Wasatch CrossFit » WODs http://wasatchcrossfit.com Forging Elite Fitness - Layton, Utah Sat, 10 Oct 2015 01:59:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Stand Fast, Jump High http://wasatchcrossfit.com/stand-fast-jump-high/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/stand-fast-jump-high/#comments Thu, 08 Oct 2015 23:00:28 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39214 Today we are moving through some back box squats, your goal will be to set up the box height or plate height so you are just below parallel. For these squats specifically we really want to focus on pressing back into our heels and leading with our butts down and back. Once you sit down on the box at a controlled speed, you stand as fast as you can! After completion of a set we will go to the box and immediately execute two of the highest box jumps you’ve got! We then go on to execute a set of plyo push ups for the upper body, where you are to push as far off the ground as possible and clap your hands multiple times if possible.

The goal of today is explosive strength. Being strong is great, but if your slow its not worth much. Speed kills, literally in almost any sport the victor goes to the faster athlete. The principle behind todays training is post activation potentiation or PAP. The idea is to load your body with a heavy barbell movement and utilize the same musculator to perform a fast and explosive plyometric. Have fun with it, and remember that the speed of the stand in the squat needs to be as fast as you can make your body go! A solid weight to use is around 55-60% of 1 rep max back squat, slow down, fast up!


A: Back Box Squat 2-2-2-2-2 (think great form and speed more than load)
B: High Box Jump 2-2-2-2-2
C: Clapping Push Up 7-7-7-7-7

Condition: Coach’s choice!

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Muscle Cleans and Muscle ups……guess its a pump session. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/muscle-cleans-and-muscle-ups-guess-its-a-pump-session/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/muscle-cleans-and-muscle-ups-guess-its-a-pump-session/#comments Wed, 07 Oct 2015 23:00:46 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39197 Some of ya’ll hate these days. Days with high skill……how boring that must be to have no skills. Wait is that mean to say? No, especially not if you aren’t willing to tirelessly fix it. Today my hope is that we have some athletes get their first muscle up! And some that can do 1, find a way to do 2,3 maybe more at once. Even if you don’t have muscle ups, today is a great day to progress at them. Many of our members have the strength but lack the technique or practice element, if this is you, practice more. Come in before or after workouts, ask your coach what you can do to get better at them. Body weight strength is very important in life, in fact it is more important that moving heavy weights……..this is sad news to many of you but the fact is that if you can’t move your body in space well, you are only moving external weight at a fraction of your true ability. If the strength is holding you back, do more push ups, ring rows, pull ups…..and I mean strict and slow and controlled. You will see great strength results from slow and controlled work, grab a spotter and let a friend help you and you help them. I hope you guys see these things come up in our programming regularly and our overall goal is use them to break through new PR’s and gymnastics skills!

*Two great video’s that you should watch before coming in! Some on the bottom video will be great options to scale to for todays workout. Remember scaling goal is to mimic the stimulus of someone doing the workout as Rx’s, so make sure it is challenging and still falls under a solid Pull/Push function! If it helps you get better and closer to muscle ups, we have found a great scale!*


A: Muscle Clean 8-8-8-8-8 (Touch and Go)
B: Bent Row + Shrug (DB or KB) 10-10-10-10-10

Ring Muscle up x 4
Oh Squat x 12
5 rounds for time.

Cash Out : 100 banded good mornings.

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Carry More http://wasatchcrossfit.com/carry-more/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/carry-more/#comments Tue, 06 Oct 2015 22:00:33 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39194 We hinge on functional movement in our gym because of its constant and endless tranferability not only to the movement at hand but many others that relate. When we train, we are training many things at once. 1 functional movement that we tend to forget about is carrying heavy objects. Think about it, it doesn’t get much more functional than picking up something heavy and carrying it as far as you can.


If you had to do this for your bacon, would you have the strength?! We cannot fail to have bacon people!

In fact to create appropriate balance in the big picture we should be carrying heavy things as often as we squat in our program. We will do more of this going forward in a variety of ways, and your health and fitness will reap the benefits. Today will give you a taste of its worth! Your goal is to find the heaviest KB you can hold onto and march for 7 lengths of the turf, if you drop the KB or set it down, you fail. Your goal is to find the heaviest weight you can manage for the set distance on each arm. You will be out of breath, your grip will be shot and you will feel your midling working like crazy to keep the KB from pulling you off to one side, great exercise.



1. Find max effort 140 yard farmer carry for a single arm effort. (Find for right and left, with a max of 4 attempts.)
12 min. cap. (140 yards = 7 LENGTHS OF TURF, athlete cannot drop or rest KB, they can walk as fast as they’d like)


Row 600 m.
Sled Drag 200 m.
Row 600m
Sled Drag 200 m.
Row 600m
Sled Drag 200 m.
For time.
M: 90lb. W: 70lb.

A: Hang Squat clean 4-4-4-4
B: Db Strict Press 15-15-15-15
C: Kip Swing 15-15-15-15 *Smooth, controlled, tight*

Farmer Carry 200m.
Box Jump x 20
4 rounds for time.

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Showing up…..Keep doing it! http://wasatchcrossfit.com/showing-up-keep-doing-it/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/showing-up-keep-doing-it/#comments Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:50:02 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39191  


*Appropriate lean in a shuttle sprint or change of direction. You will get lots of practice at this in today’s training adventure. Stay low, turn your toes and anticipate the turn, if you are turning after you touch the line you too late and too slow!*

Attendance today was amazing. Let’s keep it rolling. The more often to you come to the gym, the easier the routine gets. I know many of you guys have daily schedules that change, but the fact is that getting to theg gym is 80% of the battle for most of ya’ll! Make it happen, if you are sore just come in and row or jog and stretch and the worst hang out with friends! If you don’t like the workout or see something you “can’t” do…..you know we will scale accordingly so you can get a great workout and meet the stimulus regardless of your ability. And if you just see something that looks awful or something you specifically really suck at…….well then you know I’m going to say I must have written that one specifically for you, we train to strengthen weakness’s!!

1. Build to heaviest Split Jerk in 12 min.

*From the Rack*



A: HSPU 2 max
B: Front Rack Step Up 2x 12 each leg (12 straight, then switch. Rest as needed, warm up to weight that will be as heavy as possible*

*Superset A and B*

3. 5-10-15-20 yard shuttle + 5 KB swings
5-10-15-20 yard shuttle + 10 KB swings
”……………+15 kb swings……ect……going up by 5 swings each round.
53/35…..swings are to be Full range of motion swings over head. Arm passes ear!
8 min. amrap

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Strict Work http://wasatchcrossfit.com/strict-work-2/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/strict-work-2/#comments Sun, 04 Oct 2015 22:42:34 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39189 In CrossFit we commony default to the “kipping” pull up due to its abillity to help us do more work in a shorter amount of time. It is efficient. Some people get frustrated when we ask you to execute only strict reps, the fact is your goal as an athlete is to be able to exihibit as many strict reps of any movement as possible. The more “strict work” you are able to do, from chin ups, pull ups to hand stand push ups and dips the more fit you will be. It will help produce more lean body mass and even promote your own body to lose weight due to the nature of the movement. Doing more strict will work will not only make kipping that much more easy, but it also creates a much more stable joint in your shoulder and more muscle density. So today, move under control, grab a friend to spot you and don’t forget the value in good old fashion “eccentric” work where we slow the descend against gravity as much as possible. The “negative” rep will make you sore and strong and eventually lead you into your ability to regular strict pull ups.



A:Sumo Dead Lift 12-12-12-12-12
B:Chin Up 7-7-7-7-7
C: K2E (strict) 10-10-10-10-10

Med Ball Clean x 20 (20/14)
Abmat Sit Up x 20
Burpee x 20
12 min. amrap



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Coach’s Choice! http://wasatchcrossfit.com/coachs-choice-3/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/coachs-choice-3/#comments Thu, 01 Oct 2015 23:00:54 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39186 We made it yet again. Although this is normally how people feel everyday, “Ahhhh I made it!”. Let’s try not to be that person all the time. If we are constantly fighting toward the weekend, what happens to the rest of your week? Merely just going through the motions, trying to countdown the hours until Friday afternoon is here. Your job isn’t that bad, and even if it is, FIND SOMETHING TO ENJOY. When you leave work, if you have children find time to enjoy them, if your married or dating steal some time with your significant other. If you are single then well how awesome is that?! You can do selfishly whatever you want to do. Watch TV, get in extra time at the gym, read an amazing book, go the bar, out to eat with friends, speed dating, invivte someone over for a good old “netflix and chill”!? Hey I don’t know what you do, but during the week we do not have to be miserable. When this happens, we notice how fast and short the weekend is and then we go back to being miserable again. Slow down, step back, and steal moments of enjoyment during the grind of your week.

Worry about the motivational speech above next week……because now…..it is the weekend! whoohooo!


Behind the Neck Push Press x 2 + Behind the Neck Push Jerk x 2
5 sets.

Coach’s choice

Behind the neck Strict press x 2 + Behind the neck Push Press x 2
5 sets *teach importance of safety when behind head and also how to receive the bar)

Coaches Choice
*Try to force them under 10 minutes with intensity*

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Go Heavy and Learn Skills! http://wasatchcrossfit.com/go-heavy-and-learn-skills/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/go-heavy-and-learn-skills/#comments Wed, 30 Sep 2015 23:00:00 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39183 Today is fun. Blending two things from opposite parts of our Sport, a simple very heavy lift and a high skilled gymnastics movement. The first part of today’s training is to be in a “controlled environment” which is why the rest is as long as you need it to be. You should challenge the weight with each set of dead lifts and then try to be as fast and as smooth on the muscle ups as possible getting to the rig as fast as you can. Timing each interval would be a great idea to test how fast you can really get it done and with how heavy of a load. If you are a newbie or anyone of our many athletes without bar muscle ups feel free to use a band or a box to jump over the bar. Today avoid scaling to pull ups because pulling OVER the bar is a complete different action than pulling TO the bar. So let’s get you over it somehow.

Conditioning today is another simple but deadly movement, the sled push. Turn off the brain, ignore the pain and GO, not just move, BUT SPRINT!



Skill/ Strength session:
Dead Lift x 3 (heavy close to 80%)
Bar Muscle Up x 6 (scale with aggressive swings (laying back, pulling hips to bar) or jumping/banded BMU, try to avoid C2B pull ups…..while this makes strength gains it is a completely different kind of pull than a successful bar muscle up pull.)
Rest as needed between sets
4 rounds


Sled Sprint 100 yards for time (5 lengths of turf, part of sled must cross last line each turn) M: 25lb. each side/ W: 15lb. each side
Rest as needed
2 attempts ; Score = Total time between both efforts

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Death to the Comfort Zone http://wasatchcrossfit.com/death-to-the-comfort-zone/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/death-to-the-comfort-zone/#comments Wed, 30 Sep 2015 01:36:48 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39179 Today’s workout is simple. It is deadly to those willing to dare take such a risk as really seeing how hard they can push. Deadly to what? Not literally going to kill  you I can ensure you of that, and even if so, you already signed a waiver so just go for it. Just kidding, but seriously. Deadly refers to the murder, death, kill that will take place on your comfort zone, it will not just be challenged and pushed but destroyed and it will come back much bigger and broader. To gain anything good in the gym, you must push yourself outside of the comfort zone, for this I have the following picture:



With that being said, you know what must be done. GET AFTER IT. This also leads me to share that one of the biggest benefits of my job is to watch people make this leap or break this barrier. The reason isn’t because of the physiological changes that take place like the new muscles, the visible abs, the leaner legs, the tighter tummy……it is the change I get to witness between the ears. The change that happens to men and women as people, as parents, as children, as co workers, as boss’s…….this breakthrough in the gym affects people to their core and changes who they are. Arrogant become humble, timid become fearless, quiet become assertive. When you step outside of your comfort zone in the gym, you are likely to do the same in life:




Let today be a reflection of who are, who you want to be, and who you will fight to stay once you get there!

Crush the Comfort zone!

Workout of the Day:

Row 500 m.
30 box jumps
Row 400 m.
25 box jumps
Row 300 m.
20 box jumps
Row 200 m.
15 box jumps
Row 100 m.
10 box jumps
For time!

*Again, step ups are far from the desired stimulus…..only allow this if they athlete cannot jump at all. Scaling appropriately is to a shorter box.*




OH Squat 3-3-3-3-3

SDHP x 20
Jump Rope x 200 (singles)
Lateral Bridge Raise x 12 each side
25 minute amrap

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Strength isn’t just powerful, it must be smooth. http://wasatchcrossfit.com/strength-isnt-just-powerful-it-must-be-smooth/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/strength-isnt-just-powerful-it-must-be-smooth/#comments Tue, 29 Sep 2015 01:42:28 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39177 10 General Physical Skills
1. Cardio respiratory endurance
2. Strength
3. Flexibility
4. Stamina
5. Speed
6. Power
7. Balance
8. Agility
9. Coordination
10. Accuracy
Today we will be testing many of them as we do on a regular basis. The strength portion of today’s training will specifically emphasize the use of “skills” numbers 7-10. The Snatch balance is a supplementary overhead movement that helps develop skills necessary to improve your snatch. For many of you this is good news, we get practice but on the same hand this is not easy! Our goal today is to focus on driving our center of gravity under the bar vs. using our power and speed to drive the bar high off our shoulders. We want to improve our ability to quickly drop underneath a load, execute the proper accuracy, agility, coordination and balance to catch the weight over head and lastly have the strength to stand it up. Each rep will take maximum focus and will often tax you more mentally then it does physically as many of you will be limited in what you can truly handle while doing it properly. I want to encourage you to keep the loads manageable and improve technique today!

After the strength is concluded………run fast and far. : )


Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3 (from rack)

Run 400
Straight Arm KB sit up x 14 (7 each arm)
25 min. amrap (35/24lb.)

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Speed Kills http://wasatchcrossfit.com/speed-kills/ http://wasatchcrossfit.com/speed-kills/#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 02:41:55 +0000 http://wasatchcrossfit.com/?p=39175 Fresh legs, eager attitudes……that is the ideal situation to hit today’s training. Any time we have intervals to do (rest is involved) means that naturally your goal as an athlete is to move with haste! My goal when programming these workouts is to create more of a sense of urgency with speed than normal and then reward you as the athlete with rest.

Today 1:00 won’t seem like much, but it will create a great response about 3 rounds in and then its time to really suck it up and push. Goal for everything unbroken and fast as long as it is possible and the results will follow!! More importantly have fun, use the rest as a chance to mentally check in with your thoughts, your body, your breathing, what can you fix or adapt on the next round in order to make the T2B/Pull Up combo more smooth??


EMOTM 8 min.
@70% perform 1 full clean and split Jerk each minute, go up in load.

Thruster x 11
T2B/ Pull Up x 6
Rest 1:00 each round
7 rounds for time.
*1 T2B + 1 Pull Up equals 1 rep.*

Full clean + Spl. Jerk skill work same EMOTM 8 min
**have athletes do 2 reps per minute to dictate the loading

Thruster/ T2B
Rest 1:00
5 rounds for time.
*emphasize speed of each round*

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