Rich is sporting the perfect shirt for today’s WOD

A long time ago a trainer in Santa Cruz named Greg Glassman became notorious for his short intense workouts.  People would come in, look at the whiteboard, see a 21-15-9 couplet, ask “Is that all?”  30 minutes later they’d stagger out to the parking lot, lay on the hood of their car, and then muster up the energy to drive home.  Classic couplets were why CrossFit’s original mascot was Pukey the clown and the first CrossFit shirts said “Mess You Up.”   Today’s WOD is the equivalent of a globo-gym goers bench press.  Anywhere you go in the world you’ll meet CrossFitters and eventually they’ll ask you:  “What’s your Fran time?”  After today, you’ll know.

The Almost Free Back to School Boot Camp page is done, look for an email in your inbox on Wednesday.  If you have friends interested in CrossFit this is a great way to expose them to the awesomeness that is constantly varied functional movement at high intensity!

28/Aug/2013 Wednesday WOD

In 8 Minutes quickly build to a heavy back squat double (2 reps).

Between each set work on mobilizing your shoulders and wrist.  Then:



Thrusters (95/63)