We hinge on functional movement in our gym because of its constant and endless tranferability not only to the movement at hand but many others that relate. When we train, we are training many things at once. 1 functional movement that we tend to forget about is carrying heavy objects. Think about it, it doesn’t get much more functional than picking up something heavy and carrying it as far as you can.


If you had to do this for your bacon, would you have the strength?! We cannot fail to have bacon people!

In fact to create appropriate balance in the big picture we should be carrying heavy things as often as we squat in our program. We will do more of this going forward in a variety of ways, and your health and fitness will reap the benefits. Today will give you a taste of its worth! Your goal is to find the heaviest KB you can hold onto and march for 7 lengths of the turf, if you drop the KB or set it down, you fail. Your goal is to find the heaviest weight you can manage for the set distance on each arm. You will be out of breath, your grip will be shot and you will feel your midling working like crazy to keep the KB from pulling you off to one side, great exercise.



1. Find max effort 140 yard farmer carry for a single arm effort. (Find for right and left, with a max of 4 attempts.)
12 min. cap. (140 yards = 7 LENGTHS OF TURF, athlete cannot drop or rest KB, they can walk as fast as they’d like)


Row 600 m.
Sled Drag 200 m.
Row 600m
Sled Drag 200 m.
Row 600m
Sled Drag 200 m.
For time.
M: 90lb. W: 70lb.

A: Hang Squat clean 4-4-4-4
B: Db Strict Press 15-15-15-15
C: Kip Swing 15-15-15-15 *Smooth, controlled, tight*

Farmer Carry 200m.
Box Jump x 20
4 rounds for time.



*Appropriate lean in a shuttle sprint or change of direction. You will get lots of practice at this in today’s training adventure. Stay low, turn your toes and anticipate the turn, if you are turning after you touch the line you too late and too slow!*

Attendance today was amazing. Let’s keep it rolling. The more often to you come to the gym, the easier the routine gets. I know many of you guys have daily schedules that change, but the fact is that getting to theg gym is 80% of the battle for most of ya’ll! Make it happen, if you are sore just come in and row or jog and stretch and the worst hang out with friends! If you don’t like the workout or see something you “can’t” do…..you know we will scale accordingly so you can get a great workout and meet the stimulus regardless of your ability. And if you just see something that looks awful or something you specifically really suck at…….well then you know I’m going to say I must have written that one specifically for you, we train to strengthen weakness’s!!

1. Build to heaviest Split Jerk in 12 min.

*From the Rack*



A: HSPU 2 max
B: Front Rack Step Up 2x 12 each leg (12 straight, then switch. Rest as needed, warm up to weight that will be as heavy as possible*

*Superset A and B*

3. 5-10-15-20 yard shuttle + 5 KB swings
5-10-15-20 yard shuttle + 10 KB swings
”……………+15 kb swings……ect……going up by 5 swings each round.
53/35…..swings are to be Full range of motion swings over head. Arm passes ear!
8 min. amrap

In CrossFit we commony default to the “kipping” pull up due to its abillity to help us do more work in a shorter amount of time. It is efficient. Some people get frustrated when we ask you to execute only strict reps, the fact is your goal as an athlete is to be able to exihibit as many strict reps of any movement as possible. The more “strict work” you are able to do, from chin ups, pull ups to hand stand push ups and dips the more fit you will be. It will help produce more lean body mass and even promote your own body to lose weight due to the nature of the movement. Doing more strict will work will not only make kipping that much more easy, but it also creates a much more stable joint in your shoulder and more muscle density. So today, move under control, grab a friend to spot you and don’t forget the value in good old fashion “eccentric” work where we slow the descend against gravity as much as possible. The “negative” rep will make you sore and strong and eventually lead you into your ability to regular strict pull ups.



A:Sumo Dead Lift 12-12-12-12-12
B:Chin Up 7-7-7-7-7
C: K2E (strict) 10-10-10-10-10

Med Ball Clean x 20 (20/14)
Abmat Sit Up x 20
Burpee x 20
12 min. amrap



We made it yet again. Although this is normally how people feel everyday, “Ahhhh I made it!”. Let’s try not to be that person all the time. If we are constantly fighting toward the weekend, what happens to the rest of your week? Merely just going through the motions, trying to countdown the hours until Friday afternoon is here. Your job isn’t that bad, and even if it is, FIND SOMETHING TO ENJOY. When you leave work, if you have children find time to enjoy them, if your married or dating steal some time with your significant other. If you are single then well how awesome is that?! You can do selfishly whatever you want to do. Watch TV, get in extra time at the gym, read an amazing book, go the bar, out to eat with friends, speed dating, invivte someone over for a good old “netflix and chill”!? Hey I don’t know what you do, but during the week we do not have to be miserable. When this happens, we notice how fast and short the weekend is and then we go back to being miserable again. Slow down, step back, and steal moments of enjoyment during the grind of your week.

Worry about the motivational speech above next week……because now…..it is the weekend! whoohooo!


Behind the Neck Push Press x 2 + Behind the Neck Push Jerk x 2
5 sets.

Coach’s choice

Behind the neck Strict press x 2 + Behind the neck Push Press x 2
5 sets *teach importance of safety when behind head and also how to receive the bar)

Coaches Choice
*Try to force them under 10 minutes with intensity*

Today is fun. Blending two things from opposite parts of our Sport, a simple very heavy lift and a high skilled gymnastics movement. The first part of today’s training is to be in a “controlled environment” which is why the rest is as long as you need it to be. You should challenge the weight with each set of dead lifts and then try to be as fast and as smooth on the muscle ups as possible getting to the rig as fast as you can. Timing each interval would be a great idea to test how fast you can really get it done and with how heavy of a load. If you are a newbie or anyone of our many athletes without bar muscle ups feel free to use a band or a box to jump over the bar. Today avoid scaling to pull ups because pulling OVER the bar is a complete different action than pulling TO the bar. So let’s get you over it somehow.

Conditioning today is another simple but deadly movement, the sled push. Turn off the brain, ignore the pain and GO, not just move, BUT SPRINT!



Skill/ Strength session:
Dead Lift x 3 (heavy close to 80%)
Bar Muscle Up x 6 (scale with aggressive swings (laying back, pulling hips to bar) or jumping/banded BMU, try to avoid C2B pull ups…..while this makes strength gains it is a completely different kind of pull than a successful bar muscle up pull.)
Rest as needed between sets
4 rounds


Sled Sprint 100 yards for time (5 lengths of turf, part of sled must cross last line each turn) M: 25lb. each side/ W: 15lb. each side
Rest as needed
2 attempts ; Score = Total time between both efforts

Today’s workout is simple. It is deadly to those willing to dare take such a risk as really seeing how hard they can push. Deadly to what? Not literally going to kill  you I can ensure you of that, and even if so, you already signed a waiver so just go for it. Just kidding, but seriously. Deadly refers to the murder, death, kill that will take place on your comfort zone, it will not just be challenged and pushed but destroyed and it will come back much bigger and broader. To gain anything good in the gym, you must push yourself outside of the comfort zone, for this I have the following picture:



With that being said, you know what must be done. GET AFTER IT. This also leads me to share that one of the biggest benefits of my job is to watch people make this leap or break this barrier. The reason isn’t because of the physiological changes that take place like the new muscles, the visible abs, the leaner legs, the tighter tummy……it is the change I get to witness between the ears. The change that happens to men and women as people, as parents, as children, as co workers, as boss’s…….this breakthrough in the gym affects people to their core and changes who they are. Arrogant become humble, timid become fearless, quiet become assertive. When you step outside of your comfort zone in the gym, you are likely to do the same in life:




Let today be a reflection of who are, who you want to be, and who you will fight to stay once you get there!

Crush the Comfort zone!

Workout of the Day:

Row 500 m.
30 box jumps
Row 400 m.
25 box jumps
Row 300 m.
20 box jumps
Row 200 m.
15 box jumps
Row 100 m.
10 box jumps
For time!

*Again, step ups are far from the desired stimulus…..only allow this if they athlete cannot jump at all. Scaling appropriately is to a shorter box.*




OH Squat 3-3-3-3-3

SDHP x 20
Jump Rope x 200 (singles)
Lateral Bridge Raise x 12 each side
25 minute amrap

10 General Physical Skills
1. Cardio respiratory endurance
2. Strength
3. Flexibility
4. Stamina
5. Speed
6. Power
7. Balance
8. Agility
9. Coordination
10. Accuracy
Today we will be testing many of them as we do on a regular basis. The strength portion of today’s training will specifically emphasize the use of “skills” numbers 7-10. The Snatch balance is a supplementary overhead movement that helps develop skills necessary to improve your snatch. For many of you this is good news, we get practice but on the same hand this is not easy! Our goal today is to focus on driving our center of gravity under the bar vs. using our power and speed to drive the bar high off our shoulders. We want to improve our ability to quickly drop underneath a load, execute the proper accuracy, agility, coordination and balance to catch the weight over head and lastly have the strength to stand it up. Each rep will take maximum focus and will often tax you more mentally then it does physically as many of you will be limited in what you can truly handle while doing it properly. I want to encourage you to keep the loads manageable and improve technique today!

After the strength is concluded………run fast and far. : )


Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3 (from rack)

Run 400
Straight Arm KB sit up x 14 (7 each arm)
25 min. amrap (35/24lb.)

Fresh legs, eager attitudes……that is the ideal situation to hit today’s training. Any time we have intervals to do (rest is involved) means that naturally your goal as an athlete is to move with haste! My goal when programming these workouts is to create more of a sense of urgency with speed than normal and then reward you as the athlete with rest.

Today 1:00 won’t seem like much, but it will create a great response about 3 rounds in and then its time to really suck it up and push. Goal for everything unbroken and fast as long as it is possible and the results will follow!! More importantly have fun, use the rest as a chance to mentally check in with your thoughts, your body, your breathing, what can you fix or adapt on the next round in order to make the T2B/Pull Up combo more smooth??


EMOTM 8 min.
@70% perform 1 full clean and split Jerk each minute, go up in load.

Thruster x 11
T2B/ Pull Up x 6
Rest 1:00 each round
7 rounds for time.
*1 T2B + 1 Pull Up equals 1 rep.*

Full clean + Spl. Jerk skill work same EMOTM 8 min
**have athletes do 2 reps per minute to dictate the loading

Thruster/ T2B
Rest 1:00
5 rounds for time.
*emphasize speed of each round*

Expect lots of upper body work today, the legs may be a little tender from the work yesterday if you were present and brave enough to leave it all on the line each interval. Make sure you guys drink lots of water and do lots of stretching throughout the whole weekend, the soreness will linger for most. My advice is get outside and enjoy some quality movement biking, hiking or light jog and walk. Motion is lotion…..don’t for get it. When you are sore, it usually fees better to move than to just sit around and hope that the soreness wears away.

A: Push Press 5-4-3-2
B: Negative Pull Up 4-4-4-4 (3 count down, kipping up allowed, if can go slower, go slower)
C: Gymnastics Crunch 20-20-20-20

Coach’s Choice.



A: Push Press 3-3-3-3
B: Strict Pull Up 4x max (3 minimum)
C: Gymnastics Crunch 10-10-10-10

Coach’s Choice.



“The only good race pace is a suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die.” – Steve Prefontaine


My apologies for the sporatic posts this week and the tail end of last week. I thought I had this automatic posting thing down and set up, turns out I’m still learning the system. It says its ready to post at a certain time and seems to never post until I log in and check it. Weird. So when I haven’t been at my Ipad, you haven’t gotten a post. I’ll be better.


Today is all about intensity. It will only be as hard as you make it, and the investment will equal the return. GO HARD.

What is tabata and where did it originate? Believe it or not coach Amy U. did not design it, but we all know she is a big fan. And why? Well first of all it is amazingly fun! Secondly it gives you a nasty work to rest interval that leaves you ready to be finished after 4 rounds and you are only half way done. And lastly the results are amazing and the workout is quick!

Izumi Tabata is a man that conducted a study on speed skaters in 1996 using these intervals. They concluded that maximal results and power output were at their highest during the 4 minutes of intervals (8 rounds of :20 on/ :10 off). The workouts are designed to gain specifically in the anearobic energy system which is generally where we live in “CrossFit” training. The magic part of why we do what we do is it simply takes 1/2 the time to get more of the results!! Yay CrossFit.

Today is lower body redundant to play on our upper/lower focus of the past two weeks. Today go for broke on each set, no pacing. Tabatta isn’t meant to hit the same number each set, it is literally to max out your bodies ability for 20 seconds and try to recover and do it again, you will get less as you go and eventually settle into a sustainable scheme. Always go for more.

**Warning: Done correctly you will be extremely sore on Friday…..you are welcome.**


Lower Body Tabatta Cooker

Back Squat 45/33 8 rounds :20/:10
Rest 2:00
Dead Lift @95/65 8 rounds :20/:10
Rest 2:00
Step Up @20/14lb.MB (20′ everyone) 8 rounds :20/:10
Rest 2:00
Split Lunge Jump 8 rounds :20/:10


Everybody want that strong “Core” but don’t no body want to do them over head squats.

– Tommy Hacksaw (just kidding, but seriously he would say it and he can over head squat more than anyone I know.)

The over head squat in CrossFit is synonymous with a strong “Core”. This means in fact that the heavier load you can move below parallel and back, while the load is over your head then the stronger your core is. So today……go heavy. You will notice it is accompanied by a ever so flavorful mix of midline work, but don’t be mislead these are merely side dishes to the main course of the over head squat. Allow the squat to be where you pin most of your energy and effort and do the other movements between sets. Be sure you are fresh for each set of OH Squats and challenge the load each time.

If you have minimal exposure to the good morning but have a really strong OH Squat you may need to take some weight off the bar. Most of our gym will be fine however due to our need to strengthen our over head squat by finding better position and flexibility.

Over Head Squat Cheat Code Alert:

You can drastically increase the weight that you can over head squat by keeping your weight in your heels, your chest up, your knee’s out, turning your elbows down and your armpits forward. *Note that if you fail an attempted over head squat it will not be because the weight is too heavy, it is because you must move better!*

Practice this: Wall Squat/ Squat therapy drill. It will be a great way to practice your form as a warm up before today’s WOD. 10 extra minutes of practice 3 days a week will change your world.





A: OH Squat 5-5-5-5
B: T2B 15-15-15-15 (Don’t have to be unbroken)
C: Good Morning 8-8-8-8-8 (@OH Squat weight is goal)

“Annie”…..x2 for Double Unders
50-40-30-20-10 Sit up
100-80-60-40-20 Double Under
*Singles x 2

A: OH Squat 5-5-5-5
B: T2B 5-5-5-5

Sit up/ Double Under *Singles x 2

Here it is, the day the before the weekend begins……finish strong!!! Go heavy and jump high!


A: Dead Lift 3-3-3 (80% or above!)
B: Box Jump 2-2-2 (high as possible)
C: GHD Sit Up 3x 8-15 (athletes comfort zone)



Coach’s Choice!

Expectations can be good, but they can also leave you extremely disappointed and let down. When we all recieve something we like we can start to expect it on a regular basis. Something that is common for our members is access to regularly seeing our WOD the night before it happens. This is really conveniant specifically for people who are WOD pickers, which means they like to come on days they “enjoy” and on days they don’t “enjoy” they don’t “show up” literally. Most of you are pretty good about it, but there will be days when you will check the blog and there may be a post, just like you’re reading now but with no information on the workout to come. Why would you do this Coach? Just trying to play mental games with us? Feeling lazy? Sure, maybe all of the above. However this serves great purpose when we consider one of our main goals of doing CrossFit and that GPP, or general physical preparedness. My goal is that you as an athlete can be presented with any task no matter how hard or easy, large or small and feel prepared with a way to tackle it both physically and mentally.

“Broom Stick” Mile went off with a bang I hope. Many of you particularly should have used this as a day to move flawlessly in the absence of loading. Some of you probably hated it, showed up and thought……great, what the heck is this? And for that reason, I’m glad. Curiosity killed the cat, if a workout isn’t posted some of you will show up just to at least see what it is……..if it is posted and you don’t like it…..well you just won’t show up. Be consistent with when you “rest” and when you train, do not let the programming effect your attentendance. Hurt? Well that is our job to work around it. Don’t like something you see? Or really suck at it…..good, I’ll meet you at the whiteboard at the start of class.





A: Split Jerk 5-5-5-5

B: Single Arm upright row 10-10-10-10 (DB or KB each)


Row 30/24 Cals


HSPU x 20

Pull Up x 30

HSPU x 15

Pull Up x 20

HSPU x 10

Pull Up x 15


Row 30/24 Cals

For time.

**HSPU have 2′ Deficit, kipping allowed**




The picture above is an example of things the human body is capable of surviving, and not that but potentially thriving with. The squat you see is far from “perfect” and it is the bottom position of this athlete catching a snatch, trust me he dropped into that position fast! Many of you would say, “OMG that’s terrible, not safe at all”. He would argue I’m sure, replying that he honestly catches his lifts like this on a daily basis. So who is right? Well you both are, I would venture to say your idea of what the body is capable of is limited and I would also back you by saying that consistent exposure to this position will not 100% lead to injury but the chances are likely. The other thing to consider is that the man in the picture is a professional weight lifter, comitting his life to making difficulat lifts on a daily basis and pushing the threshold of what his body can tolerate, not just to get strong but to earn a living or more importantly be a champion. How does this carry into us at the gym? Well whether you are training for NFL, NBA, Olympics, CrossFit Games (like me and Tiff) or just doing CrossFit for your overall health and fitness the difference in what we need differs not in kind but only in degree. I train daily for hours for physical dominance in a sport that is worldwide and open to any and everyone, most of you reading this train to look better naked, we must do the same functional movements but you may not need to have the same capacity in these movements as I therefore you doing exactly what I do, just at a different degree, hope this makes sense.

Topic of today however is how low should we squat? Should we risk it all and look like that guy to make the lift? I do, at the Games, to win it all with 1 lift….only then though. How about you? How low should you be willing to go? And are you?

In CrossFit we teach the proper depth is for the hip crease to break below the top of the knee. Why? First off you have to understand the purpose of the squat, it is essential in everyday life multiple times a day. Sitting on the toilet, getting on the floor, sitting at your desk, laying down at night on your bed. You use variations of the squat to achieve all of these. We are lucky that most of the chairs we sit in and toilets we must squat to are all well above parallel, our non CrossFitting countrymen would be destroyed if they were lower. Think about what starts the conversation of when an older person needs to start living in a nursing home or living with someone that can give them daily assistance. It is when that person can’t stand up on their own, can’t lay down on their own, if they fall they can’t get up on their own. We train the squat as deep as possible in order to prepare you for any situation in life like when you don’t have a toilet and you literally have to squat to poop. Some of you wouldn’t be able to even hold yourself up in the very bottom of a squat either due to flexibility issues or a lack of strength that low, sorry but it’s true you’d be a poopy mess.


Greg Glassman has taught us clearly that we fail at the margins of our experience. This holds true for all functinoal movement, our end result for any funtional movement that we train is to commonly take every joint through it END RANGES and still uphold critical points of performance. If you do this with the squat, you will end up in a nursing home later in life and hopefully never, seriously. Those who remain independent the longest are commonly the strongest physically. But guess what? If you only squat to parallel all your life and fall on the floor and need to get up at age 81, find yourself lower than your used to and you will not have the strength or awareness to get up. You may even injury yourself in the fall due to the lack of flexibility in those joints from only exposing yourself to such a short range of motion consistently.



Are there other benefits? You know it. The lower you go the more muscle you can successfully recruit and build. A squatter well beow parallel involves the posterior much more than the lifter that only squats to parallel and uses the majority of their quds to stand. (Ladies who want to target those glutes…….you will squat heavy, low and often, men you’re welcome.)WAIT WHAT ABOUT THE KNEES? It hurts my knees! And isn’t it bad for them? First would I tell you to go that low if it was bad for your knees? Ok, so obviouslly it isn’t. But just to teach why, it is more gentle on the knee joint to decellerate the weight below parallel because of the pressure being take by the hips, glutes, hamstrings vs. stopping and starting the weight above parallel where it is more forcefull on the knees. What if it hurts my knees? What if I can’t get low enough? Well we must find a way. Healthy joints are ones that can move, you may be limited by flexibility (takes place mostly in the ankles for most people), you may just not be driving the knees out enough to create space for your hips settle down and back. Either way you must practice and feel a sense of urgency to reach the standard and become a nerd on wanting to improve your squat, it will change everything!!


Now for those of you that tend to “forget” how low you should go in the middle of a strength set, or on a large set of wall balls don’t worry the coaches will be eye balling you and helping stick to a strict standard today. But always keep in mind that strength, size and more fitness are found below parallel much sooner than above. The greater distance you travel during each rep, the more power you put out, the more power the more results……and now that brings us back to looking better naked, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN. Don’t short change yourself because you’re uncomfortable or don’t know if you can stand it up from that low. To us coaches at Wasatch CrossFit the squat is hip crease below the top of the knee clearly. Not hip crease kind of ABOVE the knee, or hip crease even AT the knee….but BELOW. A squat, is a squat, is a squat with just body weight, with a bar on your back, on your shoulders or over your head. GET YOUR BUTT DOWN.

1. Front Squat (4” lower/ 2” pause/ fast up) 4×5 (no super set, 1:30 rest)
A: Step up jump 3×5 each (DB’s each hand (20′))
B: RDL (DB’s) 5” lower, smooth UP. 3×10

Power Clean 15-12-9 (155/100lb.)
Wall Ball 30-24-18
For time!

Whether you choose to let Monday take advantage of you mentally or not, you will be “chipper” today because that is the chosen version of today’s WOD.

A mindset is often what carries each of us through any challenging time. Do you take the same approach to your daily mindset? Monday is more often than not an opportunity for people to complain about how short the weekend is, and how work sucks. Although I am as guilty as anyone of being a Monday pouty pants, when we do this, what are we really saying about our liveimages? First we obviously take our “job” for granted, whether you are a stay at home Mama (which is much more than a job, but we won’t get into that today, you get what I’m sayin), whether you sit on the phone all day at work and make “sales”, you could be a clerk at the grocery store or even pump gas at the gas station…..when you dread it or complain about it you are simply not keeping in mind “why you do it”. We work in order to provide whether it is soley for us or for our families. Many people don’t have jobs, and would literally consider killing you if that meant they got your job, with your salary (of course they couldn’t because you are really fit, but still). Keep in mind what the sources of your job provide for you, food on the table, roof over your head, college tuition, a means to pay off debt, money for your children to play sports, your sweet phone or computer that you are reading this blog from, a car to drive, a bike to pedal or a bus ticket to get you from here to there and back. You get the picture, plenty to be thankful for even if you walk into a “hellish” enviornment each day.

We also have the unique opportunity to work amidst others and therefore impact their lives as well, it could be your peers or your clients/consumers. Most people over look the power of these interactions because most of us don’t see outside of ourselves and our particular circumstance. Do you realize your impact on someone else from a simple thing like a smile can change the outlook and outcome of their day? Of course you do because you’ve gotten it from someone else at some point! You walked into a store and someone held the door open for you, or someone simply smiled at you and greeted you with enthusiasm, you witness a stranger pull over to help someone with a flat tire, you are in line for coffee and find out the person in front of you bought your drink today. All of these things even if only for a split second create a response that most likely encourages you to some degree! Some of us even look for avenues then to “pay it forward” and be the light of someone elses day.


Each day I have the great opportunity to coach Phyllis Wolfe she walks into the gym and we greet each other almost like I do any other athlete. Except when I ask her how she is or how her day went she responds with a positive word that matches the day of the week. An example would be she may be “Marvelous” on a Monday, she is much better with vocabularly than I, she rarely seems to stumble on a day of the week. But I know that each day is NOT Marvelous for anyone, but it is simply the perspective we take, it makes me smile everytime. I’ve also had many converations with Paul Jones, if you don’t know him you are missing out. The man brings some real life to the 6:30pm class and between he and his lady Sarah it is a PARRRTAAYY! I mention Paul because he is very honest when you ask him about how his day is, it may even start to sound a bit down or stressed at first but his description always turns for the positive summing it up with different positive aspects of his life that are certain,”…….but ya know I’m here today and ready to workout!” or,” but ya know we are married to some beautiful women though aren’t we?!”. I love it! Every. Time. And yes Paul we sure are my friend. Usually we then get into the discussion about perspective and how no matter how down we may get, or bad a day may be there are a lot of people whom unfortunately have it a lot worse, BE GRATEFUL FOLKS.

I share all of this today not to encourage you to put on any kind of fasade, or “fake” expression of your life and where it is but to keep a humble perspective on the big picture of everything you do and to push on and be the light in someones day! We will all need our fair share of people to be the light for us throughout the week. Now, go to work, make that money, change lives, come to the gym crush this “chipper” and kick Monday square in the teeth. Then repeat for 4 more days!

A:Bench Press 4-4-3-3-2 (each set as heavy as possible)
B:Bent Row 5-5-5-5-5 + 1 set max reps strict pull up immediately after (5 minimum, even if singles)

Run 800m.
50 Push Press (95/65)
50 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (95/65)
50 Spartan Burpee (no push up on burpee)
Run 800 m.



A: Bench Press (DB) 4×20
B: Ring Row 4x max reps (strict, no hip)


Run 200m.
30 Push Press
Run 200 m.
30 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
Run 200 m.
30 spartan burpee
For time.


The weekend is officially upon us, congratulations you’ve made it yet again. I leave you with great weekend wisdom from a scholar of many things. Watch, learn and revel at the knowledge and wisdom shared in the video.



A: Plyo Push Up (onto plates or box’s or as high as possible+ clap) 4×5
B: DB 1/2 sq. jump 4×6 (heavy but can still jump fast! DB’s should come to mid shin each rep)

Coach’s Choice!!


A: Thruster from Rack 5-5-5-5
B: Strict Pull Up 4x max

Sled Push 40 yards (90/70lb.)
30 air squats
15 push up
2 min. rest
3 rounds for time.

“If you humans could fly we would consider it exercise and never do it.” -Nick Offerman


(When out with friends you should share this wisdom, we work on mental and physical strength here at our gy!)

Today you get to open up with an Every Minute On The Minute strength/gymnastics emphasis. The trick to these is to make them heavy but manageable. For each athlete this means something a little different in regards to the specific percentage of the lift. For beginners 75-80% may be completely manageable for 2 hang squat cleans each munite plus some pull ups, for someone who has been around for a while and has had the time to refine their squat clean those percentages may crush them. As you warm up today, find a weight that is not easy for 2 reps, but also isn’t a 2 rep max. You will be asked to do 20 full hang squat cleans total and still leave time for C2B pull ups each minute, if you go to light the timing and loading is pointless. Challenge yourself.

Many of you have expressed having a hard time figuring out the best way to regain the “hook grip” after a heavy rep without putting the bar down. Today was programmed specifically for you to utilize this EMOTM as practice with purpose for that transition. Try to use such a weight that is manageable for you to find success in doing so, that way you can learn reasons why you miss it at times and what you must do to correct it. If you are still not using the “hook grip” or you are reading this and have no idea what that term means, it is simply your thumb wrapped around the bar and your pointer and middle finger wrapped around your thumb. The purpose of the “hook grip” is to allow for an uncompromised grip on the bar no matter how heavy it gets. With a traiditional grip on the bar (fingers around it then thumb on top of fingers) you will eventually be able to move such a load and create such force and speed that the bar will slip from your hands. Any movement of the bar in your grip will slow or change your movement for the rest of the lift and many times result in a miss. In CrossFit specifically the “hook grip” provides a way to hold the bar securely even when your hands are tired from doing pull ups, toes to bar, or just lots of reps with a barbell itself and the end result is you move faster and get fitter. Today practice it! My goal would be for 100% of our gym to be “hook grippers” it will lead to more fitness and many PR’s!



Pictre 1: For those of you with small hands that say, “oh coach my hands are too small…”    Just stop it. 1 finger is enough, and you can reach 1 finger over your thumb.

Picture 2: For those of you with normal sized hands, here is an example of pointer and middle finger over the thumb.

**Some of you will begin to see the reason why people choose to tape their thumbs when we lift and train, it is because they can get a little tender from supporting so much weight and pressure on a regular basis. Thos of you that tape your thumbs and don’t hook grip…..you confuse me. **

10 min.
2x Hang Squat Clean @70-75%
+ 5/3 C2B Pull Up

Row 15/10 cals
MB squat clean x 15 (20/14)
Abmat Sit up x 15
5 rounds for time.

I had an interesting convo with a few of the 10am members today, we briefly discussed “Intensity” in a workout. Many of our members are starting to understand that there are now desired time domains or desired stimulus for each workout, from a programming standpoint I would simply say each workout has its own goals. In the conversation it was asked how long a particular movement should take or how many  set it should be broken into. I appreciate this curiosity due to the fact it means people are becoming more senstitive to what is really being asked of them for each workout. The end result of the discussion was us talking about how when we are all new to CrossFit we are so naive (which in this case is a really good thing) that when someone tells us to go as fast as we can…..we really do and it hurts really really bad. If the particular workout is scaled appropriately it not only hurts and burns our muscles but we get that lactate build up in such a way that we start to feel “pukey”, throat gets so dry that we later cough with each deep inhale, and really we feel miserable at the end. Why do people do this sick stuff? That is usually the question after ones first WOD. Wait another 15 minutes after some stretching and cooling down and then for those of us that last the next question is, “So, is this class the same time tomorrow then?”.



I bring this all up to ask you, when is the last time you felt that way and how often do you? In the beginning we often feel that way everyday, but as we gain experience and learn pacing we don’t go to such dark corners of our soul. Why not? I can only speak from experience but for me it is fear. When you have experienced such a pain, why not slow down just enough to keep moving but not hurt THAT bad? We can still end up with a relatively fast time and live to fight another day, and not puke afterward. This all works out great of course until March and the CrossFit Games begin with a stage we all know as “The Open” (I said it, those dreaded words). Why do you dread the open? Well duh, it is because that voice in your head that tells you to slow down and breath, those extra few seconds you take to chalk up again for absolutely no reason, those pauses don’t happen because you are on a stage now. Your peers are watching, your results will be posted and all in all you just actually care about these results! The trick to not fearing the open as much is to simply “practice how you play”. Let today be the first of many where you decide to let it all hang out and visit the dark place. The more often you die to yourself in the gym and train outside of your comfort zone the easier it will become mentally to enter that place. Physically it will never get easier or less painful, yes this is the bad news. You will continue to grow between the ears and learn new things about yourself on a daily basis when you train at your highest potential. You will learn when you “checkout”, you will start to battle with negative vs. positive thoughts, you will learn to find calmness amidst the chaos and the pain you’re currently under, and you will also sadly learn when you quit and when you just went through the motions. Clearly there are lessons to be learned in the workouts that completely apply to your everyday life outside of the gym whether it is as work, relationships with your wife/husband, children, friends, and even your spiritual journey.


Today is a day designed for you to go to the dark place and fight the good fight of submitting to the pain and discomfort and pushing through it without hesitation. The workout is short and fast, count to 6 then count to 3 and continue to do as fast as possible for 4 minutes. Do not listen to the doubt, the bad thoughts or even the worry about the potential pain (burning in the legs, back, hands, lungs) and just go. Be proud of yourself at the conclusion of the 4 minutes not because of the results on the whiteboard but because you know in your heart that there was nothing more you could have done, no way you could have had a better score. Today go, go, go…….



A: Sumo Dead Lift 8-8-8-8 (65% approx.)
B: Z Press (sit on floor, legs straight, upright torso) 12-12-12-12(DB)
C: T2B 4 x max


“Go, Go, Go”
Double KB Dead lift (70/53) x 6 **KB in each hand, just touch it to the ground and stand. KB can be at athlete’s sides*
Burpee x 3
4 min amrap



A: Dead Lift 6-4-2
B: Push Up 3x max reps

Dead Lift x 6 (95/65)
Burpee x 3
4 min. amrap

Here we go. Officially embarking on a new week, the good news is that it is a short one for most of you. I hope everyone enjoyed their day off that had one, now it is time to get back to training. Due to no pre workout strength emphasis yesterday the rest of the week looks a little different than the past few have.

I’m excited to see how today’s workout shakes out for most of you. Who will have the ability/ guts to hit it as Rx’d? For many of you it just can’t happen, you literally won’t be able to jump high enough and that is ok, for another group of you it is completely realistic yet you will choose to scale down due to fear, uncertainty or just because it will take too much mental focus and physical power and accuracy in order to finish the workout as Rx’d. I’m not talking about the weight of the barbell today, many athletes will Rx that portion easier than the other, I’m talking about the box jump. Notice the height of the box, for men it will be 36′ and for women it will be 30′ and that will be for 45 reps! Most of you will say, wow that is high! I dont mean to down play the literal height of the box, it is higher than a normal workout perscription but that is all it is “higher than normal”. We can fall into a mindset that 24′ and 20′ are just normal box jumping heights, simply because we have many boxes that are at that height. The fact is that in real life all things you must have the capability to jump onto or over are not always set at 24/20′ so we must prepare for that kind of variance. It is completely fine to step down each box jump, but the goal is JUMP UP! If you so choose to scale today’s workout I don’t want you to just say, “I’ll just step up”. No, you will choose such a height that you can jump onto it, aside from those of you who have particular injuries that keep you from running and jumping. The carry over of step ups to box jumps is very little. I would rather see athletes jumping onto a stack of plates at 10′ high than to step up onto a 24′ inch box, almost a complete whiff of the stimulus and I am takling from personal experience.


My Dad once said that if I wanted to jump high, then I should practice jumping high. I was honestly looking for more of a trick or more direction, but instead of asking questions I just went out and jumped as high as a could as often as I could. Most days before playing basketball or even shooting around solo I would make myself accumulate a certain amount of jumps where I successfully touched a certain part of the net or the backboard before I was “allowed” shoot a jump shot. My vertical jump went up quite abit over the years, much was influenced by my genetics and strength training, but a larger portion was due to the “jump training” or “plyometrics” that I consistently forced upon myself regualarly and this lead to more explosive cutting, faster accerlation and a faster 40yrd./ 100m. dash.

The point of the story is hopefully make you eager to want to jump higher, there are many benefits. One thing that you all should notice through CrossFit is that if something isn’t going up it is going down. As age goes up, our explosive ability goes down but we have a strong say in how much it goes down and how fast we let it happen……..today keep fighting gravity, jump high just because you still can.


A: Back Squat 3-3-3-3
B: Bent Row 6-6-6-6 (barbell)

Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)
Box Jump (36/30)



Today is the day that we take some time off and celebrate those of you who are a part of the working force in our country. Horay for 8-5’s, business owners, boss’s, managers, teachers, police, fire fighters, military, clerks, pilots..all employee’s. I know we don’t often give many thanks for our particular work of choice or NOT OF CHOICE, but it allows many of you to provide for yourself and your family and not to mention afford to be a part of and continue to grow our great community here at Wasatch CrossFit and for that I specifically thank all of you.

Even though it is the day to take rest and enjoy the holiday we all know you masochists will be present and want to come get your exercise/ torture/ fitness on with us. Today we are only having 1 class and that will be held at 9am!!! Come ready for party with a large group of folks and a grinder of a workout!! If I don’t see you, ENJOY!! The rest of the week will be as usual!


The WOD:

“JAG 28″

Run 800 m.

28 KB Swing (70/53lb.) *arm past ear*

28 strict Pull Up

28 KB Clean and Jerk (70/53) *Alternating arms* (total)

28 Strict Pull Up

Run 800m.

For time.


Cash out = Coach’s choice.