Last day of the week for squatting! Hooray! Some of ya’ll are actually starting to feel better than at the beginning of the week which is a good thing. You will feel “less” sore next week I hope, but the weights will not get easier to move! The coach’s still get their choice on how to torture you via conditioning so maybe you can beg and plead for a lack of squatting in that portion. haha! Have fun tomorrow and have a great weekend! Remember, Monday will be “Murph” and we will only have WOD’s at 7am and 10am. Please account for this if you are a usual afternoon athlete or early AM’er that comes in before 7. As for the squats, I will still post them on the blog and I encourage you guys showing up 10 minutes early or 15 minutes prior to your class to knock out the squats! You will need every minute of the class to do “Murph” seeing as how it will take most of ya’ll 60 minutes anyways.



Back Squat

5×5 (70%)




coach’s Choice!!!

Here is your day to heal your sore muscles. The bad news about recovery is that the more “active” you are, the better you will recover. This means that those of you that stay home and sit on the couch tomorrow may not feel as refreshed as those that come in and get a little breathing and sweat work done tomorrow. We will have no barbells to be lifted, just meters to be rowed, run and double under to be executed. Oh and I can’t forget….come to yoga people! It is tomorrow at 5:30 pm and I’m quite sure that there is even now daycare at that time… excuses, get mobile and get ready for a productive one more day of squats on Friday.


Row 1k
100 double unders
Run 800
Rest 3 min
2 rounds for time!



Emil will be leaving us soon…….I’m especially sad about it. He’s a great young man, hard working and I am very sad to see him go. He has transformed as an athlete over the time he has been with us and has become a huge part of our gym family. Make sure you guys show him some love, he leaves us Friday!! Can’t wait to see where life takes this youngster!


I know your legs are sore. That is ok, welcomed and very much expected. Please understand that in order to make muscles grow and get strong you must tear them. This is what we do through training, especially when the loads are heavy and there is a strong eccentric pull on the muscle (controlling down against gravity). So even though you are sore, you can still squat. Believe it or not, if you were put in a situation to fight for your life while you were sore, or lift a heavy load off of a friend in dire need while you were sore….you’d still be able to do it and wouldn’t think twice. You should train sore, it is ok and good for you. Should you train sore all the time? No, it is not necessary to do that all the time. But it is also a day to teach your body to heal/recover quicker.

Tomorrow do some extra moving before class, bike, row get blood flow going. Then after a proper warm up you will be ready to crush that 70% for 25 reps. And as we advance forward you will look back at week 1 as one of the most difficult in terms of recovery. The weeks to come will get harder to hit the percentages but the overall “volume” will be easier to handle. Hydrate, sleep, stretch and warm up and cool down……these things will help!


1.Back squat 5×5 @70%
1a. 15 hollow rocks between each set

Power snatch 1:00
1:00 rest
T2B 1:00
1:00 rest
3 rounds

Each round weight goes down on snatch!






Ok Gang, been a while since we’ve been on any kind of a particular focus with our training other than generally getting “fitter”. Many of you are trying to sharpen up those waistlines and make the final push to get swim suit ready so you can be naked all summer, trust me I get it. With that considered we will be taking a plunge into a squat cycle. Don’t worry if you think lifting heavy weights will turn you into a muscle bound bulky freak….you’re wrong. This cycle is only going to last 6 weeks and we will conclude with a slew of PR’s all over the place, well that is the goal. And to make you too big and too bulky I’d need a lot longer with you than 6 weeks, a lot longer than an hour a day, some steroids, a nutritionist, you sleeping 10 hours a night minimum and more food than you could even stomach. So…..anyone out there that thinks too much “barbell” or “weight” training may negatively effect the appearance your going for in your bikini or banana hammock than you just want to be weak and inferior anyways soooooo……wrong gym.

The cycle will be 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) of squatting with gymnastics skill work to superset each working set with. Each week the percentages will change and the reps will change every 2 weeks. Don’t worry, you will still get a heavy dose of conditioning, we will make no change or do any less of that or running or rowing. If you constantly battle with being sore then get ahead of it now and start planning on recovery methods like I mentioned last week. Hot tub soaks, ice baths, contrast showers, GREAT SLEEP and lots and lots of stretching.


For some of you the weights will feel like on week 1, they should. No one should be running the risk of failing sets and you should feel like you have juice left in the tank……use it for the conditioning. Don’t worry, next week they will be harder to hit and then week 3 we bust out the big boy and girl percentages. It should be fun and a great chance to see some dramatic change in how we can move weight. Take the first week as a chance to really perfect your back squat, great depth, weight in heels, chest up, knees out! Also I would encourage the use of no belts for the first 2 weeks. Then get back to it if you want for week 3 as percentage build! Have a great week, let’s get after it!


1.Back squat 5×5 @70% (all sets same weight)
1a. Between each set 5-10 strict Hspu

Burpee x 12
Lateral bar hop x 24(over and back is 1)
OH squat x 18
4 rounds for time.

The title of this post is actually the title of this week. It was a tough one gang. Your body has been through it. Hopefully some of you are taking place in “recovery methods”. My personal favorites are epsom salt or magnesium soaks in hot water tubs, or contrast showers. The contrast shower is simple and easy but very uncomfortable. To use this method you simply stand under cold water for about 1:00 and then under hot water for 2:00, you rotate this back and forth through 3-5 rounds. Another simple method I suggest is more STRETCHING! You know that we do dynamic warm ups and many of you have to leave the gym so quick after the WOD that you don’t spend little if any time actually just stretching. One thing you could do is come to yoga on Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9am, it is a great class and very fun. You can also just stretch at home, think about setting a clock and just sitting on the floor or in bed and stretching for 10 min. prior to sleep. You will be amazed at the difference it can make in how your muscles feel and recover.


Tomorrow is coach’s choice and they have one rule…..include the “Thruster”. Now you see why I’m encouraging the recovery methods! Have a great weekend!

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”
― Walter Anderson


In sport there is winning and there is losing. Tie’s shouldn’t exist and I think we will all agree with that. The reason you compete isn’t to “see what you are capable” or ” to have fun”. The reason anyone competes is to see who is better or best at what is being tested, period. If you “think” you are competing for another reason, you are lying to yourself and probably being lied to. Sorry if this seems harsh or direct, but that is how I am when it comes to competing. Can fun be had in competing? Of course! Should fun be had? Yes! But it isn’t fun to lose, and if anyone tells you that “it doesn’t matter” when they lose then they shouldn’t have showed up to compete in the first place. I’m a passionate man, not outwardly emotional (I apologize to my Wife for it regularly don’t worry, I’m learning) but passionate. So when I go into training and focusing on a task at hand like qualifying for the CrossFit Games I put my all into it. I know of no other degree of preparation. I have never been the most talented athlete in any given sport I’ve been blessed to play but I have always been drawn to the grind of preparation. From the time of my childhood I would do push ups and sit ups in my room in secret to improve how I could perform in the weight room or on the field against my peers. I actually would not tell anyone or try to let anyone know this was taking place, I didn’t need them to know about the work I did, I wanted it to show in my ability to compete. When I found CrossFit I respected the sport so much for its honesty. When you give all you can and prepare well, there is no one to blame but you. There is no one to point a finger of blame at, no questions to ask or external variables…..just you handling business and stepping up…..or not.

This past weekend I competed at the South Regional and finished 7th overall. Internally upset, devastated, disappointed. At first I wanted to yell, punch one of the celebratory athletes that qualified in the face ( I will spare you his name, that is definitely a sinful reaction on my part not proud) and then moments later as I walked to the back of the arena I wanted to cry. Sometimes I don’t get sad for myself but for those who so whole heartedly support me. Something that provided me with great motivation as a young boy was to see how proud and happy it made my parents when I did well in sports or even in school. I was hooked to this sensation, making people proud. Seeing my Dad’s reaction to my first touchdown, my Mom’s reaction to me scoring multiple goals in soccer games….these are things that I can vividly remember and even still physically feel a response to today. So when I lose, don’t do well or under perform I can’t help but think about my brothers and sister, parents, Ash and even friends and sponsors of who I may be letting down. Don’t get me wrong, what I do is selfish and still very internally motivated. This sport itself is very selfish, the hours of training, the not eating the same dinner as your spouse or not going out to eat with friends and family NUTRITION, and also needing to be in bed and take ice baths and hot baths and schedule massages. Doing well at this sport takes a toll on those around in not always a positive way. But you still get the idea……it ate me up.

Due to my lack of open emotions many people would and will assume I was always fine after placing 7th this year, and honestly that is probably for the best. But there are moments of struggle and disappointment to say the least. I didn’t write all of this to talk about that though. I wanted to share a few feelings on being disappointed and how it is something we all feel from time to time. Some of us experience this a few times a year, monthly, weekly and when times are really hard and trying some face feeling like this daily. And like the quote above, we all know bad things, and losses are a part of life. It is never going to be those things that define us or who we are, and not even the momentary set back or emotional train wreck we may be in the short time after, but how we respond with our life that will define us. CrossFit for me is a sport, it is what I do and happens to be how I pay my bills, it is far from who I am. I think something that is often overlooked in life is us examining what we find our identity in. Who am I? Who are you? Men and women tend to find identity in their jobs, their spouses, their houses, their incomes now days. All of those things that can be fleeting. Make sure we are all building character and a foundation of traits that will leave a legacy much bigger than what you do, or how much you make. Love people, help them, nurture them, teach them……..those things people never forget.

As for 2017…..I already have bad intentions for the South regional. I plan to win it all and I will shortly begin preparation for that feat. Next year it could be as an individual but I’d really love to do it with a team from Wasatch CrossFit. Thanks to you guys for the great base of support you provide and such a great community you’ve been to have all our backs that just came back from the competition. Here is to the beginning of one fun summer!



:30 on/:30 to rotate at each. Cycle through 7 rounds!

Power clean (135/95)
Box jump over (no touch)
Chin up (kip allowed)

Tomorrow we will do less heavy breathing. We will however focus on lifting heavy weights in a variety of ways and between each set you will be responsible for skill practice and core work. Some athletes complain about certain skills i.e. double unders, or have been coming to our gym for a few years and still don’t have them. This isn’t a lack in ability but a lack in investment. Tomorrow I am dictating how much practice you get, that way the excuses begin to fall away. : )



Oh squat 3×5
Front squat 3×5
Oh squat 3×5

**between each set 6 strict T2B and 30 double unders between each set**
Single unders x 2

Score is heaviest set of each, added up!

Today is a fun day. At least for me it would be. I like to do short fast bouts of fitness with heavy lifting involved, it reminds me of football, its a party. Some of you may not think it is very hard, or training worth investing in for your body, but that isn’t true. It is worth every ounce of energy you’d put into a long chipper. The physiological response your body will under go today if you do it right will be greater and last longer than any 5k run type stimulus. Just have to trust me I suppose. Be athletic, jump far, jump high and lift heavy. Doing these things well will keep you young and not lead to brittle stiff muscles like long distance running gives you but fluid, fast twitch, supple and elongated muscles. Go get em.


I am also providing a link that will take you to a “Behind the Open” with Dave Castro, if you are into CrossFit and hate Dave you should watch it. You will hate him less. The guy is my boss, he is scary, he is driven, he is the face of our sport outside of Rich Froning jr. and he does a great job. He gets a wrap that only people who don’t know him personally really get to put out there, and many ppl don’t know him intimately because he is shy and private (unless he’s had a few, I got a hottub story I could tell ya) None the less watch the video, you will have an appreciation of whom over looks and over see’s the programming of the CrossFit Games and the small public role he still gets to have with affiliates and people like you that make up the community!



Establish highest box jump

Establish best triple jump each leg

Deadlift (total load of all sets)

Today we go long. This is a day where we will run and pull. Now you will do a lot of pull ups, so if you are reading this shave your hands or saw your calluses down! Bring your gloves, wraps, goo, dowels….whatever helps you protect that precious skin. Also don’t be afraid to use the black rig, for me it personally helps me save skin. Your lats will be sore and so will your biceps, this is a good day to spend some time foam rolling from your arm pit down to your lower ribs. The trick to a good score here is to run fast and do a lot of rounds! OR….take your time and do a lot of pull ups at once! haha. Have fun, I won’t be around anymore this week, be back Tuesday. Business trip to Dallas.




20 min amrap
Max pull ups
Run 400 m.
*athletes run after dropping, can’t do multiple sets*

Got a heavy dose of Metcon on Monday and now today you get a chance to lift heavy weights and breath heavy, but separate from each other. Go heavy, and Go hard……the results are sure to follow.


3 position clean
1x floor
1x below knee hang
1x above knee
5 working sets
*heaviest set is score. Can be power or full squat, cannot drop the bar during set*

3x750m row
1:1 rest
Score is total time.

I hope that everyone taking part in the nutrition challenge is starting to feel more at home with your new found eating regime. This is about the time that you should start feeling more “normal” or maybe even better than ever, at least that would be the ultimate goal! Either way, keep trucking along, you will be happy you did.

This week won’t have quite as many long chippers as last week, but back to good solid constant variance, hopefully hard to guess what is coming next! But tomorrow, we MetCon!


For time.

Oh squat

Rest 5 min


We go hard. That is why we get fit. But every now and then, even when training to be an elite level exerciser you must train at a low intensity. There are many positive effects of training this way. Fat burning, skill focus, recovery, better or more efficient use of our aerobic vs. anaerobic system are just a few traits we can gain from a session like we will hit today. The goal is to have a great productive training session that will allow you to learn, recover and still be exhausted at the end of. On a scale from 1-10 you should never pass a 7 today and should not be more sore but actually less sore than you were the previous day. There is good reason for this flow session, so expect something pretty darn tough coming at you on Friday, coach’s choice yes…..but they must choose a “Hero” workout. Most of those are quite grueling in case you didn’t know. : )


Have fun today, and flow through.

“Flow Day”
1:00 Chin up grip hang **Accumulate**
Run 400 m.
Cossack Slide (KB) 53/35 x20 **lateral lunge position, but stay low the whole time as moving from side to side, athlete should try to stay below parallel throughout set**
Row 500 m.
Body Weight Dead lift (supinated Grip) x 20 **Should be able to go unbroken**
Ring support x :30

Rest :30 between each movement; 4 rounds for quality.

In CrossFit we contend that our biased toward functional movement is why you get so fit, so fast. There are times where the amount of functional movement we engage in can be detrimental. Those times occur when technique is ignored or there are glaring imbalances in your bodies ability to function. An example of this would be if you are a very very strong squatter, and you dead lift the same as you squat…..that is an imbalance. A similar situation would be if you OH Squat way way more than you can power clean, those lifts statistically should be very close in relation. Today we will spend some time doing what I call “supplementary” movements before hitting the conditioning that will be aimed at keeping your joints balanced and exposing you to new exercises that break from our normal “functional” tag we commonly go through. Enjoy, move well!


1. Single arm High Pull (arm only, strict no hips) 3×12 with control each arm 1:00 rest
2. Ring Row 3x max reps w/1:30 rest (feet even with hands for hardest or Rx level, feet on 20’ box is great, strict no hips)
3. Evil Wheel 3×10 1:00 rest

Box Step up (24/20) x 24 (goblet hold) (53/35)
Wall Climb x 12
Box Step up x 18
Wall Climb x 8
Box Step up x 12
Wall Climb x 4
For time.
**Step ups are total reps**

I don’t know what it is, but learning new skills keeps you young. Seriously, learning new things whether it be mental or physical are ways to keep our brains sharp and our memories lasting. The problem is that often we don’t see the value in learning new things. In most cases we actually shy away from “new” things due to the challenge of them. We like to be good at things, and as adults most of us have a career that we do daily with a skill set that others consider “mastery” so essentially we do what we are good at. Due to the fact that we use this to pay our bills and often see no further adaptation or evolution we are happy to stop learning or needing to be taught things because we have what we need to survive or provide.

When it comes to your fitness you will continue to see physical changes in old abilities and to your literal body as you learn new skills. Today we will practice climbing rope….but why? Well the better question is why not really? First of all so you can crush it at the Spartan race or mud run or whatever fun racing circuit you one day sign up for, also when the zombies start to take over in order to get into my tree house you will need to be able to climb a rope… I want you to be able to come visit me. Another reason is because it takes a significant amount of patience, accuracy, coordination and strength to be able to climb a rope well with more than just your hands……so lets get better at it.

Today we also get a large dose of double unders……those of you who don’t have them, you should be practicing them daily. The higher jump, the faster hands it requires, the accuracy of the timing….you are short changing your results in the gym until you can do them. Some people will die trying to get these and that is ok, but you if can’t do them…..and you don’t practice them numerous days a week…..shame on you! Learn new skills and become a master of new things.


Lastly I’ll close with this……if you take time to learn, your children will take time to learn. I don’t have children yet, but I can surely say that I see children mimic the things their parents do. A piece of advice that was shared with me from someone else who works on CrossFit HQ’s L1 staff is that you should spend 30 min. each day learning something. It doesn’t need to be rocket science or math or anything like that…..but read, listen, learn. Turn on off your phone, close the door and engage in something that teaches you something. You will be a happier human because of it, even if at first you don’t look forward to it.


Annie Thorisdottir, Europe

Annie Thorisdottir, Europe

1. Rope Climb Practice (12 min.)

50 HR push up
100 Double Unders
50 KB swing (53/35) “Vertical Bell at top”
35 HR Push Up
75 Double Unders
35 KB Swing
20 HR Push Up
50 Double Unders
20 KB Swing
For time.

Today there aren’t any series of terrible things to come your way, but that should concern you about the rest of the week. There will be a bit of a theme this week. We will be going through a series of “chippers” not all of them will be long and terrible but by far this is the favorite style of training throughout our gym. I like to give you guys a dose of what you seem to enjoy most, I may be getting soft, but we will see what the conclusion is at the end of the week. I am quite sure you will have fun and also “feel” the results coming. Have fun this week! Tomorrow we lift heavy, then chip away…..sprint style. There will be some very fast times for this workout tomorrow, people will be able to go unbroken, or shall I say I’m at least throwing out the challenge!! Can it be done??!!



1. E2min. x 5 min. (4 squat cleans) **These are allowed to be singles**
Goal is to go as heavy as possible throughout. 70% and above would be decent idea for starting weight.
(total of 10 min. of work)


S2OH x 21 (95/65)
Clean x 21
T2Bx 21
S2OH x 15 (135/95)
Clean x 15
T2B x 15
S2OH x 9 (165/115)
Clean x 9
T2B x 9
For time.


*The clean can be done any style, not necessary to be squatted*

We had a great turn out and a blast with those that came out to tonights BBQ!! Thanks again Jeremie for providing all the delicious meat and condiments and everyone else for bringing some goodies!! Tomorrow is the much anticipated coach’s choice so have fun!!


Also if you guys are looking for something fun to do we have a few athletes competing at FitCon this weekend. It is at the South Towne Expo Center and goes Friday and Saturday. Basically in a nutshell it is all things fitness. There will be tons of booths and swag for ppl that buy tickets and tons of exhibits and activities going on. Anything that interests you from CrossFit (an individual and Team Comp to watch, not to mention Richard Froning Jr. will be there demo’ing a workout or two, so he will be shirtless for sure…..thats worth 30$ alone.) And there is strong man stuff, ninja warrior, Giovannia from Ultimate foods (the one who provides us with those delicious meals) will have a booth there and I’ll be there with him on Friday explaining the value of how he has helped me fuel my training for the last month. But non the less, now you have an idea of something to do for the weekend if you didn’t have plans!!



Most people like to rest on Thursdays and with good reason, the rest of the week has begun to take its toll on your body. However, today would be a sad day to miss if you can choose not to! We will be throwing down in a popular, often requested, favorite of our former gym owner Damon Stewart. In fact, there was one point where he programmed this workout back to back days, it’s true……crazy right? But then the argument was, we should be ready for such a random occurrence, I couldn’t much argue that…..but variance isn’t random…..and due to that….we will throw down in Fight Gone Bad tomorrow! Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it again on Friday…..unless your sick coach chooses to put you through that, it will be coach’s choice after all. Tomorrow, have fun, this is a great class workout and a worthy bench mark workout to track results for!


A little back story, Coach Glassman designed this workout in order to help prepare an athlete for a fight style of conditioning. Later BJ Penn would go on to do the workout and say it should be called “Fight Gone Bad”….hence where we get the title!

Keep up your guard tomorrow!!!


Wall Ball (20/14)

SDHP (75/55)

Box Jump (20′)

Push Press (75/55)

Row (Cals)


1:00 at each station

3 rounds

Well, they made their first appearance ever in the Open this year so let’s make sure we don’t forget about them. The OH lunge is back, this time a little a different. Today you will lunge with a barbell over head by stepping forward and then stepping back into place, so no walking.


Have Fun!



10 min. Emotm
1 power snatch + 1 oh squat
Build to heaviest possible in the window.


OH stationary lunge x 12 (6 each) (95/65)
KB swing x 16 (53/35) *vertical swing*
Jack knife x 20
5 rounds for time.

Hey guys! Fran went awesome we had many many many PR’s and for that I am proud!! It is not an easy workout to make yourself do, especially if you have done before…..when it’s brand new….let’s be honest ppl just don’t know any better! haha. Once you have felt that pain, you rarely want to go back to that place which is why I don’t program it often.

We have a sweater missing from the gym! One of our members Michelle, a morning athlete has lost her new WCF black Hoodie. She put her initials inside it in numerous places, so if you guys have a hoodie, please look inside it and be sure you did not accidentally take someone else’s! That is always a good idea before leaving with things that are easily confused and I’d encourage most of you to put initials or names on things that look a lot like others peoples things!

Tomorrow…..we fitness, again!!

Deadlift build to 3 rep max (15 min cap)


15 min amrap

5 power clean (185/125)
10 T2B
15 push up
20 box jump

Today is a day you should remember for a while. It is a day when you test where your fitness is currently at and where it has come. For some this will be a first, for many it will be a rendezvous with memorable foe. Today……we do FRAN. No additions, nothing fancy, just a simple couplet and a test of two movements. Let’s see where we’ve come in the last bit of time training. And we will revisit her at the end of the summer to see how our devout will fair with a consistent summer of gains!







Pull Ups

For time.