I believe this is possible for me.  As is 6 months in traction if I over-rotate.

Wednesday’s workout was a chance for many of us to redefine our limits and break through a barrier.  Box jumps are one of those movements that are simple for some and fraught with anxiety for others.  Have you ever squatted a heavy load and then did something like wallball?  All of the sudden that 20# wallball doesn’t seem so heavy.  Wednesday was an opportunity to expand your belief in how high a high box jump is.  It was one of the days when you drive home proud and think to yourself “I didn’t know I could jump that high!”  Watching people stack the plates up, make huge leaps, and then jump down with a big grin on their faces is what Crossfit is all about.  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Yesterday’s WOD was long!  Love it or hate it, we’re going to be doing a longer Met-con cycle in October before the weather gets too cold.  Expect to see 2-3 twenty minute plus WODs every week.  Enjoy!

30/Sept/2011 Friday WOD “Tabata yo Mama!”

Complete 8 intervals of 2o seconds work followed by 10 secs rest of each of the following.  Rest exactly 30 seconds after 8 intervals at a station.

Tabata Thrusters (75/45)

Tabata Ring Pushups

Tabata Weighted situps (1pood)

Strength:  (Try to do before WOD)  Max effort front squat doubles.  Bench press 10, 10, 10.

Endurance:  Your choice of run, airdyne, or row 20 minute TT.