Well played Sir!

Let’s just say that the interwebz had a lot to say about this pic

Unlike the picture above, Monday was everything that is right about CrossFit.  All day I heard people cheering each other on as they went hard, had fun, and gave the workout 100%.  Really…where else could every day people get to be cheered for while they workout.  Nothing against the whole watching TV while you workout in front of mirrors and stare at your biceps crowd, but what we do is amazing compared to that experience.  A great culture like ours comes from the community and I hear over and over again how welcoming you guys are, how people get greeted more times in a week than they did in a year somewhere else, and how they feel like WCF is a special place.  Thank you!  Oh…and a quick note for the members of the 6:30 PM class.  Aaron B, pictured up top, is a firefighter.  If you get confused again about the difference between a chair and a fire extinguisher he’ll happily explain it to you!

Olympic Weightlifting Today:  2-6pm on the hour

CrossFit Endurance:  9am at WCF.  Bring road shoes, music, and a tempo timer if you have one.

14/Aug/2012 Tuesday WOD

Run 1200 M

50 Pushups

Run 800m

50 Air Squats

Run 400m

50 Burpees


Strength:  Accumulate as much L-sit time as possible in 2 minutes.  Accumulate 2 minutes of handstand time on the wall.

Endurance:  CFE or Row 20 min TT