1982108_678893802153171_134893298_nI’m a WSU graduate where I studied Human Performance. Through my degree it sparked my fire to learn the limits of the human body and push them to new levels. I played 4 years of football there, 2 years of Arena Football before finding CrossFit at the beginning of 2011. I am married to Ashley Conway the most beautiful woman I could ever find both inside and out (and I traveled long and far), no kids yet except our dog, Jasmine. I am a very spiritually driven individual, while I spend many hours a day training physically, I’m aware that all that this world has to offer is very temporary and uncertain, I choose to put my trust in God and my most efforts to follow his Son’s example. Love people, serve them and speak truth even when those listening don’t want to hear it.

A member of Hackspack for 2012 and 2013 and was fortunate enough to be a back to back CrossFit Games Champ for the affiliate Cup with Ute CrossFit. A member of CrossFit HQ Seminar staff where I get to travel the world and teach aspiring coaches and gym owners on what CrossFit is and how they can change lives using it. I am fortunate enough to say that coaching has always been my job from 2006 where I began learning to develop speed and agility, strength and conditioning in more “traditional” athletes strictly for performance standards. Through my experience in the passing years though I’ve learned to program, assess, improve and change the capacity of fitness and ability of athletes ages 7-90 years old. To me the human body is an amazing tool, but will always be limited with the muscles between the ears. My favorite thing about CrossFit is the people, community, the challenges posed and the lessons learned from both defeat and victory in the gym….and how they change our lives for the better.