Some people say the numbers don’t lie.  I don’t know if that’s true but I do know I’m excited about the numbers that are coming in from you on our Spring Cleaning Challenge.  First, here’s the one that excites me the the most:  Across 2 weeks our members are over 90% strict with the challenge guidelines and it went from 91% to 93% in weeks 1 and 2.  This means you’re eating better, working harder, and getting in the recovery work too!  Right now 60% of the people who started the challenge are reporting in with their scores.  Now for a couple more cool things:  Adrian is the only coach to clock 35 points both weeks.  Maybe the other coaches aren’t scoring themselves but points to him for leading by example.  Second:  The numbers say that the earlier you work out the more disciplined you are with this challenge.  Both Marci and Priscilla’s athlete’s scored 100% in week 2 and Camille’s crew was hot on their tails.  Some other cool stats:  Both Zach and the Amy’s had more athletes score in week 2 than week 1 and their scores got better!  Really there are two important things we’re looking for in this challenge:  Get as many athletes across the finish line as possible and be as close to perfect as we can with our eating, training, and recovery for the whole challenge.  Once this week’s scores in we’ll post each coach’s standing in what I think is the most important stat of all: The percent of their team that crosses the line!  Get your scores in and keep up the good work!

5/May/2013 Monday WOD “Kelly”

5 rounds for time:
400m run
30 box jumps(24/20)
30 wall ball (20/14)

*step ups are not rx. Encourage stepping down if need be, high volume lower leg work.
Sport: Olympic Weightlifting then 20×5 Ring Dips


Scoring:  Eating to your plan – 3/day, max of 21.  Training:  2 points/session, max of 10.  Recovery:  1 point per session, max of 4.  Need a refresher on the challenge rules?  Follow this link.