My kind of burly: The ability for someone weighing 170lbs to put well over 400lbs over their head.

Monday was amazing!  We had well over 100 athletes train today.  The challenge workout was tough and I’m excited to see massive improvement in 6 weeks.  Tuesday’s benchmark workout is different:  Strength benchmarks.  Getting strong matters.  Strong athletes generally perform better than weak ones and strength is one of the most useful physical attributes you can have in your day to day life.   Some people skip strength days.  That’s to their detriment not just in the gym but in life.  Few things are as satisfying as being strong.  Be smart when you’re maxing today but embrace the awesomeness of setting new personal records, both now and in 6 weeks.

We’re introducing a guest blogger today, Danial Hooper.  Some of you were privy to Danial’s Open writeups.  After laughing my butt off for 5 weeks I decided to invite Dan to blog about his experience of the nutrition challenge.  Here’s his introductory post:

I love to cook. I love to workout. I love to feel healthy. I love getting compliments.

These are some things I love.

I love sugar. I love milk. I love bread. I love ranch dressing. I love naps. I love laziness.

These are also things I love. They just happen to create one thing I hate.

I hate feeling disgusting.

You know that feeling; you are heavy, dense-bellied, awkwardly sweaty and like you are minutes away from falling asleep standing up.

I want to figure out a way to be consistently healthy, without feeling restricted or on the edge of binge eating seven boxes of Oreos. Sadly, I have the self-discipline of a 4 year old. So despite the rule not to place my hand on the stove – I act surprised every time it burns. I look at the half-eaten roll of cookie dough like it did something wrong. I just can’t do it on my own. I am not a self-motivator in my healthiness. I need an adversary other than my sweet tooth and laziness. I need a competition.

Enter Wasatch CrossFit’s Nutrition Challenge.
Pay $25 and join in a competition to see who can improve the most in 6 weeks of paleo eating and consistent CrossFitting. It’s like fantasy football! This is right up my alley. 42 days of clean eating and accountability is just what the doctor ordered. I will come out of this looking like a Jacked Up Caveman rather than a Muffin Topped Hobo. Yes please!

So for the next few weeks, I will post about my success and struggle to win the whole thing. Yes, I plan on winning the whole thing. I want the victory. I want the success. I want the weight loss. I want less body fat. I want to wake up easy in the morning. I want to see muscles. I want to improve my fitness. It’s beach season, people!

Oh, and I want that $1000 Travel Voucher too.


23/April/2013 Tuesday WOD

1 Rep Max Back Squat

1 Rep Max Bench Press

Max effort strict Chin-ups