Please welcome our newest intern, Lindsay!  She was a collegiate soccer player at Weber State, grew up in Davis County, and is driven to become a great CrossFit coach and athlete. 

Saturday is our Games athletes fundraiser!  We’re the only box in Utah sending two individual competitors to the Games, come support our crew!

The CrossFit Games start next week in Carson, California.  During the CrossFit Open nearly 150,000 people competed for just 48 Regional slots.  From there each region sends just 3 men and 3 women.  Tiffany Hendrickson will be going as the Southwest Regional champion and will be making her first Games appearance.  For the Masters the Open was their Games qualifier.  Bruce Clark will be competing in the 60+ category after qualifying by placing 5th in the world in the Open.  Both have an excellent chance of a top 10 finish or even a place on the podium.  We’re proud to be the only box in Utah to send two individual athletes to the Games in 2013 and want to support our crew!  On Saturday Tiffany will be doing a muscle-up/gymnastics clinic from 8-10am for $30/pp.  From 10-11 am we’ll be doing a silent auction of some items donated by sponsors and I’ll be putting up some cool WCF Swag and gift cards.  All money raised will go to help pay our athletes travel, hotel, entry fees, and associated costs for the Games.  You can pay in advance to secure your slot (we’re limiting it to 30 people) or if we have any slots left pay on Saturday.  If you’re paying in advance in you can leave a check at the front desk or if you leave cash be sure to put it in an envelope with your name on it.  We’ll also be raffling off a 6 months free membership.  A ticket will cost $20 and the drawing will be Saturday at 11am.

19/July/2013 Friday WOD

100 Double-Unders

800m Run

60 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1)

40 Lunge Steps (1L/1R = 2)

20 HSPU’s

40 Lunge Steps

60 Kettlebell Swings

800m Run

100 Double Unders