AndrewActive duty service member, obtained my level 1 in April of 2013 and never looked back.

Didn’t take the traditional route as a kid by playing conventional sports, instead I found motorcycles at a young age and raced motocross, hare-scrambles, enduro’s and pretty much anything else you can do on two wheels. After many broken bones and nearing my high school graduation, I enlisted in the service and pursued many other fitness ventures. I competed in many half marathons, a couple full marathons, Xterra Offroad Triathlon series, Go-ruck challenge and many other events. Fitness has always been a big part of my life, no matter what type and I just love to see how far the body can be pushed.

I know I may not be the most qualified coach, but I feel that every coach brings something different to the table and my best features would be patience, laughter, and lots of high fives. It is important to me for everybody to feel welcome and have that sense of accomplishment no matter what the workout is.

In closing, I just want to say I am humbled to have the opportunity to train and hang out with the highly motivated and truly dedicated people at Wasatch Crossfit!