Welcome Danielle to WCF!

After yesterday’s deficit dead lifts I am sure most of you are feeling it in your hamstrings, butt and a little in the back.  How often do you finish a WOD then walk right out of the gym?  I am sure all of us have done that and probably more than once.  What happens to us then, you don’t stretch one day, then the next, maybe the next you throw in a roller here and there.  After this cycle of a lot of hard heavy work with little stretching, you start to notice a little pain here and a little pain there.  Your muscle are getting shorter and stronger but are not being stretched out to their full range of  motion.  They start to pull on your knees or your pelvis and start to cause all kinds of havoc.  Make it a priority to stretch and roll after each WOD!  So if you didn’t yesterday now is the time to work that mobility!  Get strong, get limber and keep a happy balanced body!

17 / July / 2014 Thursday


Overhead squat (115/83)
Toes to Bar