

We got some rowing today, even though it may seem pretty “simple”, people still struggle with the movement patterns. There are a lot of people in a lot of gyms you still don’t have the correct technique on the rower. Most people don’t really care to spend time fixing it, or maybe they don’t even know how to fix it on the rower. But we need to think of this like anything else that we do in the gym. Just like a clean or a deadlift, if your movement pattern is bad, it plays a role as time goes on, as you do more reps, as the load gets heavier. Same thing with rowing. As you get more tired or maybe as the meters get to be more and more, your form gets sloppier and sloppier. The goal is to fix this, the better we move at rowing, the faster and more efficient we can be at it.

Even though it’s not sexy, it’s maybe worth a couple minutes to take note of how you move on the rower and what you could fix. Below are some videos that might help you out. Remember the goal is we want to improve our fitness over the long haul. Meaning over many years. Sometimes that means taking some time to move slower and fix our movement patterns, so later on we can be more efficient with them. Just something to think about.



For time:
1000m row
50 KBS 53/35
30 Burpees
*13 min cut off

Gymnastic Strength
4-5 sets:
:30 L-sit
25′-50′ HS walk

How important is sleep?

This podcast is pretty mind-blowing. If you don’t listen to podcasts, you really should. It’s the best way to get a bunch of info non stop, instead of just listening to music as you drive. Bunch of great podcasts out there that are more “crossfit” based. Joe Rogan, does have some good stuff every now and then. Some are better than others. But this one is pretty wild. There are some people out there who maybe brag about how little sleep they get or maybe they just strive to get 6 hours a night. Even though you might think that is enough sleep, this guy says otherwise. His stats are pretty crazy for all the info he has.

I’ve heard many times on separate podcasts that if people aren’t even getting 8 hours a night, but they want to know what supplements will help them improve, they’re missing the boat. Sleep is the most important thing you could get. Some even say if you have the choice to get 8 hours of sleep or wake up and train, you should get your 8 hours of sleep! Pretty crazy stuff! It’s worth a listen for sure!

If you do want to improve your sleep however, there are a few basic things almost everyone would recommend. 1- avoid any bright lights 1-2 hours before bed (phones, TV, computer, etc.). If you want fall asleep quickly read a book and it will do the trick. 2- make sure you’re sleeping in a cold, dark place. They say that we as humans love to cuddle and curl up, because that’s how we were raised in the womb. So having it be colder and cuddling with blankets can help. 3- Making your room dark as possible. You want zero light getting in. Put blankets over the windows, no night lights, point the electric clocks away form your face. All of this can help.

Now some of you may be skeptical and say that screen time before bed doesn’t bother you or you have to watch TV to fall asleep. Maybe it does help you, but this guy has some good facts on what is happening while you are asleep because of what you did before hand. Just because you fall asleep doesn’t mean that it still isn’t hurting you.


TUESDAY 5/1/18

3 rounds of:
5 box jump 30/24
5 c2b
*Rest 1:00 btwn rounds. Pick up where you left off

3-5 sets:
10 Single arm DB press/side
10 Single arm DB row/side
40yd double KB front rack carry

I know I know I know

I’m probably gonna hear it more and more as summer goes on that we are running, AGAIN. Life is hard I know, but you walk on your 2 feet everyday, might as well get good at running as well right?

But in all seriousness running is one of the best ways to get you into better shape. That’s why so many people probably hate it. And the people that say they love running, chances are haven’t tried to finish a workout full on sprint running to get a faster time. But today we get the best of both worlds. Running and some heavy weights.

I’m sure some of you can go unbroken on this workout. The weight isn’t crazy heavy, just enough to be a struggle. But if you do go unbroken there is only really 1 place to make up more time? Do you want to know the answer to that question? It’s running harder. If you go unbroken push the pace on the run. Heck even if you don’t go unbroken push the pace on the run. Maybe you blow up and go out a little too hard, that’s okay, no one got less fit doing that. Don’t live in fear and always play it safe. That’s why this is called “training”, so you can see what works and what doesn’t. You don’t always have to have a strategy for every workout. Mix it up and explore your fitness. Who knows, might be fitter than you think?

Pretty cool story. CrossFit is focusing on these kind of stories more and more. Amazing to see the lives it changes just working out and eating healthy.

MONDAY 4/30/18

For time:
800 m run
21 back squat 225/155
800 m run
15 back squat
800 m run
9 back squat
*23 min cut off

Friday Fun day

Hope everyone has had an amazing week so far! The weekend is almost around the corner! Try and spend sometime outside this weekend! I know we love the gym, but use your fitness outside once in awhile! Go on a hike, play with your kids, take the dogs for a walk/run, go biking around town, whatever you’d like! Don’t let your fitness just rely on being inside the gym, use the body you work so hard to get!

The podcast doesn’t have much to do with today, but with these 2 it’s always a good time. If you don’t listen to podcasts, you need to, especially if you travel for work. It’s the easiest way to get a bunch of info! Who doesn’t want to learn something new? Happy Friday!

FRIDAY 4/27/18

A. For time:
40/30/20/10- Wallballs 20/14
20/15/10/5- T2b
*12 min cut off

B. Gymnastic strength
5 sets:
1:00 on/1:00 off
*Max HSPU’s. Can do strict, kipping or alternate btwn them every set


Coaches Choice!!

Rope skillzzz

Today we get to play around with some rope climbs. Not only as some skill work, but in the workout as well! Some of you may want to bring some high socks or some longer pants so you don’t get burned too badly.

Some may be good and climbs, some of you may never have done these before. Either way try something new. Maybe go a little higher than you have before, or maybe today you just focus on getting a secure hold and not really worrying about climbing so much. There is so many areas you can improve on with a movement like this. Especially where it isn’t touched on a lot. People tend to lose the skill of these pretty quickly. Have fun, do something that scares you, and pick the right partner 😉

THURSDAY 4/26/18

Teams of 2
A. 2 rounds for max reps:
3:00 KBS 53/35
Rest 1:00
3:00 Rope Climbs
Rest 1:00
3:00 Box jump over 24/20
Rest 1:00

Are you just as fast?

The video below is from some of the best lifters in the world. Just watch and notice the beauty of the movement. The goal today is to look like them! Easier said than done! But notice how these athletes meet the bar at the highest point. Keep in mind they’re probably lifting 300+ pounds in these videos. So the bar isn’t traveling a ton going up, but it is enough for them to meet the bar. Keep that in mind for today. Just hard, meet the bar at the highest point, and then go down with it. Don’t focus so much on load today. Focus on moving well.

You want to PR your snatch? Do you know the secret to doing it? Moving well. If every time you snatch you move like garbage, you will only progress so much. Why do you think lifters focus on form over and over and use percentage work over and over? It’s because once you can move 90% of 95% of your max as well as you can move 50% of your max, then you will get a PR. Don’t be in such a hurry to want to lift heavy, if you can’t do it right with lightweight, you don’t deserve to keep adding! Be patience and it will pay off.


A. Every :90 for 15 min (10 sets):
2 squat snatch
*Not a max, work on technique. Drop and quickly reset

B. For time:
20 Burpee
30/20 Calorie row
40 Power snatch 75/55
*10 min cut off

The sexy crossfit movement

Today for the workout we have a movement that is considered the “Golden Child” of CrossFit. Basically this is what most people want to get in their CrossFit life. The ring muscle up. Some of you may have these already, others might be close, and some of you, no quite there yet.

No matter who you are take the time in today’s class to work on the progression your coach gives you. They are there to help you continue to improve. I know just because you might have muscle ups you might think you don’t need to work on progressions. But that’s like saying you are never going to just have a barbell in your hand because you clean and jerk 225#. It doesn’t make any sense. We can always refine and work on the basics. Even games athletes don’t move perfectly, and we are no different!

For those of you that don’t have the movement quite down yet, continue to do the progressions and really focus on moving well. Most people zone out because they don’t have a muscle up and don’t seem to care much about progressions. I’ve known plenty of people that had the strength for a muscle up, but didn’t ever work on the technique and now have to big of an ego to want to take the time to learn the progressions. Don’t be that person! Work on the basics, that way when you do get strong enough you’ll have the technique down no problem!

This isn’t our workout today but always fun to watch a muscle up and running working. And who knows, you might see a familiar face?? (around the 23 min mark) 🙂


TUESDAY 4/24/18

A. 20 AMRAP:
200m run
3 pullups **1 Ring MU
200m run
6 pullups **2 Ring MU
200m run
9 pullups **3 Ring MU
**RX+ is ring muscle ups

Which extra is right for you?

So as most of you may have noticed, we’ve programmed some extra pieces everyday. And we’ve actually seen quite a few people hitting some of the stuff which is awesome! So figured we’d dive into the reasons behind programming the extra.

First of all, let me say that in all my years of owning a gym and programming for clients and for my gym I could care less about volume. Doing more work does not impress me. People who spend hours and hours in the gym don’t impress me. Chances are those people who spend hours in the gym, are not maximizing their minutes. What impresses me is intensity. Going as hard as you can or getting the most out of that training.

Now with programming extra pieces, some might think I want you to, or I expect you to do all the pieces. Or, maybe you think that the class workout isn’t enough for people and thats why I program extra pieces. You’d be wrong to think that. The reason extra pieces are programmed is because some of you might want a little extra work, and hopefully that extra work is on your WEAKNESSES.

The point of the extra pieces are suppose to flow with the class. Meaning if you do the class workout, and maybe an extra piece, it shouldn’t interfere with what you just did for the class. Now with that being said, if you do the class workout correctly, meaning you go hard and push the intensity, you might be able to only handle about 1-2 extra pieces. That’s a good thing.

One thing to remember is doing CrossFit workouts, crazy enough, help you get better at CrossFit. I know it’s wild, but some how games athletes are doing the same movements that you guys do in workouts and improving their fitness. So how do they improve? Well #1 they workout with intensity. #2 is they work on their weaknesses. Meaning the things you suck at you should be working on. So if you suck at heavy barbells, show up on a heavy day, if you suck at running, show up to running days. Don’t say you’ll run on your own, chances are you never do or you sandbag it. Get in here and work on things you suck at, and you will get better at CrossFit. So when looking at these options we post in Wodify, don’t think of it as you should be hitting every single option. Think of it as you should be hitting YOUR biggest priority first. Meaning whatever one is your weakest link, is the one you should choose first. That way if you only have time for 1 thing, you make the most out of the extra piece, and hopefully you’re working so hard you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. Maximize your minutes in here.

MONDAY 4/23/18

A. 12 AMRAP:
3 power clean 185/125
3 front squat
3 push jerk
*RX+ 205/135

B. Accessory
2:00 GHD sit up hold
2:00 hip ext. hold