Rachel S

Rachel is one of our longest standing childcare providers. She is consistently on time and dependable. She is great with the kids, always pleasant and social. She is low key and always a pleasure to be around.  Some cool things about Rachel:  She has 2 boys and is Utah native graduating from Davis High and then attended Weber State.  She’s a huge sushi and Indian food fan and her favorite treat would be a hot fudge sundae with homemade hot fudge.  An unusual fact about Rachel:  she plays the harp.  She loves anything with back squats and AMRAPs that are 10 minutes or less.
28/Jan/2015 Wednesday WOD
Run 100 m. (50 yrd down and back)
DL x 40 @ body weight
Rest 3:00
Run 200 m (down and back x2)
DL x 30 @body weight
Rest 2:00
Run 300 m. (Down and back x3)
DL x 20 @body weight
CrossFit Unloaded WOD
A.  Strict Press 5-5-5 & Push Press 5-5-5
B.  15 KBS/Min x 6 Min
C. 21-15-9
    Calories Rowed
    Dumbbell Push Press
Cashout:  30 Good mornings & 30 empty barbell TGU’s


Yesterday’s workout was a beast.  You’re probably sore.  Here’s my rule of thumb after 10 years of CrossFit when it comes to being sore:  Sore muscles – train anyway.  Sore joints?  Train around them or take a rest day.

27/Jan/2014 Tuesday WOD

Strength:  Hang power clean 2-2-2-2-2
*start at 75% build to 2 rep max

Metcon:  25 min amrap
S.A. KB swing x 20 each (53/35)
KB push press x 10 each arm
Jump rope singles x 20 (each leg, No alternating)
10 left leg push ups
10 right leg push ups

Open prep:
3x max effort strict ring dips (no kip, use band to scale)
Turkish get up 2×3 each arm heavy


The CrossFit Open is one month away!  This is my favorite time of year.  It doesn’t matter how good you are or aren’t you get to feel the energy of the gym go through the roof as we all compete against ourselves and the best in the world.  The Open is the first step of the CrossFit Games qualifier but it’s so much more than that.  This year over a quarter million athletes will be participating in both a scaled and Rx division.  For the first Open workout we’re going to rent bleachers, throw a big party, and kick things off right.  Awards will be given for best costume, best cheer, and whatever else we can think up that’s fun!  Ask your coach and friends about the Open and get ready to sign up.

26/Jan/2015 Monday WOD

Oh squat 3×5 (5 second pause in the bottom!) 55-65% of 1 Rep max. Very bottom of squat!

Metcon:  For time 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Wall ball
Pull up
Box jump (24/20)

Open prep:
Find 5 rep Max TnG snatch (any style)
Then @85% of that weight 4×3

CrossFit Unloaded Monday WOD

Find your max Front squat + thruster in 10 Minutes then:

AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Thrusters (45/33)

1 Round of Cindy

10 DU’s or 20 Single Unders

Rest 1 Minute

Hey guys, we’re off to Jamaica for a much needed vacation.  The WODs will be posted to our Facebook wall this week.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  I appreciate how far we’ve come in the US but think Bob Marley said it best:  “There will be no more racism when the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.”

19/Jan/2015 Monday WOD

Skill: Tabata double under

Strength:  Strict press 4×2 (85%1rm)

Conditioning:  6 rounds for total reps
:30 burpee
:30 air squat
:30 push up (hr)
:30 sit up
1:00 rest

Crossfit Unloaded Monday WOD

Front Squat + Push Press 5×5


Row 1000m

80 Kettlebell Swings

60 Situps

40 Wallball

20 Pullups/Ring Rows


Good luck to Adrian & Tiffany at Wodapallooza this weekend.  They’re both competing on 3 person/same-gender teams with some of the best athletes in Utah.  Bring home double gold!

16/Jan/2015 Friday WOD

Strength: Build to heaviest Weighted Pull Up possible (kipping allowed)/ If no pull ups do 3x max reps strict with band that allows for 4 minimum.
Condition:  8 min. amrap
Squat Snatch/ Pull Up
Open Prep:  10 min. EMOTM *try to meet the standards of:
Odd: Row 15/20 cals + 3 burpees
Even: 50 double Unders




15/Jan/2015 Thursday WOD
Skill:  TnG C&J 3×8 @45-50% 1 rm max (work on speed and bar path)
Strength:  Push Jerk 5-5-5-5 *find heaviest 5 possible*
Conditioning:  4 rounds for time 135/95
15 dead lifts
12 power cleans
10 front squats
8 should to OH
Gold:  135/93  Silver:  105/73  Bronze:  Scale as needed


Monday is our first annual “Bring a Friend Day”.  We’re going to program a beginner friendly workout, maybe something like Triple Fran with triple the weight, and then we’d love it if you’d bring a friend.  Here’s a quick Q & A:

How do you know what kind of friend to bring?  In general we prefer hardworking people who rarely whine.  You can bring whiners if you want, their WOD is 500 burpees for time outside.

What if I all my friends already CrossFit?  Then you won’t be eating free ‘Q next week.

What if my friends are scared to try CrossFit?  This is common.  You could tell them about how every starts off with a month of personal training followed by CrossFit Unloaded or share your journey with them.  Most people were a little intimidated on their first day.

What if all my friends are lame?  Then it’s time to make some new friends.  I suggest avoiding Craigslist and just making friends with some of the awesome people you train with every day at WCF.

Do they have to come at the same time I do?  Nope, it’s encouraged but not required.

What do I get for bringing a friend?  A $10 gift card to our favorite place to eat in Davis County, Holy Smokes BBQ.

What if they sign up?  You get a $25 gift card just in time for our new long-sleeve t-shirt hoodies.

14/Jan/2014 Wednesday WOD

Strength:  10 min. to build to heaviest Front Squat possible then 10 min. to build to heaviest Squat Clean possible.
Condition: 20 min. amrap
Walking Lunge x 60
KB swing x 40 (russian 53/35)
Row 20 cal/ 15 for women
Open Prep:
GHD Weighted Hip Ext. 4×15
Rest Shoulders, Epsom salt bath, 15 min. mobility, sleep 8 hours, lots of water. (just an emphasis on midweek recovery)
Wednesday CrossFit Unloaded
Strength:  Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 with 2 high box jumps after each set
WOD:  “DB Fran”
DB Thrusters
Gold:  Pullups  Silver:  Ring Rows  Bronze:  Jumping pullups


 I walked in the other day and noticed something interesting on the whiteboard.  Scott “I love burpees” Quinney had done all of his 5 rep back squat sets at 190#.  That’s starting to get strong and he still has a lot of upside to go.  It’s fun to see people progress through hard work.  First you’re the new guy wondering if you’ll survive another CrossFit workout, then you ‘re writing PR next to your name every day for a year, then you’re a veteran helping a new athlete survive their first workout.  With the Open right around the corner y0u’ll have a chance to see how you stack up against similar athletes all over the world – from people your age to Rich Froning.  Keep having fun, setting new PR’s, lifting with great technique, and getting better.  #BetterThanYesterday

13/Jan/2015 Tueday WOD

Strength:  Push Press 4×3 *Start @75% of Push Press, and build if possible.*
Ring Row 4x max effort (superset two movements)
Condition: 6 Minutes of Fun
Open Prep:
Midline Stability: 30 T2B/ 30 GHD sit up/ 30 abmat sit up Rest 2:00 repeat, each round should be as fast as possible.


Next Monday is your chance to show your friends what this CrossFit thing is all about.  You’ve experienced firsthand how CrossFit changes lives and the excellence we have at WCF.  We want your friends (the hard-working, fun to hang out with ones) so   we’re partnering up with our good friends at Holy Smokes BBQ.  Next Monday every athlete who brings a friend to try CrossFit will get a $10 gift card for Holy Smokes BBQ.  There’s no catch.  We’ll program a workout that’s accessible for beginners and show them a good time.  Spread the word, bring a friend day is Monday the 19th!

12/Jan/2014 Monday WOD

Skill:  Snatch* practice more than 50% RM Accumulate 10-15 reps
*See how the word “power” is missing from snatch?  That means full squat!
Strength: Dead Lift 9-6-3 
Conditioning:  15 min. amrap
5x Pull Up (C2B)
10x Push Up
15 x Air Squat
20 x Double Under
(Open Prep: 250m. Row/:30 rest x 8; Hold pace within 3-5 per effort)
Monday CrossFit Unloaded
Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 superset with chinups 5-5-5-5-5
WOD:  Two 7 Minute Rounds with 1 Minute Rest
10 Box Jumps – 10 KB Swings – 10 Toes to Bar – 10  Air Squats – 10 1 arm KB PP – 10 KB Lunges – 10 Burpees


 Thank you for all the referrals, it’s been great to see some new faces this week.

9/Jan/2015 Friday WOD

Deficit Dead Lift 20-20-20-20-20 *no hook grip, no mixed grip*
**done off of 2inch deficit. Weight should be around 30-40% of an athletes 1 rep max.**

Tabatta C2B Pull Up
Rest 2 min.
Tabatta HR Push up
Rest 2 min.
Tabatta 10 yard shuttle run. **10 yards, out 10 yards back**

Open Prep:
Row 8 min. at challenging pace. (8 on scale from 1-10, or your 3 k pace.)
rest as needed then:
Sprint 2×150 m.
Sprint 3x 200 m.
Rest as needed between sets.

This weekend spend 15-20 min. on muscle up skill work both rings and bar.

Friday CrossFit Unloaded WOD

Strength:  Strict Press 5-5-5, Push Press 5-5-5, Split Jerk 3-3-3

WOD:  AMRAP 15 Minutes

21 Deadlift

21 Weighted Lunge Steps (20/14# MB)

21 Ring Rows/Pushups (21 combined, any combo is fine)

Rest 1:00