Jessica, Vaughn
Jon and Mia


If you don’t know Jessica, then you are missing out!  I am one lucky coach to have her in my 9am class.  She always works hard, has the wittiest comments, and can belch like no other.  Jessica, we love having you at WCF, thank you for contributing to make Wasatch a wonderful community!  Here is a little bio about her and what has lead her to this point in her life…

I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley; 90 minutes outside of New York City.  After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in English, with a double minor in History and Political Science, I moved to Utah, to go skiing for one season – and, I haven’t moved back yet!  After wrapping up a career as Regional Director in the HR, Staffing & Recruiting industry, I met and married …. the man, the myth, the legend …. Vaughn Vernon!  I am primarily a stay at home mom to our two young children – Jon, 8 and Mia, 5 –  but, I do spend time doing support work for Vaughn’s business, Affiliate Guard.

Vaughn began Crossfitting, with Damon, back in the Kaysville days – around 2009.  Although I did pilates and yoga several times a week, I didn’t put a lot of effort into taking care of my health and I certainly had no interest in coming home from the gym looking anything like he did when he got home from his workout … purple faced, sweaty, veins popping everywhere (if you’ve done a WOD with Big V, you’ve seen this face!)  At my 40th birthday party, Damon said something that really lit a fuse under my toosh; so I decided to see if he was right or not!

I started Crossfit, at Wasatch, in February 2012.  My very first workout was an Open WOD – 7 minutes of burpees!  I was railing thin, weak, had horrible eating / nutrition habits and really struggled getting comfortable with the movements.  I can clearly remember being really annoyed with Vaughn and Jen Troxel for pushing me to try a 73# deadlift! After two years, I feel like I have learned and progressed so much …. thanks to my awesome coaches and thanks to myself, for making sure I do no less than 3 WODs per week.  I’m excited and optimistic to achieve the goals I have for this year and move on to set new ones!

In my spare time, I like to do anything with my family.  We love to camp, ride 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, etc.  I also love to do yoga, cook, volunteer at my kids’ schools and we recently bought a new home that will keep us busy updating and redecorating.

And …. if you’re wondering …. yes, Damon was right!

30 / April / 2014 Wednesday

10 min muscle up practice…

8 rounds

250 m row for time*
rest 2 mins

*Score is average time of all eight rounds


30 Turkish get ups (not for time)


Sport: WOD + Oly