MarciIt was during the summer of 2011 when Marci first stepped into a Crossfit box and quickly became hooked with the variety and challenge that Crossfit offers. Four months later she entered her first Crossfit competition. In spite of it being a bit of a disaster, Marci loved the thrill of competing and has entered numerous competitions since then. She received her Level 1 Crossfit Certification in 2013 and discovered how much she enjoyed training others. What Marci loves about Crossfit is the support and encouragement that athletes provide to each other. As a trainer, she enjoys promoting this sense of community. Whether you are brand new to Crossfit or an experienced athlete, Marci is ready to help you achieve your goals and have fun along the way.

Marci grew up in rural Utah and had the opportunity to play high school basketball, volleyball, run track, and even dance on the drill team. She received a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Brigham Young University and has worked as a Health Program Specialist at the Utah Department of Health for the past 13 years. Marci used to have hobbies but now has four children instead and wouldn’t have it any other way.